This is a fundamentally flawed basketball team. Last night proved it.

Amir Johnson has a career night on the boards, Andrea Bargnani has his best game of the season, Rudy Gay actually has an efficient night, Kyle Lowry barely misses a triple double.

And what do we have? Another L.

That tells you all you need about this team and the guy who put this all together. Flawed.

122 points allowed against Milwaukee, 125 points allowed last night. So the offence looks a little better with Bargnani hitting his shots, but the defense regresses even worse when he plays major minutes for this team.

Rudy Gay makes one or two jaw-dropping plays every game but has shot 50% only once as a Raptor; his first game against the Clippers. Seriously, what makes him that much different than someone like Michael Beasley? Go check out the stats, with the one year Beasley played 30+ minutes (2010-2011)

Take a look how Memphis has been playing recently. 9-1 in their last 10 games, with their only loss to the Miami Heat. Does that look like a team that lost an “all-Star calibre” talent? Were the majority of analysts who criticized Colangelo for the trade right? Or maybe we still need a whole season and a training camp.

Or yeah a new coach because he will turn Andrea Bargnani into a guy who will play defense in the paint and gift the three-point shot to DeMar DeRozan and turn Rudy Gay into a better decision-maker. These are flawed basketball players.

Bargnani we found out about very quickly, yet he was allowed to pretty much ruin a team that had a budding talent in Chris Bosh, until he left. He drafts DeRozan who dropped to 9th in the draft for a very good reason that still applies today. He was not a steal. Then the feather on the cap, Gay. John Hollinger and the Grizzlies, how much did they take back in that trade? Ed Davis hardly plays, so it was basically Tayshaun Prince. Rudy Gay for Tayshaun Prince. Addition by subtraction much?

It was a late game so I’ll have to spare everyone the hurried analysis of the actual match. But really what’s the point anyway. This team is not making the playoffs and we should be concentrating at least on the development of Terrence Ross, Quincy Acy and Jonas Valunciunas.

But they aren’t getting any time. At least Bargnani may be accumulating some trade value, but is there a GM dumb enough not to realize that any team that takes him on will still need two more bigs playing help defence whenever he’s on the court?

The only one who is, is gainfully employed by the Toronto Raptors.

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  • Great post. Any games we have won since the Gay trade have been from better D. If we had managed to flip Jose for Prince, our D would have improved, cut salary, and kept our most efficient player while adding a efficient wing.  That’s at least what I was calling for…but Hollinger played BC like a fool. BC is really stupid and gets mesmerized by shiny things, its time move on


    • Destro

      That team you talk about would be a perennial 10th-11th place team…

      • Sammyy

        Better than what we have now…. + with money to spend in off season UNLIKE OUR FUTURE 

      • The Truth

        This isn’t a perennial 10th-11th place team?

    • unknown guest

      “If we had managed to flip Jose for Prince, our D would have improved, cut salary, and kept our most efficient player while adding a efficient wing”

      How did BC miss this. The Raps would still have had Ed as well.

  • Slick_r1

    The team needs another big man that can play d and rebound. They have to play bargs to get something for him. It’s common sense. They’re not making the playoffs. But they are better than the beginning of the season. The trade was a great one in aquiring Rudy. I didn’t hear anyone say this team was goin no where when we were winning in the fist 10 games with Rudy be clutch down the stretch. It will take till next year as we need to do some off season aquisitions. But until then this is our team. It’s better this way. We give up our draft pick which will be nothing. The team is heading in the right direction. Everyone is improving. We simply need a big man that gonna avg a double double every game play good defense. With him and Amir and jv.

    • jamar

       finally some one that knows something about basketball !

      • Guest

        Two people that don’t know anything about basketball..LOL.

        • jamar

           no ones laughing

    • The Truth

      ” I didn’t hear anyone say this team was goin no where when we were
      winning in the fist 10 games with Rudy be clutch down the stretch.”

