Warning: This is a very negative quick react.

Toronto Raptors 92 Final
Recap | Box Score
103 Cleveland Cavaliers
Amir Johnson, PF 41 MIN | 5-8 FG | 0-0 FT | 9 REB | 4 AST | 0 STL | 4 BLK | 4 TO | 10 PTS | +7

Was very strong in help defense and with his usual hustle plays. He’s a really strong complement to Bargnani normally, which was completely un-utilized for whatever reason.

Rudy Gay, SF 43 MIN | 10-21 FG | 3-3 FT | 8 REB | 6 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 24 PTS | 0

Was playing efficiently until the endgame, when he went 2/7 and 0/3 on threes in the fourth. His vision has improved, possible lending legitimacy to his comments to Grange about learning to facilitate for his new teammates.

Jonas Valanciunas, C 24 MIN | 2-4 FG | 1-2 FT | 8 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 3 BLK | 3 TO | 5 PTS | +14

Played very well when out on the floor. When his defensive IQ improves, he’s going to be a force. In the meantime, nobody works harder, and even though his teammates neglect to feed him for long stretches, he goes from being missed as an open dive-man to setting back screens to free up cutters and other things of the like and run-on sentence.

Kyle Lowry, PG 34 MIN | 4-12 FG | 2-5 FT | 6 REB | 8 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 11 PTS | +12

Wasn’t at all aggressive enough until late, when he tried to be Hero Kyle. Sometimes that’s good but it wasn’t working tonight and would have been too-little too-late anyway.

DeMar DeRozan, SG 44 MIN | 10-19 FG | 14-15 FT | 5 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 3 TO | 34 PTS | -3

There were certainly some times when DeMar forced shots or passed to teammates late in the clock, but I’m never going to argue with 34 points on 19 attempts.

Landry Fields, SF 8 MIN | 2-3 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 4 PTS | -16

Was a part of a four-man bench unit that went 8 minutes without a board. If he’s not scoring, and he’s not rebounding, what is he?

Aaron Gray, C 4 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | -7


Andrea Bargnani, C 16 MIN | 0-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 0 PTS | -12

I’m only giving him a D- since I “support Andrea” and he had that one nice block. Otherwise, he just doesn’t look like himself now. I’d almost rather have “I don’t realize I’m bad” Bargs back than this ultra-passive, hesitant version.

Sebastian Telfair, PG 7 MIN | 0-0 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | -9

Hey, a 7-trillion! Sure can dance, though.

John Lucas, PG 7 MIN | 0-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 2 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | -14

Usurped by a guy who had no stats.

Alan Anderson, SG 14 MIN | 2-5 FG | 0-0 FT | 0 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 4 PTS | -27

Also contributed nothing on the glass, but at least he only fired up 14 shots per 36 instead of his usual 247. Somehow a crazy -27 rating in 13min.

Dwane Casey

The rotations! My god, the rotations! Between rolling out the bench as a full “second unit” like they’re hockey lines to leaving Jonas on the bench for long stretches for no reason, Casey’s decisions with personnel are mind-boggling. More on that…

Five Things We Saw

  1. Why play Bargs as the lone big? History shows he struggles without a strong post counterpart, and you have two in Jonas and Amir. Instead, Bargs is deployed in the situation that suits him worse than any other. Perfectly reasonable way to try and get a guy going…
  2. Leo Rautins <3 Luke Walton x 100000000000000
  3. No seriously…Leo wants to curl up in whatever that tattoo ivy stuff is on Walton and just lay there for eternity. He is the MVP of the Cavs, the NBA, and Leo’s heart.
  4. The starting unit played really well despite the poor final result. To a man they all had decent games, except perhaps Lowry and then Gay late.
  5. The playoff odds will drop to 0 tomorrow. You can’t lose games v Was and @ Cle without Kyrie and just cross your fingers the Bucks don’t lose. It’s over.

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  • Twolips

    walton reminds leo of himself.  both similar height, pasty white dissapointments. 

    • Hugmenot

      Except that Luke will have earned $30+M from his playing days when he retires from the NBA. Leo? Not as much…

      Luke is much, much better player than Leo ever was. Luke is worthy to be sitting on the sideline even if he won’t see minutes every game. Leo was never that good.

      • JerryGarcia

        Luke’s Dad is a huge Grateful Dead fan….. Lithuanian ties.  Skeletons dribbling basket balls  on a tie dyed backdrop of Olympic  history……Have a grateful day.

      • Why

        As much as I don’t like Leo as an announcer I think we forget how good a player he was – prior to Steve Nash he was the best player this country ever produced. Leo’s career might have had a different outcome if modern medical techniques wrt knee surgery existed back in the 1980’s.

  • Lopez

    So glad you gave Casey an F! This team is playing one on one ball and the pattern are Smitch like….With a legit coach this team has enough pieces to be competitive but not when Casey just starts throwing anyone in (Fields) hoping for something good to happen. Great defensive mind, below average HC

    • Dc

      Ive been saying the exact same thing since last year. It’s easy to have a good defensive rating when your one of the slowest teams in the league like last year. His offensive sets are predictable and I swear there’s only about 3 offensive plays. 

      • Paul

         Raptors were an above average defensive team last year even when adjusted for pace of play.  It really was encouraging.  It was even enough to make me overlook Casey’s shortcomings in other facets of the game.
        Casey not being able to coax decent defense out of his team is a lot like Bargs when his shot isn’t falling. They bring nothing to the table.

        • SR

          They’re a top 10 defense in February, so the timing of your narrative is not great.

          • Destro

            Too bad the season runs longer than a single month…

    • RobertArchibald

      This is all I was thinking all game. I want Casey to succeed but he’s just in over his head in terms of team management and offensive sets. Plays way too many guys and seems to be obsessed with resting guys. If it’s not a back-to-back, play your stronger players longer. Simple. Oh, and no more Bargs. He looks like he’s given up.

    • Hound

      It is official. Casey is brutal. Perhaps the worst coach in recent memory, surpassing Triano even. Maybe beating O’neal in a photo finish for worst. Clearly in over his head. In the pregame he was still talking about the process, not the results. Well this process should find his ass at the unemployment office. Playing Washington and then Cleveland when you are 4.5 games out of the playoffs means you MUST win! Wake up Dwayne, throw a chair, break a clipboard, get kicked out of a game, something! Fuck, by comparison, you make Bargnani look engaged.

