The trade deadline has passed and to help break down the Raptors activity (of lack of), we have Adam Francis, publisher of Raptors HQ (@raptorshq) on the Rapcast. Adam provides his take on a vast array of topics all close to heart and mind, as we try to make sense of the proceedings in Raptorland.

It’s a pretty good podcast if I say so myself. Topics include:

  • Colangelo’s inability to trade Bargnani – surprising that nobody bit?
  • The wisdom of not trading Bargnani right now – his trade value is zero and can only get better (right?)
  • Inactivity of the Raptors and the activity of Boston and Milwaukee – is the aim still the playoffs or is that a running joke?
  • Sebastian Telfair – do we care about giving up a second-rounder? Was the insurance at the PG needed?
  • Reminiscing about second-rounders, hey, it’s fun!
  • Thoughts on Rudy Gay’s performance against Memphis
  • Rudy Gay trade in context of the greater direction of the franchise – cap implications, amnesty clauses and more
  • The players that MUST improve for anything to work, especially now that we’re restricted in terms of moves due to salary
  • Redundancy at the wings – DeRozan, Gay, Ross, Anderson. Yes, we talk about the Ross/Anderson playing time thing
  • Holding Dwane Casey to a higher standard – it’s beyond just getting the effort now, time to deliver on the clipboard
  • Prediction regarding JJ Redick and the Raptors
  • Colangelo walks into the boardroom in two weeks and pitches Rudy Gay and the current roster. What does the board say about his option/extension?
  • Judging Colangelo’s body of work.
  • Look ahead to games against New York, Washington, and Cleveland (Irving’s on fire)

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (28:36, 10 MB). Or just listen below:

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37 Responses to “Rapcast #135: Raptors HQ’s Adam Francis Helps Dissect Deadline Day, Rudy Gay, Colangelo’s Plan”

  1. optifan

    Meh, I disagree with a lot of what was said. Not the best rapcast I have ever heard. Too early in the morning to provide details

  2. mountio

    this was bang on in two regards
    1) wtf are we getting “insurance” for anyways? For this mythical playoff run that we are about to make? While 2nd rounders dont have massive value .. we shouldnt be giving them up for no good reason (and Bassy Telfair signed for this year is no good reason imo)
    2) given the lack of financial flexibility on this team, the ONLY way we are going to be successful is if JV and TR both play a key role in our success over the next couple of years. As a result, as painful as it might be at times .. and despite the fact it might cost us a couple of wins this year .. both of these guys need to get real minutes. In the end, can TR really be that much worse than me 1 for 9 AA?

    • Theswirsky

      I do think the Raps needed a 3rd PG (or third ball handler anyways) in case of injury, as they have no one capable of stepping into that role in case of injury. On top of that its not like Lowry has an iron man career and the way he plays has a tendency to lead to injuries.  From that perspective there is nothing wrong with going after a 3rd PG.  Problem is the Raps gave up the most valuable asset in the deal with the 2nd round pick.  And I completely agree 2nd round picks aren’t particularily valuable, however Telfair just plain old sucks as a player.  All that said the deal for the most part was meaningless. 

      The 2nd comment is right on the money.  Colangelo has laid all his chips on Jonas and Ross stepping up an getting significantly better in the short term.  This was one of the results of the Rudy Gay trade.  It was a handcuff on the team both financial and from a team building persepective.   But this is the same old story with Colangelo isn’t it?  I’ll make the team better immediately and build for the future at the same time.  Always assuming the previous moves he made will work out great (in this case the Lowry deal, Derozan signing, and the Ross and Val picks).

      And now he’s stuck like he always is.  Needing to play young guys in order to get real in game experience who are also by their very nature inconsistent while simultaneously needing to win games in the short term. 

      While I’d much rather see him take the opposite route, lose now to collect picks and rebuild, it makes alot more sense to invest in a complete win now mode than this win now AND later style he keeps THINKING he can accomplish. 

  3. Amigo

    Adam Francis is like the old man rotting on a park bench and whining about everyone but him while scratching his pants.Get a life you miserable blogger

    • Raptorshq

      Best comment ever.  I might have to change my avatar to a photo that represents this…

  4. Therapist Joe

    Good one guys.  Conflicting messages from  the Raptors here.  If the playoff push was serious the Raps would’ve made a deal, even the Boozer one because that’s on the high end of what Bargnani will get on the market.  Celtics/Bucks got better and by doing nothing and the Raptors took a step back.  BC’s inaction tells me he’s secure in his job and is under no pressure to make the playoffs or prove a thing.  As Arse mentioned, I think the board has picked up his option for next year.  Got to love low standards.

    • c_bcm

      Of course they are pushing for the playoffs, but would rather do this with the current roster. Remember there are already 5 new members who are supposedly key contributors (Lowry, Gay, Fields, Val, Ross). Let them gel. If they missed the playoffs as a 9th seed, then this season was successful. This was the prediction by pretty much everyone this year, which was made unlikely by the start, and more likely recently. Its been an up and down season, like every season, but at the end of the day the team is exactly where everyone thought they would be.

      • Tonious35

         “Successful” (to a moral standpoint).  The real objective created by the circumstances of this season was to see how the Raps will fare without Bargnani and Jose.  It now looks like the team can finally part ways with Bargnani.

  5. c_bcm

    With regards to AA vs TR playing time. Maybe the plan was to boost AA’s value for the trade deadline and package him with Bargs…or something like that. My suspicion is that now the trade deadline has passed, the rotation will now be geared towards developing TR and even Val.