      Err, really? Perhaps you had your head in the sand then. There were just as many people who hated the trade in that period on here as there were people jumping on this being the “big move” we needed based on a couple of quick post-trade wins. I should know, I was one of them.

      I think the suggestion of any major off season acquisitions or grabbing one of these additional big men that average a double double every game, play good defense, and grow on trees given our cap situation in combination with our “assets” is laughable.

      • Slick_r1

        I don’t think you know what your talking about actually. We have up Ed Davis and jose for Rudy. Amir plays better than Ed. Yes he’s young but raptors could go after him after next season. And we will have cap space when bargs is traded this off season!!! Gray, Anderson, pietrus? They won’t be back. Kleiza will be amnesty, so we don’t have cap space? Ok there buddy!!!!! We also will be getting our draft picked back because we will give okc

        • The Truth

          This pretty much reiterates what I thought in my head when you originally said nobody hated the Gay trade before. You are living in a fantasy land where Bargnani as a trade asset has value that is going to help this team improve.

          The only way Bargs is getting traded is to take somebody elses bad deal back so that isn’t creating any cap space at all. Gray has a player option (you really think he’s not gonna pick that up?) and is the only one of you ones you mention who earns anything tangible. Anderson and Pietrus are on 1.5 mil between them so that’s not providing relief to sign this mythical double double night in night out with good defense big man unless he plays for free.

          Basically you summed up my point, the only cap space available to us this off season is from amnestying Kleiza and the departure of the handful of scrubs at the bottom of the roster who barely earn anything anyway + will ultimately just be replaced with other scrubs to fill out the roster slots.

          That is before we even get into the outside possibility that some of these guys (Anderson) aren’t in fact let go but are given a bigger deal, which would be a classic Raptors front office move.

      • Slick_r1

        So when Plc gets our draft which will be 10-18 pick who cares!!!! That leaves draft picks as trade assets along with bargs this off season! How many sf are better than Rudy in this league? My point exactly. Melo and all these other guys takes as much or more shots per game than Rudy! So get you facts straight. The team needs a pf yes. A rebounder and someone that could score but the team is wayyyy better off then they were financially and with future aquisitions this offseason.

        • The Truth

          It doesn’t actually, because you can’t trade your first round pick two years in a row. Assuming OKC pick up Toronto’s pick this year (due to Raps missing playoffs and not winning a 1-3 pick in the lottery) then Toronto must keep their pick for the following year.

          Melo and all these other guys do indeed take more shots than Gay, but they also get more of them in (at least in recent seasons).

          • DumbassKicker

            “you can’t trade your first round pick two years in a row”

            You misunderstand the rules for this. It’s about “future” 1st round picks. As soon as that pick is used, the clock is reset.

            • The Truth

               Right, but it remains a “future” pick until draft night. As it stands I still can’t see how Slick_r1 can say “So when Plc gets our draft which will be 10-18 pick who cares!!!!” and then in the next sentence imply that next years pick will be a significantly better asset despite probably being in the same range even if absolutely nothing changes on the roster.

              I mean yes it’s theoretically going to be a deeper draft but the effects of that by the time you get to this range are pretty negligible.

    • Copywryter

      Lots of people worried about Gay’s shot selection and PER in the first ten games. Lots. If you’d been here you would have seen that. They got shouted down by the herd of course, but that’s how it is.

      It doesn’t matter that we’re better than the beginning of the season. Slightly better than very bad is still just bad. And now we’re bad with a lot less wiggle room to get better both in terms of cap and picks.  That’s the disease this team has – just wait till next year! A full camp, “chemistry”, a big free agent signing, team youth, the ‘young gunz’ , development of our rookies – whatever the purple unicorn of the day is gets trotted out for public consumption – and BOY do we consume. We haven’t made the playoffs in years, and when we make them next year the great unwashed will hail it as progress.