      Your job is not to create a process, it is to win. You have enough talent to make a run. Now Fucking do it!

      OOPS, Too late.

      • ad

        Yet, he doesnt play ross or jv (in the 4th q). What process is he creating exactly? Alan andersons next contract? This organization is completely incompetent. All starts at the top tho with rogers/bell and trickles down to primo lover bc and then casey gets some stupidity in him.

    • ghost

      Has enough pieces to be competive…besides Gay, Johnson and Derozan, who else on this team would be considered above average or could start on a contender. In that case, scratch Johnson as he wouldn’t be starting on any contender. Raps fans are fucking delusional.

      • Lopez

        Kyle Lowry is above average at Pg..When you have scorers like DD and Rudy u dont need all stars at every position and. Besides Parker and Duncan what do the spurs have?? A GREAT coach thats what. Bulls have Noah as their best player andd they win games. So.dont sit there and tell me that this team, witth the talent on the roster cant be competitive with a good coach. Ur the delusional one. Learn your bball clown

        • ghost

          Hey you fucking jackass, Lowry is in the bottom 15 starting PG’s in the league. I would say that’s about average. When you have scorers you don’t need allstars but you need above average players you fucking clown. Or the best coach in the league.

        • ghost

          Comparing Parker and Duncan to Derozan and Gay…you have to be the stupidest fuck on this site. Remember the game Pop sat his big 3 and they nearly beat Miami, that’s because they have talent on their team. 

      • Hound

        Really, do you think Milwaukee has more talent? Do you think Cleveland has more talent? Chicago without Rose? I didn’t say they should win it all. I just said they should be able to make a run, Including wins against bottom feeders Washington and Cleveland.

        If you think we are getting good coaching, you would probably be happy with my high school coach who thought guards should be tall because they guard the basket. Dont they? This was actually a concept he had, but you know, in a lot he was better than Casey. Even in high school he realized that they keep score and winning is kind of important!!

        BC and DC must go. Hire Scott Skiles or Kelvin Sampson to whip these guys into shape.

        • ghost

          My argument was that we don’t have enough pieces to be a competitive team. I was not arguing for or against Casy.

  • rapsfan22

    The rotations… Can someone remind me what is wrong with keeping someone who is playing well on the court for an extended amount of time? Sometimes maintaining the lead is more important than getting everyone in, especially when your battling for that 8th seed. Casey needs to step it up, he really cost us the game on this one.

    • Dbobb28

      Totally agree. You have to ride your horses. Don’t understand why he sits JV for long stretches

      • unknown guest

        To give minutes to AB of course

  • Lopez

    And Demar needs to a pair and demand the ball in the 4th. Shouldve been a 40 pt night for him

    • Lopez


    • KJ-B

      Unfortunately Casey decided to play him ALL 24 MINUTES of the 2nd half–smh!?!  

      Casey, Casey, Casey–DeRozan was on fumes for like an 8 minute stretch from the end of the 3rd midway through the fourth..

      Would playing TRoss for 5 minutes really have cost us the game??? 

      I guess Casey has to make his buddy AA feel comfy in his “lead” role off the bench!!

    • Destro

      A guy who goes 10-19 34 pts and 15 FT needs to grow a pair ???

      DeJesus this board is downright corny…

      • Lopez

        Great game but why stop being aggressive in t 4th? But hey I guess you’d rather have AA or Klow win the game in the clutch

  • Dc

    Wait there was playoff hopes to begin with? 

    • What the

      daddy B said that is the internal goal to make the playoffs.

      • DumbassKicker

        “compete” for a playoff spot

  • Doc

    For all the Rudy Gay love we need to realise he is exactly the same guy he is when coming out of school. Super talented, long, athletic but also passive and a diva. He is the most talented Raptor but once AB is gone it won’t be long till your booing Rudy.

    • Sig

       Diva? how so?

      • Doc

        Makes a good play. Drives hard dunks it. Struts for a bit then his next 3 shots will be pull up jumpers. There was a reason he was picked 8th, traded by a playoff team and has neve made an Allstar team. That reson isn’t lack of talent,

        • Adriiian

          Speaking the truth right here.
          I hate to be all doom and gloom and shit. But like what can we say? It was a blockbuster trade, OOHHHH RUDY GAY, won a few games, now well lose a few. This team has played worse without Jose, not the record, but you can see.

          I’m a Jose fanboy, but after his departure, the team hasn’t been playing well. 
          Hopefully something can dramatically improve next year guys. But they couldn’t win with him in Memphis with Gasol and Randolph. So really…

          Colangelo pulled the trigger on this trade just to save his own hide, and theres a reason Memphis dumped him. He just isn’t THAT GOOD. Talent is awesome and all, but you gotta have the ethic. This guy doesn’t have ethic. DD has.

          What do you get with ethic and super duper talent, maybe a Michael Jordan perhaps.
          I want to see this team and Rudy do well, but come on guys, those game winners honestly meant nothing.

          • Jroy55

            Your a douche

            • Darien

              So basically, you’re admitting he’s right because you have no argument.

          • So your just going to call Rudy lazy and have no work ethic just because he looked like a diva took you and took a few jumpers. You don’t even know the guy to label him lazy. You might as well compare him to Vince then, you look like you’ve seen enough of Rudy to boo him and compare him to another wasted talent.

            • Adriiian

              And I wasn’t making a comparison.
              Hes taken a lot of jumpers, and sadly, hes missed MOST of them.
              Hes shooting 38% and outside the game winners, and giving DeMar “breathing room” + improved defense. And hey, DeMar has outshined him tonight, and I hope he keeps it up. Maybe he’ll have a bit of motivation to actually play better. He takes ill-advised shots, lots of isos too.

              I’m not saying this team won’t get better. I’m not saying it won’t get worse. I’m just statig some facts and opinions dawg.
              The positive tonight for Rudy was his passing.

            • Jimi

              He actually does remind me of Vince; I see the superior athletic ability, and I see him picking and choosing when to use it rather than play hard all game. 

          • ad

             Well, at least I commend you for coming out of the closet as a jose fanboy. It was the worse kept secret on raptors republic.

            • Adriiian

              Its funny, every time I comment I say I’m a fan of Joses game. And you comment back saying he sucks.

