I am putting the same level of effort into this pre-game that the Raptors have put into their three games this week. That’s right, I’m mailing it in.

I’m in Boston and didn’t see last night’s Pacers game, but it sure READS like it was the exact same as Monday and Wednesday except against, you know, a good team. So I’m ill prepared to write this. I KIND of feel like apologizing, but at the same time Zarar’s post-game just dropped, and you’ll have a quick react right after the game. So this is basically just a Game Thread.

The Raptors are in Milwaukee at 8:30 p.m. on TSN2. A week ago, this looked like a HUGE game. A circle on the calendar. A season-changer. A pre-game I would have actually written. Instead, the Raptors are now 6.5 games back (they came into the week 4 games back) and are, you know, eliminated for all but the most insane homers/optimists/psychopaths.

Brandon Jennings, #TeamMonte and J.J. Redick with just one D I recently realized. Against whichever three Raptors show up tonight and whichever seven are there as holograms who can’t actually change the direction of the ball or outcome of the game. Such is life.

Oh, and watch LARRY SANDERS! closely. The guy is a real treat, and a very good ball player (underrated in the mainstream, probably a bit overrated on the internet now).

One final note – I found out at Sloan that there is a top-secret proprietary formula that, if repeated as a chant by bloggers throughout all 48 minutes, can get Andrea Bargnani to rebound. I’ll give this a shot next week, but for tonight we’re screwed.


The Picks
Hollinger: Bucks -3.5, LARRY SANDERS! Blocks -2 Raptors Blocks
Vegas: N/A as I write this at 1 a.m. – I’ll guess Bucks -5 when it opens, update us in the comments
Blake: Raptors -4 unicorns and -2 rainbows if you still think they have a chance at the playoffs. Otherwise, Bucks by 8.

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27 Responses to “Gameday: Raptors @ Bucks, Mar. 2”

    • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

      Fields misses a 3 Matty D says he still needs time after his surgery to rebuild his shot. Jack chimes in- he’ll need to work on it this summer.

      Fields has never had a good shot stop trying to sell us (the fan base) bullchit…


      • Sammyy

        Fields was always great at driving inside and shooting outside in NYK, he relies on a PG to create strategy.

        Stop hating on a good player. Look at the game right now, he’s our only hope, and he’s more efficient than Gay. 

        Someone needs to watch the game than watch commentary 

        • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

          STFU…………….really now, you sound silly now…..kool aid!

  1. Darien

    59 games done, 23 games to go.  We need to go 18-5 just to reach .500 at the end of the season. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they win this game just to keep the playoff hopes of morons and sukatori alive. 

  2. Slick_r1

    Biggest need. Yes a pf. Hey Quincy acy 5min 6pts 1 blk ast reb. Like to seem him play more than gray and give his athleticsism and grit. What you guys think?

  3. Ds

    Pre-game predictions:
    – Look for Casey to increase Bargnani’s workload. 33 minutes weren’t enough for him to change the outcome of the game last night.
    – Over/under on the iso plays from Demar/Gay/Anderson/Bargnani/Lowry is 76 possessions
    – Look for TRoss to play 6 minutes, hoist 7 shots and miss 7. Otherwise, zeros across the board.
    – Over/under on overall Raptors assists: 12

  4. JHP

    Another season has come and gone!  Lots of injuries and close games.

    How about those Jay’s?

    I’ll be pissed when they extend BC!!!  If he has a plan it’s only geared on keeping his job.

  5. j bean

    All in all considering where they started the year I’m happy and think they’re on track for a nice team next year.

      • Lucar

        Actually the team plays really well if you consider the crap rotations they need to put up with when Casey is in charge. He seems clueless as to how to use the players, when to call timeouts or anything involving offensive sets. I can only imagine how well they will play with a true seasoned coach at the helm.

    • Jonas

      Go JV!

      Great time out by Casey as he makes sure his team has a crappy play at the end of game.

  6. GoingBig

    Listening to game: you had Bargs and Amir playing together – seems to work
    Blake had pointed to getting the 2 bigs to play in his “Questions Aplenty As Raps Lay Another Egg”

  7. Frank

    Clueless coaching or nonexistent in last 5 min of game. He sticks with the same players regardless as he sits on bench and forgets he’s in charge.


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