      Gay is a versatile, skilled player who can finish games that he doesn’t shoot us out of.  Trouble is, we’ve got holes up and down the organization (from the administration to the bench) that a single pick up and dumping of Bargs isn’t going to fix, and Gay isn’t nearly good enough to plug on his own. 

      • Guest

        “Since you’re a real man do you want to meet somewhere and have a conversation with my fist?”

        Hey buddy, is that what a REAL man does…threaten people online. Your mom must be so proud of you.

    • rudy is clutch???? give me a break. when you give “ANY” nba starter player green light to do what ever he wants, you will have same rudy. clutch, is player who plays within a team… makes the right plays… and with the game on the line, will take over.
      rudy on the other hand, takes 20 + shots, to get 20 points… with up to 5 3pts missed, and 3-5 turnovers. you call it clutch???? i call it selfish looser

      rudy is not as advertised… he is a team killer, plays only for himself. all he needs is his 20+ points with terrible shot %…. and with 2-3 dunks a night.
      great stuff

      • Sig

         L O L ..


      “I didn’t hear anyone say this team was goin no where when we were
      winning in the fist 10 games with Rudy be clutch down the stretch”

      Da fuk?  Don’t come around here once a month and talk stupid.  Even if in the minority, there were plenty of us saying those were fake ass wins.

      Right, here we go: Next year, training camp, more players … people never learn around here.

  • daxel

    A bit bitter, huh?  Although it’s hard not to agree with the general point of your article.

    Here are my thoughts (whether you want them or not):

    – This team has flawed basketball players – but which team in this league doesn’t? The real issue is that a team should be constructed in a way where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  In other words, the strengths of all players on a team should come together to minimize  the weaknesses of everybody.  Right now, the Toronto Raptors aren’t a smartly constructed basketball team.  Since you took a snipe at BC, you and others obviously agree with this.  Something could also be said of the utilization of these players by the coach. 

    – Unfortunately, Bargnani has to be given minutes he has not earned in order to up his trade value.  The thing is, this is all relying on the hope that Colangelo will actually follow through on the perceived objective to trade/release Bargnani from this team in the offseason.  However, we all should not be surprised if Bargs is given another chance – I wouldn’t put it past BC to do something like that, especially if Bargs maintains the kind of production he gave last night for the rest of the season.

    – Having Bargs in the line-up also re-balanced the distribution of defensive bigs on this team.  Now, you actually have one of JV or Amir coming off the bench to actually provide some interior defensive presence for the second unit.  Hopefully that can help stave off the considerable drop-off in defense when going from the starters to the substitutes.

    – You are right – currently, there is no obvious direction being implemented by this team.  That’s because they has a few counter-productive goals being force-feed simultaneously (i.e. force-feed unearned minutes to Bargs to up his value; motivate players to continue to play with a winning attitude since there is no draft pick to tank to; while portraying that Bargs can play even w/o earning minutes REGARDLESS of the reason for doing it – build a culture of accountability for the rookies that shows that you cannot expect to be gifted minutes in the NBA; develop rookies).  I hate to focus on Bargs, but with him still here, you simply cannot expect this organization to move in any sustained direction since dealing with him will always run counter to other VERY important goals this team should have.

    • Why

      I can’t see any way in hell Bargnani will be a Raptor next season.

      The question  is what will he net in return
      – if he plays consistently like he did last nigh then he might bring something of long term value in a trade
      – if he consistently plays like he did against the knicks he will likely be amnestied as who the hell would want him if that is what you get for 10+ million a season.  
      -Inconsistent play (one night really good, one night really poor) might mean taking  back another equally flawed player like Ben Gordon or an aging player with a big contract like Boozer or Gasol with huge potential for fall off in play.

      If you really love The Raptors what do you want to see of those three potential outcomes?

    • unknown guest

      “the hope that Colangelo will actually follow through … However, we all should not be surprised if … given another chance … especially if Bargs maintains the kind of production he gave last night for the rest of the season”

      At least all his fans will still be happy.