              Well, Jose is gone, I accept that.
              So at the next Raptors game, please go down to the court and just start stroking Lowrys dick.

              Because every time I mention Jose, you just pop up.

              • ad

                 Will do. Say hi to jose for me when you visit him in detroit for your fellatio session.

                • Adriiian

                  Buy my ticket to Detroit bud. And i’ll gladly go.

    •  What did the guy do wrong? He shot 50% and put in 24 pts, 8 rb and 6 assist. Sure, he could have finished better in the 4th but he isn’t going to be our lifesaver every night. More blame should be on the bench for that 2nd quarter run.

      • SR


      • Doc

        This isn’t about tonights game in specific. Its about his shooting percentage under the 40% mark. He is a high volume low percentage scorer. All the talent in the world but not the drive to be a great player. Maybe he finds that drive…. 

        • Yes maybe he finds does that drive…but most of these idiots are too quick to judge him and write him off and call him a diva for some fucking reason (i don’t know what he did).

          • Jimi

            It’s the way he carries himself, his body language. 

            • Oh noo.. you going to judge him in the way he drinks  his Gatorade next

              • Adriiian

                lol john, ur dumb man.

                •  Your all stupid, what body language? You all make a big deal out of everything.

                • Sig

                  For real.

      • DumbassKicker

        Take away his steals, of which he only had 1 tonight, and his defense is mostly pathetic, especially for a guy with his length and athletic ability. Even CJ Miles ate him up tonight.

        • Destro

          CJ Miles scored 10 pts shooting 3 of 8 and he ATE him up

          maaaan STFU !

          • NyAlesund

             You are talking about the stats without seeing the obvious……..

            C J Miles is not a scorer but tonight he was confortable. Is this mean nothing for you?

            O yes he scored 10-21 from the fields……………………………

            Remember: the Grizzlies decided to cut the salary, they had 3 big contracts and who was the player traded? Gasol? Zibo? No Gay…………………………..

            Do you think they are stupid? They are winning without him, and at the same time they are saving 16,4 mln this year, 17.8 the next and 19.4 the last. In total 54 mln for one that wasn’t exactly the number one for the Grizzlies. Po caliber team.
            One  that shot 38% since he joined the Rapts (only four times he shot with 47% or more from the field), 40% overall, having two buzzer that cost us a lot. 54 mln.
            I am sure he could hit other buzzers, score 20/25 points, make one incredible game and two bad but like Bargs he is a volume shooter. 21 shots, for 24 points. Great deal…………that cost us 54 mln………..

            • Hugmenot

              CJ Miles IS a scorer, a very streaky one at that. There is never a shot he is not comfortable in taking to the utter disappointment of coach Scott and the fans.

              • NyAlesund

                 I said he was confortable tonight.

            • Adriiian

              totally. if you ain’t efficient, you suck.

          • DumbassKicker

            You’re fn hilarious. I don’t know how many times you’ve dumped on others for basing an analysis on stats, but when it suits your narrative, you’ll go ape doing exactly that. Look dumbass, despite his length and athleticism, Rudy has never been close to the defender you’d think he could be. Only dyck riders like you can’t see it.

            •  Numbers don’t lie. What do you want? You said CJ ate him up lol. You look like a fucking clown for saying that.

            • Destro

              GTFO faggot CJ Miles didnt do shit…Your the worst kind of basketball observer the kind of asshole that doesnt KNOW what hes watching and then makes retarded ass obsos….and check the history ya stupid ass i was never in favor of the trade or his D…

              3 of 8 isnt eating anyone up no matter how you wanna spin it…you SHOULD be more concerned with ur man placing 0 points and 1 rebound in 15 mins asshole..


        • What the

          but Pooka, even the best gets eaten up some times don’t they?

      • NyAlesund

         You don’t have to see stats.

        Gay was really bad I repeat REALLY BAD down the stretch. Down by 6, three point shot, missed (he is not a reliable three point shooter), idiotic bounce pass with one hand, he forced a penetration that gave the Cavs an easy transition…..

        From this guy you have to expect a different approach considering his talent and his experience.

        Of course was effective, 50% from the field, but if we compare how the Rapts has played compared to Cavs it is easy to see the difference. If you don’t have a good ball movement and you rely on single talent, you have to see Gay doing the right things and not to be the cause of the lost. Because he, Lowry and DeRozan are only guys that touch the ball. And he was the worst of the three fellas.

        •  That bounce pass to Demar, Demar fumbled it. Three point shot was where wide open.
          And the ball movement, that isn’t all Rudy’s fault, blame should be also given to Casey and Lowry to run the offense better offense. Is it his fault, that they just throw it to him and everyone else is clueless in what to do

          • Hound

            Hey, it was 95-90 Rudy has the ball, 1:00 minute left, he makes a playground pass to Demar. I disagree that Demar fumbled it, it was a bad pass. Cavs come down, Rudy leaves his man completely, who sneeks behind him for an uncontested dunk.

            Game Over.

            Another Thing:

            Rudy should be told to never shoot the 3! He should be the 10th option behind JL3, KL, DD, TRoss, Kleiza, AB, AA, Sebastian Telfair and even Mickael Peitrus. All have a better 3 pt. % than Rudy’s 25% (as a raptor, everyone on this list is higher) 29% for the year. Not only does he have the worst percantage, he has the most skill on that list to get to the basket, make tough shots and get to the line (so why the fuck does he settle for 3’s). You have to let Peitrus and AB shoot threes because they can’t drive to the basket from the 3 point line like Rudy can.

            Just because you are supposed to be the star, shouldn’t mean that the coach just gives you free reign to do whatever the fuck you want! Especially when you have proven to be the shits at it. Jeez,  JV is open all the time on the perimeter, Why don’t we just let him chuck em up too.

            I know a lot of you guys hate stats, but when you are the tenth lowest percantage on a team that should only play 8 or 9 players, why would you ever take the shot, if the team decides to shoot a 3? Mind fucking boggling.

            •  Why are you even mentioning Kleiza or Pietrus in this convo. They aren’t even relevant on this team. If Rudy is wide open for 3, I say he should shoot it. Obviously I would love for him to take it to the basket and be in the post more. But some of the hate here is just plain ugly. It should be more directed towards the bench than to Rudy.

