It’s 1:30 AM on the East coast so I’m not too inclined to go deep here. The Raptors lost another one in OT, dropping their record in extra time to 2-87. The troops showed up to play in this one against a Lakers team playing their third game in four nights. Sheer ridiculous shooting is what pushed the Raptors ahead by 15 in the second quarter. DeRozan was 7-9 FG in the first half and 12-18 FG overall. I don’t recall his jumper working this well all season but when it counted late in OT, Kobe was put on him and he went 0-2 in the extra frame, his handles and lack of blow-by moves letting him down. His shot-chart is pristine:


I would’ve liked to have seen him pick up Kobe when the latter was tearing us up – video below (11-22 FG, 41 pts, 12 ast). If Kobe can step up and take responsibility for DeRozan, that favor should’ve been returned, and watching Anderson guard Kobe left me with an empty feeling.

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Gay was also on in the first half going 5-11, before going 2-15 in the fourth and OT. Call it a tale of two halves, the first where the jumpers were going and the second where the same jumpers weren’t. In both cases, he’s taking jumpers. The Raptors shot 58% in the first quarter and were helped by a strong showing from Lowry and Lucas off the bench, great play from Jonas Valanciunas (12 pts, 8 reb, 6-8 FG) against Howard, and held a 6-point lead at halftime, which had been cut from 15 due to some poor rebounding in the second where the Lakers got 9 offensive rebounds and went 12-3 overall on the glass.

Seeing a 15-point lead shrink down to six is disheartening and you’d expect the Lakers to wake up from their turnover-prone play and come back strong in the third. That’s where the Raptors surprised us. Not only did they correct the rebounding issues of the second quarter by outrebounding the Lakers 11-7 in the third, DeRozan and Valanciunas went a combined 6-7 from the field to win the quarter by 4 and give the Raptors a 10 point lead heading into the fourth (Valanciunas played less than five minutes in the third after picking up his fourth foul). The Lakers were hitting us and we had an answer. It was great to watch and entirely unexpected.

So, the fourth started and we soon see the lineup of Anderson, DeRozan, Gay, Lowry, and Johnson. Valanciunas is nowhere to be found, this after he was playing the screen ‘n roll game beautifully and even coming out on top in one-on-one situations. You can call Mulder and Scully for this one because this baby is an X-File. Let me put it this way: our most productive big man did not play a second in the fourth quarter and OT, in which span the Raptors managed to blow a 10 point lead. Dwane Casey has no explanation for this, and the only (and I’m reaaaallly reaching here) excuse here is that he believes in his silly 4G lineup to such a degree that he’s willing to bench proven productivity, but even then, what’s to say Jonas can’t function in such a setup?

This sub-pattern, if you want to call it that, makes even less sense when you see Casey go back to a 2-big lineup and choose to play Aaron Gray ahead of Valanciunas. Someone please explain this behaviour because I sure as hell can’t. What is perplexing to me is why Casey wouldn’t put two bigs in Johnson and Valanciunas out there permanently. The Lakers are 19th in the league in terms of defensive rebounding rate and both Valanciunas and Johnson are capable offensive rebounders.

Rudy Gay went 0-4 in the fourth quarter in which Alan Anderson was our best player. I’ll spare you the details, but basically he played the full 12 minutes and Casey began to run the offense through him, especially in OT against Meeks (where he also played the full five minutes) as DeRozan was seeing tight coverage in Kobe. Ross did not play. Coach’s decision.

Rudy Gay had a chance to win it in regulation and tie it in OT where it bounced on the rim a couple times before spilling out. Digging deeper into the late stages of regulation and OT, you’ll find missed offensive opportunities through Gay, concession of key offensive rebounds, and defensive breakdowns of which I’ll pick two:

  1. The Raptors are up three with 49 seconds left in OT and the Lakers are taking it out of bounds. Nash is given the ball and a screen is set for him, Gray half-hedges and because he’s found to be too slow to move laterally, can’t put pressure on Nash and in the process ends up setting a screen on Lowry. Nash hits three.
  2. Between this point and point #1, Rudy Gay missed a jumper and then, tith 12 seconds left in OT, Kobe cuts down a disorganized perimeter defense and drives right into the heart of the interior defense which has the slow-footed Gray manning it instead of Valanciunas, for a gut-wrenching dunk. I wish we had a center who liked to defend and contest the paint. Oh, we have one! But he’s on the bench.