      • sleepz

        I would gladly take AB as a Raptor until the day he retires if it meant the swift and sudden dismissal of Bryan Colangelo.

        Any other GM that comes in would most likely try and trade AB for something reasonable, but if that fails the amnesty clause is the logical fallback. He shouldn’t be making the money he is on this team with the role he now has.

        • DumbassKicker

          So you “would gladly take AB as a Raptor until the day he retires”, if a new GM is brought in that unloads him any way possible. That makes sense to you? Did you flip personalities between sentences, without the first one giving the 2nd the scoop?

          • sleepz

            If you want to be technical, that would be the ideal situation.

            My comment was more of an indication that I would take the lesser of two evils….although they are both evil.

            What doesn’t make sense is you trying to make sense out of an obviously non-plausible comment. I don’t have any say over whether AB or BC is here.

            Policing is fine if thats your thing but you put too much effort into this one.

            • DumbassKicker

              LOL, thanks for the brilliant explanation. Let me try that kind of reasoning: I’d gladly read your Raptors basketball insight for the rest of my life, if it meant you’d go away and never come back. Damn, that works great!!!

              • sleepz

                It does doesn’t it.

                Another one locked up pooka?

                ‘Beast’ blogging suits you well

              • sleepz

                btw, in the original post the comparison was made between 2 individuals. In your example you only used me. A little bit off in theory but the effort was there on your part which is all that matters in my book.

        • wamco

          Everyone seems to ignore the fact that when you amnesty a guy YOU STILL HAVE TO PAY HIM.  That might not matter to the Lakers or the Knicks, but assuming MLSE is willing to pay Bargnani to play elsewhere then cough up enough to use that cap space is asking a lot.  Especially considering the fact that even with all that the best case scenario is perhaps a 6 seed hoping to get lucky in the first round. 

  • Duncan

    once acy develops, he will be that second big man who can defend and rebound. him Jv, and amir will be a good defesive force.
    DD has impressed with his playmaking so leave him gay and klow be and they shud play well together. we need a steady guard who can play d and shoot the three to help our second line (thought pietrus was for that…). if we have telfair and player x (leader/scorer) along with acy and another big then our bench will be much better at holding leads.
    Once this team clicks, we can make some noise

    • Sam Holako

      Am I the only person who doesn’t think Acy is anymore than a guy who can provide 5-9 minutes a game of energy and hustle when the game doesn’t matter anymore? Not a knock against the guy, but he’s so raw; hard to see him getting the minutes and mentorship to turn into something more than I’ve seen. Not trying to be that guy, but where I see potential with Jonas and Ross, I don’t with Acy…

      • unknown guest

        Toronto and 2nd round picks, eh? Could we steal SA’s scouting dept?

      • Sarcastic Fan

        Agree 100%

      • Ardefen

        everybody constantly touts the great potential of tross and how is one of the core, untouchable. all i see is a super athlete, not a  great basketball player. then, what do i know?

        • unknown guest

          we won’t really know though unless he gets real PT. He’s playing scared of the quick hook.

          • Copywryter

            Or he’s Jamario Moon.

      • i will be suprised if acy is still in the league in 3 years.
        i dont know think todays nba game, can have 6’7 PF on the roster. plus who cant shoots, cant deffend, cant anything.
        than again, i do support underdogs in any sport. hope he sticks and proves everyone wrong

  • Mopola

    DC is coaching like it’s hockey team… All of our bench had negative +/- , and everyone except DeRozan (who played most) had +. That means our coach has a problem mixing lineups..

    • unknown guest

      DC is coaching like BC’s puppet.

  • skeptical

    What I’d like to see with this team: less pointless churn.