              • Hound

                The mention of Kleiza and Pietrus is to compare exactly how bad he is shooting.

                You are absolutely right about the bench being the issue, in this game. However, you only go as far in this league as your stars take you. Was the criticism of Bargs, Lowry, Bosh, etc. and now as the highest paid player (maybe to ever play for the raps) the onus is clearly on him.

                You say if Rudy is open he should take the 3. Amir has the same average, should he take the 3 too, when he is open
                ? Should JV?

                The point that you don’t see is that if you are a poor 3 point shooter, which Gay clearly is, you should not shoot the 3 and only a really shitty coach would let him. I don’t care who you are or how much money you make, in the words of Bill Parcells “you are what your record says you are” and Rudy’s record says he is a shitty 3 point shooter, open or otherwise. 

              • DumbassKicker

                It’s not about hate. It’s being at least a little objective about the plainly to see play in front of our eyes, rather than blindly riding Rudy’s dick.

                • Objective? Lol everyone here is expecting him to be some franchise savior from haven. I’m at least realistic with my expectations of him. You guys rip on him for every little thing he does. Forget about how much he is paid, he is a good basketball player and we are a better team with him. Would you want back Ed and Jose if you like.

                • Hound

                  I don’t want anybody back. I just want Rudy to stop shooting threes.

      • Jimi

        He had a very good game stat wise, but it should have been a GREAT game. He took several bad , momentum killing shots, and disappeared for stretches at a time. Unacceptable when you get paid like a franchise player. 

        • Oh sorry he didn’t get 40 for us. Demar was busy getting his. You never look at what he has done for Demar and how much pressure he has taken off of him.

          • Jimi

            You didn’t read what I wrote. 

            • He had a good game stat wise but he should of had a “great game”, right? Then I guess he should of supposedly made more baskets.

  • Sig

     Haha, Aaron Gray.

  • ckh26

    The raps must be having a steady diet of  draft beer and chinese food. No other way to explain the incredibly large dinosaur sized steamers they just laid out  there over the last two games. 
    Other observation…. is Casey saving Ross for what exactly ? Second game where we see another rookie (Waiters) who has been played all season long and shows he, like Beal, is ready for prime time next year. Ross still has the training wheels firmly bolted on him by the organization.

    • BoshRawr

      You’re not alone in your comments about Ross. I think this whole board wants to see a steady dose of him, but to compare him to Beal is a stretch. Beal has star potential, he may be the single most important player in the wizards organization, even more so than John Wall. Waiters is just a flat out scorer, the kid can ball. There’s no reason why we should even mention Ross in the same breath as those two. The bottom line though is that there is a reason that Ross wasn’t projected as a top 10/15 pick. He has raw talent and tailor made skills that translate well to the NBA, but its not his fault that he was drafted so high because our gm decided to draft for need as opposed to drafting the bpa. Not to mention that the amount of talent with regards to wings in the draft was thin. That being said, he has to show Casey that he can produce in the few minutes he is being given, otherwise he will continue to ride the pine. His shot isn’t dropping and his defense is weak, the guy jumps at every pump fake like he’s running around on a pogo stick. The guy has crazy athleticism but refuses to get into the paint. So as long as he refuses to do all those things, Alan Anderson will continue to eat up his minutes. I really dislike Anderson’s game, like I switch to something else every time the guy is on the floor, he reminds me of myself playing my player mode in 2K. He’s just always looking for his, and now that Rudy has arrived and Demar is stepping into his own, his desperation to put up numbers that can justify that next contract is even more blatant. We all know what the guy has been through to get here, and he’s got a coach that encourages his style of play and veteran “leadership”. Ultimately, he’s doing what Ross is supposed to do – that is play defense and get to the rim, the guy does have a quick first step. I just hope that we don’t sign him to a long term deal. If that’s the case then we better get a decent pf in return for Ross because that makes him expendable since Demar is really looking like a go to guy with Rudy in the fold. Like it’s obvious that the kid just isn’t ready. Casey knows more than we do, like what is Ross going to bring that Anderson and Fields aren’t?

      • j bean

        TRoss is getting half the playing time of Beal who’s playing over 30 minutes a game. Washington needs scoring so they play him regardless of how well it goes and he has had his share of stinkers but he plays through his rookie moments and is developing into a leader. Give TRoss the same 32 minutes a game and his ppg is 13, about the same as Beal. There is no substitute for game experience and with the extra playing time Ross would be mentioned positively with the rest of the rookies instead of a one hit wonder who won the dunk contest. At some point Casey has to give Ross respect and play him ahead of AA who is too inconsistent to be counted on.

        •  I say Ross is more inconsistent than Anderson at this point. If Ross can hit a jumper, then he’ll get his playing time. He seems like he fully in the game when he is on the court

        • DumbassKicker

          Every player is a different human being, not a robot that you program for “x” minutes like all others. Ross very obviously has GREAT, but RAW skills, but at this stage of his development, plays like a star struck teenager. The coach is making a judgement call that patience is needed.

          Tell me, did a great organization like OKC stunt Ibaka’s growth by playing close to the same average minutes his rookie year, as Ross had averaged up to a week or two ago? (I checked then, can’t be bothered to check if the disparity is a little different now).

          There’s some season left yet for him to get some playing time, and the way it’s going, plenty of development filled game will be there for him to take advantage of. Hey, at this point he’s still got some issues with not looking lost out there, kinda like Davis was until this year. I’d guess they’re kinda trying to work on it on the practice floor, when they can, but they see a lot more than we do.

          Again, not all players are the same. If consistent history holds true, one or more of the rookies  you’re impressed with right now, will be Tyrus Thomas like stories a few years from now, and one or more rookies not getting much time right now will be very good players, a la Ibaka.

      • ckh26

         Today .. absolutely its a stretch.. perhaps even a halucination to compare Ross to Beal. But its an inherently unfair comparison to make.  Beal/Waiters/Davis/Lilliard/Barnes  have had roles defined for them by their teams and have been put out on the floor with enough regularity to find out how they grade out against that role.  Ross.. well not so much. He had a good run before Xmas showing steady improvement and that most magical of athleletic traits .. confidence in himself… and then in the blink of an eye…he is put into witness protection by Casey .. Effectively for the past 30 days we have not seen or heard from him as he stapled to the bench.  If he is here to be part of the future you do have to find out what you have… and that falls on the organization.. not the player.