    • Nilanka15

      I wish that were the case, but I honestly believe that Casey (and management) are still gunning for the playoffs….which means short leashes for the rooks.

      • RaptorFan


        I agree with this.  I think its obvious that to the coach and BC – wins matter more than player developement right now (check the playing time of the rooks lately).  I actually think JV can help us win now (compared to the other options we have – he should take more of Bargs’ minutes IMO). 

        JV just plays sooooo HARD!  Yes, he fouls a lot (which is clearly due to inexperience) BUT he can REBOUND and brings that much needed intensity.

  6. Butta

    Telfair is a Trade piece.. Anyone who knows anything about basketball will tell you that a player like Telfair is worth more than
    a 2nd round pick.  once again Colangelo has gotten a Steal with this player. 
    How uneducated are you bloggers and the people who post comments?  The raptors are with new management, they are  set to become a Tax Team at the right trade (ie Blue Jays). 

    We Keep Bargnani and raise his Value.  Package him with Kleiza and Telfair we have a 16 Million dollar Deal.  We can aquire a player for that Money.   Colangelo knows whats he’s doing.. Have patience.

    You Goofs make fun of Colangelo and his 2nd round draft picks. And you laughed at PJ Tucker?  Thats how I know ya’ll are uneducated.  Take a look at PJ Tucker and what team he’s playing for..   He’s Starting…………………..

    Its funny how anyone can make a blog post nowadays.  Anyone can make a
    site and claim to know what they’re talking about.  This is
    basketball..  Anyone who knows anything about basketball Will tell you
    that the Raptors are on the up and up.

    • Theswirsky

      Ironic considering Colangelo himself claimed drafting PJ Tucker was one of his biggest mistakes……..

      “And at 35, we took P.J. Tucker. That was a mistake”

      • morons

        he said it was a mistake because he drafted tucker over milsap who was drafted 12 players later retard. and milsap is obviously the better player.

      • CJT

        So they turned a partially guaranteed contract of a player that wasn’t ever going to play here in to an expiring deal and a player that may be able to contribute while he is here?  He may not but Haddadi was not going to for sure so why pay him to live somewhere else?  Doesn’t seem like a move that has all the negative impact that guys are talking about.

        • arsenalist

          Haddadi was an expiring contract too.  If we’re really getting into this, you can argue we had more need of a big than another PG so your argument about need/expiring doesn’t really hold.  

          There’s no negative impact here, except the loss of the 2nd round pick but it’s not like BC does anything productive with them so there you go.   

          Here’s a concise summary of the benefit-loss of this deal from a Raptors POV:

          • CJT

            It was reported that Haddadi had a partially guaranteed contract for next year.  As well, if that is not the case then it is more of a lateral move.  I will say that I don’t mind this deal in that I think there has to be someone who can facilitate offense at the PG position.  Lowry and Lucas have their strengths but running the offense dosen’t seem to be one of them.

          • my_azz

            Still have to listen to the rapcast, but you’re not really saying that you could argue for keeping and playing Haddadi, are you?

          • FLUXLAND

             “There’s no negative impact here”

            Is there ever a positive impact when BC makes a trade?   #LateralMovesBCStrikes again.

          • Dan

             Haddadi because of his visa was not allowed to play for the Raptors. Even with the grizzlies I don’t think he ever played games in Toronto. He wouldn’t have filled the need as far as another big man is concerned. Plus you could argue Acey is a better option anyway.
            The 2nd round pick could have been used  in a draft night deal. SOme teams who are good at evaluating talent probably value those picks more than Bryan. Maybe he owed the suns for taking Hedo and this is part of his way of paying them back.

  7. SR

    The Telfair hate is because he was a lottery pick.  Draft position always has been and continues to be a horrible way to analyze players post-draft.

    • Right Clique

      Yes, of course.  Being a 39% career shooter has nothing to do with the “hate”.  SMH.  Telfair deal is benign, a deal for the sake of a deal, Raps saved some money instead of signing someone off waivers or as a FA.  I can’t wait for Devlin to big him up tonight.  The word “promising young point guard” is bound to come up…money’s on “Bryan Colangelo always working the phones to improve the team” is guaranteed too.

      • mountio

        i wish I could take the other side of that bet .. but you are right, there is 100% certainly devlin uses both of those phrases tonight .. 

        • onemanweave

          Could we just refer to Mr. Devilin as ‘No Call’ for his signature phrase that always makes me want to put my foot through the screen. I was rooting for the rapper to level him and that there would be ‘no call’.

      • SR

        And Haddadi is shooting 33% for the year, while you’d have a steal on your hands if you ever drafted a second round player who was talented enough to play 500 NBA games, start nearly 200 games, and shoot 39%.  The “hate” is definitely unwarranted, considering what it cost the Raptors to acquire Telfair for 30 games (the majority of second round picks will not play 30 NBA games in their entire careers).

        It is a benign move in that Telfair will have next to no impact on the outcome of this season, unless Lowry is injured.  I’m just saying the “Telfair sucks!” reaction is unwarranted.  He’s an NBA journeyman and you got him for a 2nd round pick and a big who averags 1.2 PPG on 33% shooting – reasonable, low impact deal.

  8. Gman

    Thanks so much for fixing the mix on these things Arse.  That was totally listenable and intelligible.  

  9. FAQ

    TRaps don’t need any more useless, grade school mentality draft pick deevelopment player; they’re still trying to digest what they got and that will take a few more seasons before something worth smelling comes out. 

    What you see is what you got … at least for the next two seasons, so stop yer silly fantacizing and whining and just accept what BC has placed on yer plates… instead of playing make-believe GMs…!!!


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