    Every couple of months, the fanbase starts crying that we need to fire/amnesty/trade someone – and when anything does happen it usually ends up leaving the team just treading water while forcing any chemistry on the court or in the locker room to be rebuilt.The recent Gay trade wasn’t a homerun but, as overpaid and inefficient as he is, still gave the Raptors their best overall player.  J.V. and Amir both have potential as good young bigs that are likely to improve. DeRozan and Lowry aren’t stars but have the skill to be good complimentary pieces. Ross and Acy seem to be worth developing.Moving Bargs is the one action that I would support – having him stay is a problem on several levels at this point – but finding a trade partner willing to take on that contract without unloading total junk in return will be a challenge.This team isn’t just a piece or two away and both fans and the top brass needs to stop thinking that a quick fix will make a meaningful difference. Raptors should be investing in good development of existing resources and scouting for the future.

  • Thegloveinrapsuniform

    You forgot to mention that the bench, apart from Amir who really cant be considered “bench” because he played more than 30mins, is a combined 13 pts.

    Plus, Casey’s inexplainable habit of benching JV when the obvious need is interior D in the closing minutes.

    I dont get frustrated anymore because i truly believe there is much more to it than just plainly losing. BC and DC have their hands behind each loss, it reeks of “getting that OKC pick out of the way”

  • Yousefelso

    So much hate. I’m slowly being pushed away from this site due to all the negativity towards everything. Aren’t we all fans? There isn’t much room for optimism here but cmon, it isn’t that bad. It looks like we’ll be a playoff team next year for sure and thats a good start. Stop being complainers and start supporting your team. In England, soccer fans call themselves supporters, we should take heed from them. 

    • Guest

      Miami, NY, Indiana, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Brooklyn….these are the top 8 teams in the East right now.  I don’t see us moving in a direction that is going to make us better than them next year.  Plus you’ve got Cleveland and Kyrie Irving looking to eventually make a run up the ladder.   Sometimes showing support means walking away.

    • GoingBig

      I am here for the articles – there’s lots of good analysis by the bloggers here.  I’ve learned a lot

      Comments are always a minefield of tiny flames and corrosive attitudes.  When the Raps are down, I just ignore them except for the first few comments that usually respond to the analysis done

  • j bean

    No playoffs, No development, No future.

    No sense reading your article.

    • Halifax Raps Fan


    • Copywryter

      Totally. Who needs analysis and evaluation when honking will suffice?! We’re going to OWN next year, especially when the planes carrying every other team in the Eastern Conference crash and burn. You heard it hear (sic)  first.

      You’re either with America or against it. 

  • Theswirsky

    Colangelo is just amazing. Can’t sit still and loves making moves, goes out and makes a bunch of very significant moves in a rather short period of time, leaves himself with very little ability to make anymore moves, yet is left in a position where he needs to make moves more than ever before.

    All the while, Bargnani, his one constant, the one move he’s refused to make is now the one he needs to make, and is the most worthless one to him.

    Colangelo is stuck somewhere between a greek tragedy and a shakespearean comedy.

    But he deserves credit. Fans keep paying to see it unfold. Thinking the story will end differently this time.

    Thats quite an impressive accomplishment on his part.

    • sleepz

      I also feel like this fanbase usually is a year or two behind the curve before they start to ‘get it’ or realize what is going on.

      I mean less than 12 months ago a large portion of the bloggers on this forum would be telling you why we still need to be patient and continue to build the team around Andrea, because of how much of a match-up nightmare he is and the team can’t score without his spacing. His 13 games of awesomeness was proof of this.

      I’m truly hoping the fanbase will eventually realize that you can boo Andrea but the villain is the dude who has tried to shove him down the fans throat for the past 7 years, building the offence and team around him. Investing the franchises resources into the “enigma” all this time is less AB’s doing than Colangelo trying to make AB valuable and appear to be an all-star type talent.

      Gifting a plyer minutes and then firing coaches that want to hold him accountable are the wrong messages to send.

      The fans shouldn’t accept this. My people are destroyed by lack of knowledge.

      • unknown guest


      • NyAlesund

         Sometimes I think what kind of player Bargs would have been in another organization or with another GM.