Gut-wrenching loss aside, any time you take the Lakers into OT at Staples you’re doing a lot of things right and it’s important to highlight those here:

  1. We’re seeing a lot more passing play from our big men. The stuff that the Raptors ran with Amir as the big-man facilitating hi-los was great.
  2. The screen ‘n roll defense may have been awful, but some of the interplay between Lowry and the bigs was tuned. Even Gay, who isn’t known to run good pick ‘n rolls, was catching Howard napping.
  3. There was a calmness and composure to DeRozan’s game throughout and you got the sense that he wanted the ball late on. I’m thinking since Rudy Gay is the “closer” on this team, those game-winning shot attempts go directly to him now. DeRozan needs to be more assertive, but this was a primetime performance by him.
  4. Good glue-play from Fields and Lucas, who came in and did their jobs well. Lucas provided the offense for the second-unit which is now basically a second-line hockey shift (Johnson, Gray, Anderson, Telfair, Lucas), presumably because Casey can’t be bothered to think about mixing the starters and bench to even things up a bit. Fields gave good minutes and kept Kobe at bay while he was in, while providing a little offense of his own. Good stuff.

That is all I have to write for this one. With no draft pick this year even tanking doesn’t make sense, which makes this loss even harder to take. If the Raptors would have won last night it would’ve resonated around the league, which is a small win for a Raptors fan.

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  • JHP

    I’m not a big fan of Casey.  Yes he has a ring but does that really matter.  From what I’ve seen time to get rid of BC and the coach.  Wait out the contracts  and basically start over.  

    AB is essentially done in the NBA.  We waited 7 years to see what he could do and now he can not stay healthy.  But he will be fully healed by May and can enjoy the summer stress free.

    • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

      The past 3 seasons AB has been very injury prone yet BC was still trying to build around him (until the Gay trade)–where they do that at?

      Casey is just a yes man to BC.

      It’s past due time for new leadership, minds, voices in the front office on down to the game announcers hopefully Rogers/Bell will usher in a NEW era of Raptors basketball sans the bad karma of the lying, deceiving BC and his minon of yes men that have misled the fan base while BC has destroyed Raptors basketball the past 5 seasons- especially post Sam & CB.

      Toronto Raptors under BC have went from the role of playoff party to party poopers with pooper scoopers (for all of BC’s bullchit).

      Raptors started out at 4-19 (15 games under .500) now March 9th and Raptors are 24-39 ie 15 games under .500- wow did that schedule turn….

  • jjdynomite

    I’ve got it. Colangelo has dug himself such a huge hole with albatross contracts and dysfunctional team make-up that his only resort is to bring in a like-the-frequency-of-a-Toronto-condo bricklayer of a swingman, so when us fans start chanting “Gay sucks” and “We hate Gay” BC can file complaints against us with the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal.

    Oh, and after this game if anyone things *both* Colangelo and Casey should not be turfed for new blood, any blood, really should think again. It doesn’t matter if the incoming GM/Coach do not have a 1st rounder to hang their hat on, it will give them time to get settled and evaluate the roster; the last two newbie GMs blew their initial year’s 1st round picks anyway (Babcock = Hoffa, BC = Primo).

    Seriously, change is good in any treadmill situations in sports and any other businesses — from the Leafs now 5th in the Conference without “truculent” Burke making himself bigger than the team, to Mayer taking over Yahoo and putting slackers on notice with her no-telecommuting policy. It’s time, Raptors fans, it’s time. This city and us fans deserve better.

