Hey, Blake’s back as the host! No point guard controversy here, though, as Arsenalist slid seamlessly to the two-guard, acting as my guest for the 140th installment. We bro’d out talking Raptors, touching on a little bit of everything, including:

  • What are the goals for the team the rest of the year?
  • What can Terrence Ross do to get more run?
  • Why the hell isn’t Jonas Valanciunas playing more?
  • Is Kyle Lowry “the key” to the team’s future?
  • Why are people talking about a Rudy Gay extension already?
  • Is Colangelo gone or kept around, and why?
  • The value of second round picks and baseball analogies
  • Best and worst games of the season
  • Predictions for the weekend (@ Lakers, v. Cavaliers)
  • NBA talk

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (36:51, 42 MB). Or just listen below:

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  • mountio

    It was interesting how you guys made the throw away comment about Larry Brown not trusting rookies and then lumped Casey into the “other bucket” of coaches who are dont have a bias .. but then spent a bunch of time analyzing what TR needs to do on the court / in practice and what JV needs to do in games .. and conclude that you are perplexed. 
    Im perplexed too …. but I think the answer is actually pretty simple, Casey IS exactly what Larry Brown is. He doesnt trust rooks and has a massive bias against playing them. Hes said it many times in the press (not exactly in those words, but things like “the only way you win in this league is with veteran experience”. 
    Its too bad, because with this team .. the only way to get to the next level is to get the young guys more run. 

  • Dan

    Anthony Parker and Jorge Garbajosa were two of his best signings. T.J. ford for Charlie v and Bonner for Nestaerovich. These were all his frist year, it’s been downhill since.
    I think Rob Babcock was a rookie GM when he joined the Raptors. I think he held a different job with the timberwolves before. That’s part of the reason why I don’t understand people say his vince carter trade was horrible. Yet nobody makes nearly as big of a deal that Bryan got even less for Chris Bosh. Vince was the better player, Chris wasn’t that much worse and people look at Bryan as if he is a way better gm. Bosh and Calderon have been the two best players on his team since he has been here. Both were here before he came. In 7 years he has not produced a borderline all star even an all nba 3rd team selection. Bosh was already an established star. The only all star he has drafted is hibbert and he chose for indiana. If they kept the pick there was no discussion at the time they were taking Hibbert. BC is just as bad as Babcock ever was in my oppinion. If i’m right at least Babcock was a first time gm.

    • arsenalist

      Fully agreed on the Babcock return for Vince and Colangelo for Bosh.  Colangelo should’ve been fired for that alone and everybody sort of sympathizes with Colangelo for some reason.

      Forgot about Parker/Garbajosa, but I’d still maintain that Amir Johnson was his best transaction, even thought the Parker/Garbajosa bit got them into the playoffs.

      • golden

        +1.  The handling of Bosh was a massive failure in risk management.  Business 101.  And yet the majority of the fanbase reacts emotionally and still blames Bosh.

        Colangelo is a savant, though …… at keeping his own job and deflecting criticism to his players and coaches.  Consistently overpaying for B-list talent with ‘name appeal’ (Gay, Hedo, Jermaine O’Neal, etc…, etc…) and validating your own picks by overpaying (Derozan, Bargnani, etc…) and simply overpaying stiffs (Fields, Kleiza, …)  is a brilliant strategy for this market.   It creates a built-in hatred towards said player by the fanbase – a large percentage of whom already believe that all professional athletes are overpaid at even the league average.   Then, when it’s clear to all that the overpaid player’s value has dropped – pull off what appears to be a miraculous trade (i.e. fixing your own problem) and start selling hope all over again.   A brilliant Ponzi scheme.

        • Guest

          To play devil’s advocate, the Raps still had a legit shot at the playoffs at that time, so trading Bosh would’ve had the fanbase up in arms. Colangelo was seemingly fucked either way.

          • golden

            Maybe.  But it’s his (extremely well paid) job to figure out which orifice is going to be less painful.  If you factor in the JO/Moon/1st rounder for Marion trade, which gave the Heat the cap room to sign Bosh + our sign & trade compensation pick back, then BC got violated by Riley twice in the worst possible way.

            • cdub

              That pick turned into Val who quite frankly is likely better than anything we would have gotten for Bosh.  Bosh had all the power in the expiring year of his deal.  Again not clear what people expect we would have got for him.  It’s not like Carmello where he wanted to go to the Knicks, the Knicks wanted Carmello, and the Knicks actually had players you would want on your team to make a trade.  Bosh was going to Miami, and Miami had nobody.

              • golden

                Getting a pick that we never should have given up in the first place is a positive?  SMH.   

      • cdub

        I can’t say I agree with that at all.  Two different situations. 

        With Bosh he was on an expiring deal and would need to agree to an extension likely with a new team which would have been unlikely.  And even if there were takers just for the rest of the year, there is no evidence of those deals or how good they were either.  So unless someone has evidence of the amazing deal he turned down for Bosh?    It is not sympathy for BC, justt more a lack of evidence for the people critisizing him for it.

        Now Carter, that was a complete debacle.  He had years left on his contract extension he signed, and Rob Babcock got completely fleeced by the nets for 2 scrubs and Alonzo Mourning, who they actaully PAID MILLIONS to just so he could go play somewhere else.  That move set the franchise back about 5 years.  Babcock had all the time in the world to do something and he ionstead completed possibly the worst trade in the history of trades.

        How anyone could even begin to compare the two is absurd, imo. 

    • unknown guest

      Anthony Parker and Jorge Garbajosa were two of Maurizio’s best deals.
      Let’s not forget that Babcock also chose the worst coach (Smitch) to go forward with the franchises biggest star. 

    • Sam Holako

      Not defending Colangelo here, but he got a massive trade exception. Babcock got Eric/Aaron Williams, 2 first rounders (amounted to crap) and the priviledge to pay Alonzo Mourning $10mil not to show up (which was the full value of his contract; couldn’t even get a discount for buying him out and releasing him to Miami to go win a championship) in moving Carter. Of the two, I’d rather the cap space…

  • raptors phdsteve

    great podcast guys! really enjoyed listening to it. 

  • Ryan

    Come on man. I gotta cell data plan. If you think I’m gonna download that mb per min file, you’re crazy. Good luck to you sir.

  • 511

    That was a good yap. Cheers. 

  • ad

    I dont think hiring an inexperienced gm is necessarily a bad thing. Look at AA (GM of blue jays). Nobody knew who he was and now he is considered one of the best gms in mlb.  Sam presti and the den gm were inexperienced nobodies and now theyre considered among the best gms in the nba. Id rather have that than fuckin stefanski who was awful in phi.

  • K.J.P

    Hey guys. Great Podcast! One thing for Blake though. Too many highs and lows with your microphone. Keep the the same distance away. It might just be a bad microphone too though. Just some friendly advice. Keep up the great content! I know it will be tough from here on out.