      • ghost

        Please post this everytime these morons complain about Ross’s playing time. Thanks in advance.

    • Hound

      This just in, both of those guys are way better than Ross.

  • Sig

    Blake your name and article were mentioned on the Basketball Jones podcast. You’re officially G-list famous, congrats

    • BlakeMurphy

      Haha yup! Appreciate that, those guys are gold so it’s a nice treat. 

  • ppellico

    pretty funny Gray comment.

    and really enjoyed the Casey grade…which to me is really the issue here.
    OK..so everybody is saying he is doing what BC says.
    But if so…then even MORE shame on him.
    How dare you ask players to do what is good for the team then to keep your job you do what is best for ypou.
    So…what is it Casey?
    You play your rotations for yourself, which makes you a horrid coach.
    Or you play them because BC tells you.
    Either way…you then lose me and then the team.

    • DumbassKicker

      Are you going to get caught up in that pure conspiracy theory bullshit too? *sigh*

  • Guest

    – JV’s play
    – DD
    – Lowry attack

    – Bargnani non-production
    – Sub-patterns
    – No minutes for TRoss

    • Copywryter

      You forgot three negatives:

      We just lost to the CavsThe Cavs without Kyrie
      After laying an effort egg  against Washington

      • Hugmenot

        “We just lost to the CavsThe Cavs without Kyrie”So did the Bulls the night before.

    • NyAlesund

       You don’t count on Bargs. He is a former Raptors’ player. He is no emotional involved in the team. He is no longer part of this team. You can’t expect nothing from him……

      • What the

        how much is Barney getting paid again ?

  • Jerry

    Ok playoff hopes are over a long time ago start giving tross minutes!!

    • ghost

      Is Ross the saviour of the Raps. You would think so by all of these idiots clammering for more playing time. He will get more playing time when he earns it or when were out of the playoff hunt…which is now!

      • ghost

        Why do we have to type our name and email every fucking time we want to post. Is there no way to change this!?

  • Mrmyeah

    Casey thinks he’s too smart for his own good. He thinks he’s some genius tactiction, nailing guys to the bench that would otherwise play 25 min a game. Always different combos on the floor, no cohesiveness what so ever. I mentioned the other day about how crazy it is that Vegas has been so flummoxed by the Raps this year. I’ve never seen spreads be SO VERY off. That’s Casey for you. And didn’t we realize that having AB on the floor is a net negative for this team? It’s just too much now. Washington and a Kyrie-less Cavs. Disgusting.

  • TheDMoneyX

    Watching Bargs playing over Val in the 4th was frustrating to watch! Don’t understand the logic. The sooner Bargnani is out of this country the better.

    • RapthoseLeafs

      Actually, the logic is …. Raptors were recovering in the 4th Quarter, down 11 points when AB checked in (10 min mark). With less then 2 minutes to go, Toronto was down by 3 points. Unfortunately, the good effort by everyone fizzled.

      Never-the-less, Andrea still deserves his D. He played 10 minutes (in that last quarter), and whether his confidence is in crises mode, his scoring is needed. As Leo said, he’s aiming his shots. Had he even made 10 points, logic suggests the odds of winning this game would’ve been better.

      But as for the 4th Quarter, the 5 man unit out there (which included Andrea), they had it going. Just couldn’t finish.


      In respect to our Bench – and I think this was key to tonight ‘s loss – Raptors need a PG not named Lucas. Yes, Johnny can shoot … some days. Shoot the lights out in fact. But for most part, the flow of the 2nd unit always seems disjointed. Maybe his role is playing alongside another guard, like Telfair. Mostly though, I’d like to see Casey change it up, and bring Telfair off the Bench for our next game.

      Play-offs – slim as the chances were – should no longer be a primary goal. I wouldn’t give it up, but I also wouldn’t sacrifice something important (a player’s health) to justify continuing the run.

      That being said, with our 1st Round pick pretty much gone, I’d like to see the Raps make that pick as worse as possible for whoever owns it come next draft. At the same time, these goals should also include training our young guys. Especially Ross. Even Acy – for f*#k sakes. If it means losing a game here or there, so be it. In the end, the balance of games should be about next season.

      Begin to gel
      Maximize everyone’s value
      Have some fun – win more then we lose
      Start all over again next season

      In other words, be a good Toronto fan and relish the continuing experience of:
      You’re good to go.
      And thanks for your patronage


      • Destro

        Same logic that had the Raps go down the tube the very minute he stepped on the floor in the 1st quarter ???? Oh THAT logic….

        • Nilanka15

          Fanboys will always be fanboys.

          RapthoseLeafs is the same guy who was adamant about Bargnani thriving scorer’s role off the bench.  Epic fail.

          • Hound

            Casey should nail Bargs to the bench against Indiana. Even if we get in foul trouble, just roll in Gray and Acy. Then play him as needed for the 4 road games. If there is no improvement, he and peitrus can hold hands on the bench for the rest of the season! Amnesty him just before training camp. I don’t want to trade him, as I don’t want any bad contract coming back and there is no one who will give us decent serviceable players in return.

            Basically, let him and his agent know that he is getting a 4 game trial after the benching on Friday. If there is no production, we are done with you.

          • RapthoseLeafs

            Read Blake’s Post – that says it all.


            As I mentioned, Our Bench has no PG who can facilitate scoring. In fact, our Bench scoring (since the JC trade), has dropped significantly.

            Here are some facts:

            Scoring Differential (Team vs Opponent)
            January  —  0   (100-100)
            February —  +1.1 (94.6 – 93.5)

            Scoring by Bigs (down 10 ppg – in 5.6 less minutes per game)
            January — 31.8 ppg
            February — 21.9 ppg

            Assists (team average) – 22% drop
            January — 24.7  per game
            February — 19.3 

            Bench – 29% drop
            January — 40.3 ppg (3rd)
            February — 28.7 ppg (23rd)

            John Lucas (Back-up for all of February)
            Assists per game (Feb) = 1.5 
            Per 36 minutes = 3.5 apg

            John Lucas is essentially a SG in an under-sized PG’s body. In last night’s game, JL was -14 (in less then 7 minutes of playing time).

