Ryan Wolstat Explains The Deal With The Second Round Pick Conditions

Phoenix receives the worse of Toronto or Sacramento’s 2014 2nd. The Toronto pick is protected 30-36.

If a pick is not conveyed, Phoenix doesn’t get a pick, instead, can only swap 2nds with the Raptors in 2015 (ie. if Raptors have 38th pick and Suns, 48th, they would switch).

It seems to me then, that if both Raps and Kings pick 30-36 in 2014, Suns don’t get the pick (since the pick has to be the worse of the two and Toronto’s is protected 30-36, since the Kings pick would be worse in this scenario, no pick would be conveyed).

If both Raptors or Kings pick 37-60, Suns will receive the worse of those.

If Raptors pick 37-60 and Kings pick 30-36, Suns will receive the Toronto pick.


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