Andrea Bargnani Injured With Strained Right Elbow – What’s Next?

After putting a nice little nine minute audition for the Lakers (1-1 FG, 2 pts, 2 reb, +5), Andrea Bargnani left the game with a strained right elbow in the first quarter. He was playing well when he left, collecting two contested rebounds and hitting a jumper over that guy who used to be Ron Artest.

Bargnani had enjoyed a nice spell away from the hostile confines of the Air Canada Center, most notably by scoring 26 points in a loss to Golden State. He appeared set to have a passable game against the Lakers when cruel luck struck him down.

Bargnani is known to have quite a lengthy recovery duration, partially because the Raptors wonder whether they should even bring him back since the team is doing so well without him. It would be sad if this was the last we saw of him as a Raptor, and perhaps it’s even foreshadowing a summer-time trade for Gasol (considering he was injured too). This is a highly unlikely scenario, though, mainly because Bargnani has no trade value.

RR has no knowledge of any trade happenings, nor does it have any insider access, but my cousin’s nephew’s friend’s uncle went to high school with a woman whose son is in a soccer league with a TTC operator at Union Station, who once took a bus with the janitor at the ACC, who, while cleaning Colangelo’s office, reportedly overheard him utter, “Spencer Hawes looks good right about now”.

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