            As for  Bargnani, he deserved to be pulled after 5 minutes. Unfortunately, that didn’t stop the run. Raps continued to lose. His 4th Quarter was better, albeit, Toronto needs that scoring from him. 4 shots from your former #1 option strikes me as under-utilized.


            The Bench was critical to continuing this play-off run. Unfortunately, losing Calderon effectively changed the dynamics of both our Starting unit, and our Bench unit, with the latter suffering considerably.

            As such, I’d like to see Telfair try a few rounds (in place of JL).  Doing so, will allow the Raptors to make a decision on the type of Guard they want for our Bench. My guess is Lucas is gone next year. Personally, I think a Pass-first Point Guard is the only option.


            As for Fanboy … does that mean I cheer for players on a team? Or can a Fanboy want ALL parts of the team to excel?

            If Andrea gets out of his funk – it helps
            If Ross gets out of his rookie funk – it helps
            If our Bigs got more touches – it helps
            If Rudy Gay realizes his potential better – it helps
            If Lowry learns the postives from Jose – it helps
            If Anderson takes less shots – it helps

            While on Anderson, he averages 10 shots per game, and sports a .370 average. I’d rather have Bargnani take those shots.

            Point is, I support EVERY player on this team, because if they do well, that helps the team do well. And that’s what counts. That doesn’t preclude using players differently, from what we all imagined at the beginning. Things change.


        • NikolaTesla1

          Lucas plays in the 1st half, Cavs go on a run. Lucas doesn’t play the 2nd half, Raps go on a run. But yes, Andrea is the problem here. Your deductive reasoning is astounding, Holmes would be jealous.

  • Mrmyeah

    AND the Bucks beat Houston. Can you imagine? A team playing like it WANTS to make the playoffs? We need to send DC their way.

  • KJ-B

    The Fat Lady done song… Bye, Bye playoffs!  I’d honestly fire Casey as he stepped off the plane 2nite! Straight up is losing games with his NBDL bud Alan Anderson…maybe they can both go dominate the D -League together cause that’s the only place they can be “stars”…

  • RaptorFan


    Can someone explain why Casey decides to play Andrea instead of Jonas in the 4th Q???

    I understand Jonas is a rookie BUT he plays 10 times harder than Andrea and also rebounds.

    Jonas only had 3 fouls and i’m not even sure he played at all in the 4th Q

    Andrea had 0 points (0-4 fg) 1 rebound and 0 fouls

    Jonas had 5 points 8 rebounds and 3 fouls

    How can you be a big and not even pick up 1 foul???

    Andrea gave us NOTHING (unless you want to count his block on a 6 ft 2 inch SG) and he gets MAJOR minutes in the 4th Q

    Can someone please tell me what the fcuk is going on here???? Please explain this because i’m at a lost for words. When will Casey realize what MOST fans already know – Andrea is USELESS if he’s not scoring!

    This is why he gets booed! He doesn’t show up when we NEED him.

    GREAT game for DEMAR! WOW Again he shows up only to be let down by his teammates. 34 Points , 5 rebounds and 2 assists for DD

    Good game for Rudy! 24 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists

    OK fanboys – lets hear some more excuses for the 7 year veteran Andrea “primo pasta boy” Bargnani

    • RobertArchibald

      It’s hard to summon and answer to your questions. Extremely frustrating to watch. My only theory is that the minutes are coming from BC. He wants Bargs, Anderson to play to showcase them. Though even that is backfiring so I don’t get it. It was a long shot to make the playoffs before tonight but now it’s all but a done deal. JV and Ross need NBA game minutes. Can’t fathom any other reasons as to why they aren’t playing.

      • SR

        I don’t think so.  Casey honestly wants to win every game, and he figures a talented vet like Bargs gives them a better chance tonight than a raw rookie.  That’s all there is to it – no conspiracy.

        He’ll have to be given a “play the rookies” message from the top to change anything.  Remember how they finished last year?  D.C. wants to win every game, no matter what.

        The inconsistent PT for role players is mind boggling, on that I definitely agree…

        • RobertArchibald

          What you’re saying makes sense, but I’ve also heard Casey say time and again that he goes with guys who are rolling. JV was having a much better game than Bargs and they’re basically the same player on offence at the moment so why wouldn’t he play JV for the D and rebounding? I’m not sure we even need another offensive threat end of game with Rudy, Lowry, DD and Amir. Raw or rookie be damned. Right now JV> AB

          • SR

            Yeah, his definition of “the hot hand” is beyond me.

        • Doc

          I agree this is on Casey. If anything BC desperately wants good showings for his rookies. JV in particular. He cost us a better pick last year by going all out in the last few games when everyone else in the league that was out of the playoffs were in tank mode.

          • ghost

            A coach with integrity that tries to win every game…what a piece of shit!

            • Nilanka15

              The problem is that he keeps playing his piece of shit (a.k.a Bargnani).

            • RobertArchibald

              “A coach with integrity that tries to win every game.”

              If this is all we’re looking for in a coach we’re in trouble. EVERY coach in the league has these assets. If you’re not competent in the results aspect of your job, you get fired. Being a good guy and wanting to be successful mean nothing. This is a results based business, and DC isn’t bringing any or showing he knows how to get them.

              • DumbassKicker

                I don’t believe ghost was attempting to give a dissertation on “all we’re looking for in a coach”, but merely giving a reply to the one thing that Doc dissed Casey over.

        • unknown guest

          “Casey honestly wants to win every game, and he figures a talented vet like Bargs gives them a better chance tonight than a raw rookie.”

          Yup, because Casey would rather not play a rebounding, defending big. Makes sense.

    • The only reasoning I could give was maybe Casey was going for the hail mary with Andrea and hoping maybe this was the game where he could break out of his slump and Andrea could provide the much needed offense in that 4th Q to help Demar and Gay. But he missed that wide open 3 and is still struggling with his shot.

      • ghost


    • RaptorFan

      Jonas (2-4 fg) also had 3 blocks and was +14 for the game

      Andrea (0-4 fg) had 1 block and was -12 for the game

      Is this a continuation of “come hell or high water”???

      The definition of insanity….(doing the same thing OVER and OVER and expecting a different result) smh

      He did the same thing with ED earlier in the year and he’s doing it NOW to Jonas

      JV >>>>>> AB its sooooo obvious!

