Gameday: Raptors @ Bucks, Mar. 2

Mailing in a pre-game.

I am putting the same level of effort into this pre-game that the Raptors have put into their three games this week. That’s right, I’m mailing it in.

I’m in Boston and didn’t see last night’s Pacers game, but it sure READS like it was the exact same as Monday and Wednesday except against, you know, a good team. So I’m ill prepared to write this. I KIND of feel like apologizing, but at the same time Zarar’s post-game just dropped, and you’ll have a quick react right after the game. So this is basically just a Game Thread.

The Raptors are in Milwaukee at 8:30 p.m. on TSN2. A week ago, this looked like a HUGE game. A circle on the calendar. A season-changer. A pre-game I would have actually written. Instead, the Raptors are now 6.5 games back (they came into the week 4 games back) and are, you know, eliminated for all but the most insane homers/optimists/psychopaths.

Brandon Jennings, #TeamMonte and J.J. Redick with just one D I recently realized. Against whichever three Raptors show up tonight and whichever seven are there as holograms who can’t actually change the direction of the ball or outcome of the game. Such is life.

Oh, and watch LARRY SANDERS! closely. The guy is a real treat, and a very good ball player (underrated in the mainstream, probably a bit overrated on the internet now).

One final note – I found out at Sloan that there is a top-secret proprietary formula that, if repeated as a chant by bloggers throughout all 48 minutes, can get Andrea Bargnani to rebound. I’ll give this a shot next week, but for tonight we’re screwed.


The Picks
Hollinger: Bucks -3.5, LARRY SANDERS! Blocks -2 Raptors Blocks
Vegas: N/A as I write this at 1 a.m. – I’ll guess Bucks -5 when it opens, update us in the comments
Blake: Raptors -4 unicorns and -2 rainbows if you still think they have a chance at the playoffs. Otherwise, Bucks by 8.

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