        This guy has some flaws and some qualities, he is not the emotional and technical leader of the team but undoubtetly he is really good. The problems started with him the first day in 2006 when he was treated like the untouchable. The pick number one, the future franchise player, the 7footer with skills even better than Nowitzki……to protect, to coddle….

        So, this guy was ruined by Colangelo that invested years to build something impossible and now after 7 years this guy is getting boo from frustrated fans. Fans forced to believe that every issues is related to the italian “stallion”……..

        My question is: are we sure that the real problem is Bargnani and not Colangelo? Are we sure that the AB’s departure is going to change the Raptors’ destiny or maybe the real change is simply to get another GM?

        A GM that can see the roster with different perspective?

        I would hope to see Bargs in another team (for him) and at the same time Colangelo doing his job away from Toronto……

    • DumbassKicker

      You may not repeat the exact same lines over and over, but the message is always the same for how many years now? Management is bad, coaching is bad, fans are bad, future is hopeless. Why are you a “fan” of this team? Is being a “fan” of your hometown team such a need for you that your willing to be an endlessly suffering martyr, as long as you can let everybody know about it every other day? Everybody makes their choices, but to make that kind of choice and yet constantly criticize others who take uppers instead of downers, stinks of a miserable life trying desperately to drag others, who see sport for what it is, down so you feel better about yourself.

      • Theswirsky

        “You may not repeat the exact same lines over and over, but the message is always the same for how many years now? Management is bad, coaching is bad, fans are bad, future is hopeless”

        so you are admitting I was right p00kie?  Thats big of you.

        • DumbassKicker

          Well, you know I meant otherwise, but if agreeing with you interferes with your choice of whiney martyrdom, I’ll have to try that some time.

      • Copywryter

        Because that kind of pink-coloured-glasses thinking gets you nowhere  in life, in sports, and in business. Be hopelessly optimistic if you want, find the silver linings as you please, ignore the warning signs from last year and years before but be prepared for me and others to call bullshit. 

        You’re right in that it is better to be optimistic, but if you want to win in business or sports you’ve got to be coldly rational and – if I may paraphrase – coldly unforgiving when the exact same mistakes are made over and over.

        • sleepz


        • DumbassKicker

          ” that kind of pink-coloured-glasses thinking gets you nowhere  in life, in sports, and in business.” “if you want to win in business or sports you’ve got to be coldly rational”

          Based on your rational here, what you and others can’t seem to grasp is that your attitude about this team has ZERO effect on wins or loses for the Raptors. You’re really not that important. Your “coldly rational” approach affects you and you only, and what’s that doing for you? Getting you somewhere in life?

          • Copywryter

            You know what I do for a living? I sell little girls dresses. Manly huh?

            We often create styles that I personally think are awesome and pretty (yeah I said pretty).  Can’t-miss winners. This is based on information both subjective and objective, past and present.  

            We’ll call these dresses “Barganis”.

            Sometimes Barganis don’t sell. I keep very close watch and deep data on this. We tweak them for one season (maybe 2) and then drop them, whereupon I let them go and put my hand up so that the refs know the foul is on me.

            I don’t make Barganis for seven years, or fill my seasons with underperformers.  I don’t keep hoping for the best. If I did, I’d be out of business and deservedly so.

    • unknown guest


  • JuandelaCruz

    “At the beginning of the fourth is when the game changed,” Raptors coach Dwane Casey said. “We went back to how we played in the first half: soft defensively.”
    NOTES: The Raptors are 0-9 when Bargnani scores 20 or more. …

    Everyone seems to know what is happening…

    Bargnani will be DC and BC’s downfall..

    • DumbassKicker

      Thanks for the useless anecdotal information. here’s more for you: In Rudy’s 14 games with the Raps, they’re 0-3 when Rudy gets 4 steals, and 0-2 when he gets 9 or more rebounds, and ………….. it’s all useless.

      • DumbassSlapChopper

        in all fairness her sample size was bigger than yours! lol 

        may i edit for JuandelaCruz?