      • What the

        come hell or high water

    • Dbobb28

      Casey continually benches Jonus for the entire fourth quarter of games. I don’t get it because the kid plays hard and puts up great rebounding numbers. What makes your point that much more startling is the comparison of numbers of Andrea and Jonus. Not even close. Zero points? Really? 
        Also why not give Acy a few minutes instead of Andrea. What worse could he do? At least you know he will play hard. Don’t understand the Ross benching. We keep saying he is untradeable yet he is unplayable. Makes no sense at all

      • RobertArchibald

        Exactly. It boggles me that it can be so obvious but yet nothing changes. I’m not normally a conspiracy theorist but these situations are what make me believe there’s more to it. Maybe it’s Casey giving nothing easy to rookies, maybe he really does believe in AB, I don’t know. But it’s gotta stop.

        • SR

          He doesn’t play rookies in crunch time – not actually that unusual, is it?  It’s a bit old school.

          Not that I agree with it.  T-Ross and JV should be getting 20-25 mpg in a consistent rotation and the freedom to play through mistakes (within reason).  The next few seasons matter a lot more than this one.

          • RobertArchibald

            Absolutely agree that the next few seasons matter more but therein lies the confusion as to why they don’t play. Expectations will be higher. Experience can go a long way for these guys. A season on the bench and a summer in the gym brings them along slower.

    • ghost

      The Raptor offense was stagnant and they needed scoring. That’s why DC put AB in. Unfortunately, AB has lost his scoring touch. Understood!

    • DumbassKicker

      “Can someone explain why Casey decides to play Andrea instead of Jonas in the 4th Q???”………………………………………………………….”This is why he gets booed! He doesn’t show up when we NEED him.”

      I love the thoughts I have of what JV is going to be, but you daily playing time bitchers need to learn the fn game more than reading boxscores, and listening to idiots like Leo.

      You want the simple answer? Certainly not taking everything into account, but a factual guide to help you pay attention to more than highlights and boxscores:
      – When Jonas was pulled in the 3rd, after 9 minutes, it appeared he was hitting a wall. Tyler fn Zeller was starting to eat us up, Jonas had just turned the ball over on an offensive goaltend.
      – At 10:11 mark of the 4th, Raps are down 11, the game is slipping away.  Amir is gassed. and a bad matchup for JV, in the form of Speights, is out there. Thinking Andrea is a better matchup, Casey puts him in to give it a try.
      – The move seems to work, because over the next 8 minutes, the total production from the Cavs bigs, in 6 minutes of Speights and 2 minutes of Thompson, is 3/4 FTs,,,,,,,,,, and the raps are only down 3 with 1:54 to go.
      – The boxscore stats don’t show you anything, but the 4th quarter lineup of the 4 other starters and Andrea brought the team back to a 3 pt game with just under 2 minutes to go.

      From there, the game was lost in the next minute, as the following ensued, but you tell me who could have done better to close it:
      – Waiters hits a 16 ft jumper
      – Gay misses a 6 ft hook shot
      – Walton misses 18 footer, Bargnani rebound
      – DD out of bounds TO, but it should be charged to Gay for a horrible bounce pass
      – Gee gets a wide open slam because his cover (Gay) loses track of him and he gets a pass directly under the basket with gay waving hello to him from 10 ft away.
      – Raps down 7 with 53 seconds to go, game over.

      If you’re going to bitch about wtf is “x player” doing out there in the 4th, which player fucked up at crunch time? Clue: he’s not Italian.

      • Destro

        Its eating you inside and i love it !!!

      • What the

        “thinking Barney is a better match up” can you please provide the link

    • Jimi

      Casey plays Bargs because he wants a big who can be far from the basket to open up the lanes. I don’t agree with it, especially since we seem to get to the basket as much when Jonas and Amir are both on the floor, but that’s his reasoning. 

      • RapthoseLeafs

        But they don’t get to the basket (and score), because MINIMAL plays are run for our Bigs. With Jose gone, their numbers are down. Hence, it’s better to stick Bargs out at the perimeter, and hope he makes a 3. Plus spread the floor, because Jonas & Amir out there means the Paint gets packed by the Cavs.


    • What the

      cause Come Hell or High Water.

      • unknown guest

        OH, ahahahahah! 

  • Ahmed A

    Loving Lowrys grade from Calderon Republic. Also might want to mention that Lowry had 8 assists to no turnovers.

    •  Lowry was the only one who sparked the team in that fourth quarter run, where everyone else seemed to have quit.

    • Adriiian

      Dude, this team is much worse with Lowry than Jose. Look at how disjointed we are, THERES NO  FLOW.
      Not to mention, who knows what Casey is thinking.

      Lowry sucks dude. 

      • ghost

        Agree, there is absolutley no flow to the offense. I really hope we can sign Calderon this summer, which is highly unlikely. Having the Lowry/Calderon duo gives us more options offensively and Calderon playing with RG/DD/JV/AJ next year would exciting to watch.

  • Statement

    Come on dudes, did we honestly think that we were going to make the playoffs?  Seriously? 

    That is just more Colangelo B.S.  Some people are pretty smart on the forum, don’t tell me that they were believers.

    The goal for the season should be the development of Valanciunas. I’ll get roasted for this, but he rates as one of the poorest man-defense defenders in the league right now.  He needs to figure that out.

    Also, it would be nice to get Ross some time, given that he can shoot the three and nobody else on the team, with the exception of Lowry, can.

    •  Jonas is a decent post man defender. He has long arms and opposing players have a tough time getting past him. Sure, he bit for a few fakes tonight but he will grow and learn with more time and added strength.
      With Ross, I thought coming in he was a good 3 point shooter. But he can’t hit anything at all. It looks like he has hit the rookie wall already. He gets blown by consistently given that I thought he would be more athletic. Defensive IQ has to improve.

    • TheDMoneyX

      Personally I didn’t care either way this season whether Raptors make the playoffs or not, but to throw a game like this…Like you said development of Valanciunas is the goal yet the don’t even let him on the floor in the 4th when he’s clearly better than the other guy (Don’t even want to mention his name).

      • What the

        come hell or high water

    • Dbobb28

      The playoffs were a longshot but still makeable. The issue is you can’t lose to two very weak teams when you are in must win games. The playoffs are done now that Milwaukee has made up the two games we managed to accumulate last week

    • Jimi

      It’s true, if you look at any advanced defensive stats, you’ll see that Jonas is a pretty awful one on one defender. I couldn’t believe when I saw them. But I still think that he brings more to the table than he takes off. 

