Try to keep up with Ryan here. He's got this down pat. I think.

Phoenix receives the worse of Toronto or Sacramento’s 2014 2nd. The Toronto pick is protected 30-36.

If a pick is not conveyed, Phoenix doesn’t get a pick, instead, can only swap 2nds with the Raptors in 2015 (ie. if Raptors have 38th pick and Suns, 48th, they would switch).

It seems to me then, that if both Raps and Kings pick 30-36 in 2014, Suns don’t get the pick (since the pick has to be the worse of the two and Toronto’s is protected 30-36, since the Kings pick would be worse in this scenario, no pick would be conveyed).

If both Raptors or Kings pick 37-60, Suns will receive the worse of those.

If Raptors pick 37-60 and Kings pick 30-36, Suns will receive the Toronto pick.


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14 Responses to “Ryan Wolstat Explains The Deal With The Second Round Pick Conditions”

    • vino

       Here is a short list of players picked 38 or lower:
      Michael Redd (43) – 2000Manu Ginobili (57) – 1999Stephen Jackson (42) – 1997Monta Ellis (40) – 2005
      Luis Scola (55) – 2002Marc Gasol (48) – 2007Too bad its always a Pape Sow type of player chosen in the 2nd round for the Raps. Maybe Acy will be an exception…link:

      • mountio

        good point. While unlikely .. it does happen. I think perhaps more importantly, 2nd rounders at least have hope to other teams, so could be used to help move a bad contract in a deal (ie LF, AB, LK etc)

      • Why

        Sure there are instances of really good players being picked in the 2nd round however I would think the expected value of a second round pick has to be close to zero for the team making it.

         On the balance of probabilities it is way way more likely a second rounder will be a fringe player than a solid quality NBA player

        If you can get a proven player for a 2nd round pick you are going to come out ahead way or atleast be neutral more ofthen than not. I have no problem wit the trade

      • Gman

        Absolutely, but this is Lottery ticket in the full sense of the word.  If you listed the busts from the second round over the last ten years your list would be down this page and around the corner grabbing a pack of smokes and a pack of m&m’s.  Does it happen?  Sure.  So do shark attacks…

        • vino

          Sure it is a lottery, and chances are slim, but the point is that the general consensus of a 2nd rounder not worth much is changing with the new CBA. Now every pick is worth more. There are numerous articles online. Here is one I liked from Jan 7h:

          There is no point arguing whether this particular trade is a good one for us even before Telfair has had a chance to play a single game; I have not seen the guy ball in years…

          What the Raps need is hiring top level talent when it comes to scouting! Absolutely a must!

      • my_azz

        So since 1997, 6 out of almost 500 turned into NBA starters. Not exactly a big endorsement of the value of 2nd round picks.

        On a side note, often I see people give SAS big props for their drafting “genius”, citing Ginobli all the time. Note that Manu was drafted 57th, the same draft SAS took a guy named Leon Smith 29th (“top level scouting”). Check out his story, and talk to me about the genius of catching lightening in a bottle.

        • vino

          I think you missed the point. No one argues that a second round pick, in general, has very few chances of having a legit career… if you want to talk SAS don’t bring up Leon Smith. Bring up Sam Presti or Dell Demps (yeah, Demps is not Presti yet, but the matter of fact that both guys became GMs means something). Talk about Pops… looks at their entire draft history – their entire organization is top notch!

          Again, I wish our beloved Raps hire better scouts. Everybody here has an opinion on BC, but no one knows any of our scouts!

  1. vino


    I’ve posted twice, but the post is gone… maybe its because I’ve added a link and its automatically been re-directed to spam?! Please let me know…

  2. guest

    It seems to me that there is not enough information to determine what will happen. The TORONTO pick is protected 30-36. What if the Sacramento pick is 34 and Toronto is 32? Technically the Sacramento pick is worse and must be transferred.  The protection for the TORONTO pick would not apply, because the TORONTO pick is not being transferred. I looked around for the actual language of the trade but couldn’t find it. Wolstat is arriving at a conclusion not supported by the information provided. It may very well be that he is 100% accurate about the pick, but at this point it seems more like an opinion than fact.


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