        Bargnandi will be p00ka, DumbassKicker, DC and BC’s downfall. 

        The mere fact that you continue to “defend” and try to deflect from the TRUTH is causing you ALL to lose credability…..not that you had much to begin with p00ka

        • JuandelaCruz

          ..You guyz eat a lot of Primo Pasta…

  • max

    Way too negative. It is still a young team, Ross fighting the rookie wall. Really it boiled down to one  cold stretch, and Lucas unable to stop Curry. 

    • Nilanka15

      “Rookie walls” usually hit players who actually see the court.

      • unknown guest

        beat me to it

      • ckh26

         Couldn’t agree more on the fable of the rookie wall for Ross.

         Case in point. Fifteen year (15) old Connor McDavid plays 18- 20 minutes a night from September to the end of the OHL’s 68 game regular season in March/April.  He gets to travels by bus.. eat crap from fast food joints and has to go to school and practice pretty much every non game day.  He is getting better as the season wears on and has not burnt out.

        Ross travels by plane.. has access to a nutrionist and is being limited by to < 8 minutes a game and has stalled in his development. Some may argue he has regressed since December.

        The org has to play this guy to see if they have something or not.

    • Copywryter

      And them dropping 42 in the fourth when it was winning time.

  • jamar

    some people on hear need to shut up im pretty sure half the people talking negative about this team couldnt play basketball for shit ,  this team is heading in the right direction and when it does the people talking shit be the same ones hopping on

    • skeptical

      “Heading in the right direction” is a matter of opinion.  Will they make the playoffs next year? Totally possible. But what is the ceiling with this group of players? Making the second round seems like a big stretch given the talent they’ve got right now.

      That isn’t being negative – just realistic.

      This team isn’t set up to win in a meaningful way in the near future. It’s just not going to happen. However, there are some great young players to cheer for. There is some developing talent to follow. There will be a lot of fun games to watch. And making the playoffs – even with an early and decisive exit – would be a step up compared to where the team has been recently. 

    • Nilanka15

      So folks should only be allowed to comment if they’re good enough to play in the NBA?

      • unknown guest

        yup! uh, I wonder if nba2k counts?

        • Nilanka15

          What about Bill Laimbeer’s Combat Basketball circa 1991?

      • DumbassKicker

        Not quite what he’s saying. More like if you know shit about basketball and are a flip flopper, you should shut up.

        • jamar

           thank you !

        • Nilanka15

          Since you felt the need to speak on jamar’s behalf, I’m going to ask you what jamar feels qualifies as “knowing shit”.

      • GoingBig

        I’m good enough to PAY in the NBA

  • Steve

    Wow comparing Beasley the pot head to Rudy gay, do u watch basketball because one can play defense and one can’t. You’re a fool to not realize the difference in their offense. Rudy is big time in the clutch and can average 18 19 20 consistently. Wait till he has a training camp and a good coach and he’ll be efficient

    • Asdf

      I love a post like this because it defies all logic. Rudy has been rock steady in his meh FG% his whole career.  A training camp isn’t going to fix that unless they can somehow beat out the idea he needs to play heroball.

      Beasley is a great player by the way. He does stupid shit, yet he remains because of his skills. Rudy is better, but they have a lot in common in certain areas. Rudy’s defense is over rated. He isn’t bad, but people make it out like he is one of the best at his position.

      • Asdf

        I mean hell, Memphis got rid of Gay for Prince because he was a better defensive player and most casual fans would assume he’s washed up at this point in his career. And he dominated Gay all night during the Grizz game

        • j bean

          Memphis had to trade Gay because they are a small market team and they simply can’t afford to get into the tax. It had nothing to do with improving their talent level. 

    • DumbassKicker

      “do u watch basketball because one can play defense and one can’t.”

      Does Beasley play defense???? Oh, you mean Rudy? Do you watch basketball besides highlights and boxscores? Look beyond the steals and you’ll discover that he’s the same bad defender, for 90% of his PT, the he has been since he came into the league.