  • j bean

    Up 23 to 9 playing awesome at both ends. Why would you sit anyone? The starters are tired after 10 minutes? They needed a Bargs boost? 

    • ghost

      Same thing any other coach in the league would do. Shaking my fucking head!

  • Raptorsfan33

    Losses don’t hurt as much when you think with your rational, logical brain and accept that the playoffs were really never in the picture. Once we’re mathematically out, hopefully we can give Jonas some touches in the paint, develop Ross and smuggle Fields, Lucas and Anderson across the Mexican border…where they can shoot from sunrise to sunset as Fields takes joy in rebounding all those brick shots while selling PS Vistas on the side. Get’er done BC!

  • Adriiian

    Guess we shift into development mode now. Seriously give TRoss some burn.
    Its fucking with the kids psyche. He might get 0-25 mins, he never knows what, so whenever he comes in, he just fires shots.

  • Guest

    I think it’s a bit too early to start roasting Rudy Gay.  Even if he is as we say he is what good does it do us to slam the guy.  Why not give him the benefit of the doubt and hope that maybe he’s willing to introspect a little and refine his game.  I’m sure he’s aware of all his critics, maybe he sees T.O. as a chance to redeem himself.

  • FAQ

    Bargs doesn’t belong on this ‘team’ of streetballin’ ballhog chuckers; he needs to play on a team that can play half court offense with a set pattern of plays… requiring bball IQ.

    Even BC openly admitted that Bargs may need a “change of environment” but he was unsuccessful at trading him because of his untimely injury.  If Bargs is untradeable he might as well be amnestied (and he gets the remainder of the $23mill on his contract to retire gracefully back home in pastaland?) and set free from his misery in Toronto.

    Maybe a new coach can rejuvenate the TRats and Bargs… ya think???

    • What the

      23 mil. wow thats a lot for child support

  • Aarongrayfan

    Follow me on Twitter @aarongrayfan:twitter 

    • Aaron Gray


  • Roarque

    Jonas needs a nick name. Since he’s such a lunch bucket type of player who welcomes the contact in the paint, I’m thinking we should call him Jones or maybe Jonesy.

    Yone-ass is just not him.

    Now on the other hand Andrea seems just about right for Andrea – kind of a suckie momma’s boy whose afraid to get dirt on his uniform.

    BTW is there a stat for most times a guy passes the ball RIGHT BACK TO YOU when you feed him in an NBA game. If there is I’d like to nominate Bargnani. I think he did it on 9/10 passes sent his way.

    • Adriiian

      how about Lithuanian Loverboy

  • Guy

    Against Washington,  Rudy Gay posts 7 pts (1-11 shooting), 6 Rbs, 4 Asts & 5 turnovers… Grade? C-. Tonight 24 pts(10-21), 8 Rbs, 6 assts & 2 Turnovers.  Grade ? C+.  Nice consistency in the ratings? 

  • Calderon had 18 assists on the night..
    just throwing that out there for people that miss him

    • Adriiian

      WOW. everyone in the stadium thought that went in… i’ve never seen that before..


      •  LOL those fans are such a choke

    • FAQ

      Assists stats are useless on a team filled with streetballin’ ballhog chuckers… and neither was Jose… nor Bargs.   Jose escaped… Bargs was a casualty…. sooooo obvious.

    • ad

       In other news, jose also had 28 blow bys on the perimeter by the opposing pg and 2 on his own. Wait, aaron gray was guarding him. That doesnt count.

  • Scottbbaird

    No no no… We have a good bench…

    …we just need starters.

  • Imzilla

    anderson was a -27….WTFFF

  • Phat AlberG

    Dwane Casey is a terrible coach! I don’t understand how this guy can just watch his team go into long scoring droughts and do nothing about it.  I think Andrea & Alan need to bench for the next game.

  • Postoffice

    no more food for cats      Ha Ha Ha Ha  Ha Ha Ha Ha   Ha Ha Ha Ha  Ha Ha Ha Haa !!!
    awesome coaching stuff …… ta ta ra ta ra tat
    nice game

  • JHP

    Well we almost made it to March with a chance at the playoffs.  Oh well really busy with work and hopefully the weather gets better.

    I’m just glad I don’t have season tickets.  By the way do you think if BC gets extended he fires Casey ?  Has to be the coach, right??

  • NyAlesund


    Good guy, but he continues to make mistakes. The previous games put Bargs on the bench when he was effective, tonight, he left Val on the bench for Bargs and expecially for Gray, that was totally ineffective.

    He gave me the impression that he is not able to read the situations. Certain decisions he made are incomprehensible for me.

  • NyAlesund

    This guy is not Raptors’ player. You can see him passive more than the normal, you can see him doing 1 good thing and 100 bad.
    He expected to be trade and now he is playing really bad counting the days left before he can leave the city.
    So, it is useless rely on him, yelling at him, point at him as the worst player, booing at him…………..the real looser is Colangelo.

    We can’t expect Bargs playing well, his value is constantly going down and this summer Colangelo will be forced to accept an awful trade or in desperation amnesty him.

    The teammates know the end of the story, know that Bargs is not part of the group and this is not helping. For me the ideal situation is put him out of the rotations. To see him plays worst than Gray is indicative how he is not himself. No excuses but he can’t help himself and the team. I hope I am wrong….

    I will expect a lot of boos from the fans friday night to decrease the Bargs’ productivity.
    This is a really bad situation in which everybody looses. No playoff (we need a miracle), no good trade, no good chemistry, nothing.

  • Mopola

    the game started to slip away after DC let A.Gray on the court

  • Postoffice

    no more food for cats      Ha Ha Ha Ha  Ha Ha Ha Ha   Ha Ha Ha Ha  Ha Ha Ha Haa !!!
    awesome coaching stuff ………. ta ta ra ta ta ta ra ta ta ra ta
    nice game

  • – Postoffice

    no more food for cats      Ha Ha Ha Ha  Ha Ha Ha Ha   Ha Ha Ha Ha  Ha Ha Ha Haa !!!
    awesomw coaching stuff …… ta ta ra ta ta ta ra ta  ta ta ra ta
    nice game

  • Adriiian