    • beasley will average same numbers if given the oportunity… he doesnt get it now, because no nba team needs a SF who takes 20 shots to score 20 points… all from isolation play.

      • Copywryter

        He could come off the bench for us and not have to learn any plays!

  • Slick_r1

    The team has a lot of issues that will be determined this off season. I think they did take a step up from last season and will be a lot better next year, if they unload bargs! That will determine to the teams steps moving forward plain and simple. They won’t be able to sign anyone unless his contract is gone and kleizas as well.

  • p00ka

    a dub stop crying you bitch. 

    • DumbassKicker

      that’s the pOOka imposter, which is why the original, moi, changed screen names. There, now the brilliant screen name detectives can skip the lameass references to their genius.

      • Nilanka15

        Interesting.  Why did CaseyDaMan switch screennames? 

      • Nilanka15

        And further to that, why did you bother denying it for so long with “you’re out to lunch”, and “you’re way off” responses?

        • FLUXLAND

          Unbelievable. And he has the gull to accuse others of being despicable. 

      • FLUXLAND

        You f cunt!

        And then you dare to accuse others of “seeing things” and slander their reputation with your therapist analysis.

        A proper f cunt you are, really. Eat a bag of dicks you zero integrity having MF.

  • GoingBig

    The trading value of Bargs is going to be a variable in the “next season” stuff.  Getting another big for Bargs for the same $$$ is the death of any other major (non-tinkering) acquisition.  I think BC is done with any major moves after that until he leaves.  The Rudy Gay trade handed us a bigger cap problem that still strangles options.  We still need a big.  We still need low post strength. We need better PG options than John Lucas

    The good thing about Bargs going is THAT drama will clear up and we can focus on Lowry/Gay.  Giving the keys to Lowry and Gay will put them on the spot – Are they going to change anything about their game?  I’ve seen a few flashes of it, especially before the Calderon left – when Lowry saw that there was another style besides his hero-ball and it worked.  Maybe not his style of game but he needs a bigger vision as does Rudy Gay.

    And it’s time the fans put the heat on Coach Dwane Casey.  I started to get annoyed with the in-bounds trouble during the streak but with the constant substitution problems, mishandling the playing time of the second unit, and not being clued in to the rhythms of the game in front of him.  Good for shouting at the refs – but please, spend more time trying to remember the guys left on the bench.

    • GoingBig

      Go Bargs GO!!

      In both senses of the word GO

  • Kujo

    I wasn’t drinking the optimism kool-aid post Gay trade when this team had won 5 straight.  I was happy we were winning, but I knew it wouldn’t last.  Too many flaws on this roster.

  • Afaf

    Damn, it seems that I’m not the only that think DC is a bad coach. As GoingBig mentioned, the guy has “constant substitution problems,….not being clued in to the rhytms of the game in front of him.” Raise your hand if this sounds familiar:
    1. Raptors were leading comfortably
    2. Players on the floor got replaced
    3. The opponents controlled the game rhythm.
    4. No timeout or substitution was taken until the other teams had tied the raptors.Under BC, the Raptors has been putting much focus on finding a cheap gem (Moon, Weems, now Anderson) rather than actually drafting a true gem through drafts. Well BC, you are no Popovich by far.

  • Buschfire

    This is a rant, I expect better from this site! 

  • raptorspoo

    What pisses me off the most are these roller coaster fans.

    One minute you’re all happy BC made a move to acquire a supposed asset, next minutes you’re calling for his head – SO DARN SHORT SIGHTED.

    If you want to build a real contender, every move BC made or attempted to make you should have been cussing. 

    For example:
    – trying to sign Nash
    – signing Fields
    – acquiring Lowry
    – acquiring Gay for Jose and ED
    – picking Ross – a SG? so high?

    It’s like you roller coaster fans are excited and then upset when the raps don’t magically become an awesome team.