    • Tonious35

       GMs and coaches that put accountability on their on heads besides their players are the true victors in and out.  Eg. San Antonio

  • onemanweave

      Didn’t stay up for second half.  Kind of had a premonition Lakers might win.  Should go to Vegas. LOL. 
      Lots of anguished screams and calls for heads of Gay and Casey on poles.  Might be justified short term — However, our Toronto Raptors were on the road, in LA, against a team with Kobe, Howard and Nash that has been hotter than a fifty-buck hand gun lately.
       I hate Casey’s infatuations with the 4-smalls in crunch time and Gay needs to be more teamcentric, but what we may be losing sight of is — this was a game late in a lost season against a powerhouse that is beginning to look like one.  What I saw of the game was good, hard entertaining basketball.  This year has been tough, at times but the team, except for a handful of games, has COMPETED.
       Casey has short comings and blind spots, but he has got them to play hard after a start where they could have, and in the past would have, mailed most games in.  For the most part, the team has been worth watching. That is a vast improvement over what I’ve seen in the past. Just sayin’.

    • gradgrind101

      I agree not to be too rash with Gay. There are reasons for his lack of production in critical moments in recent games. 
      But the lakers are not a powerhouse. You have 2 overvalued players (Nash & Bryant) who are past their prime who can only exploit inexperienced squads. Did you seen their recent game against OKC? No push down the stretch there. 
      Don’t be surprised if the Lakers still miss the playoffs or barely back in…And by the way I am a Lakers fan who is thankful the refs called some fouls at the right time giving Kobe elbow room late in the fourth quarter.

      • Copywryter

        Totally. The Lakers are just not good – not good to watch, total waste of Steve Nash (who is looking old). Dwight looks a step slow and MWP doesn’t look to be the same guy at all. No footspeed and they have massive holes defensively. If AA is beating you up in the post you have problems. 

      • onemanweave

           If you follow basketball you would have been shocked and outraged if the officials  DIDN’T give Kobe elbow room in the fourth. It’s kind of how it works, unfortunately.
            With ‘powerhouse’ or ‘not powerhouse’ were engaging in semantics.  Just call them a team with three future HOF’s that has been winning a lot, lately.

      • FLUXLAND

         Laker fan? Yeah, OK.

        You are right!  It was the refs that out-rebounded the Raps with 5 minutes to go and in the extra frame, to the tune of 14 to 7, as they held an 8 point lead. And it was the refs that woke up Dwight, who had 6 up until that point and then collected 7 of the 14 down the stretch, while Kobe was hitting Kobe shots and DD pulled a Casper as he always does. (and today we will excuse the 23 year old getting shut down by a senior citizen, you know, when the game started to actually matter.)

        If Dwight is cruising until the playoffs, no one wants the Lakers in the playoffs when he starts pulling down 20 rebounds a game. Or in your world, when the refs start pulling them down for him.

        Since the All Star break, the Raps have been out rebounded pretty much every single game, but some here will have you believe that’s not  a real concern, because what we really need is a back up PG,  some 3 point shooting and of course a new head coach and training camp.

        • gradgrind101

          You seem like a smart guy. Let me ask you where do you get your knowledge from? Have you played the game beyond High School? Have you coached? Have you run an elite basketball program? Or do you get it through the eyes of Rautins/Armstrong/Devlin?
          I ask this only because sometimes you make good points and you seem to know what you’re talking about… But then a lot of the time you come off bitter. And when you are bitter you never seem to make any good points… 

          By the way inside of 5 minutes + overtime, the lakers had 3 relevant offensive boards and the raptor had 0. That’s a stat that matters not being outrebounded 14 – 7 since there are no rebounds on made shots. Those offensive boards gave LA a basket (Nash’s 3) late in the game and a couple of free throws for Kobe in OT. 

          • FLUXLAND

            If I got it through their eyes would it come across half “smart”?  I doubt it. 

            I don’t claim to be a savant, but I know enough to know some of the things that get pushed around as reasons for losses,(typically shooting or refs) have nothing to do with winning basketball games. I suppose that’s what make me come across as “bitter”.

            All rebounds are relevant!!!!; not only offensive ones that end up as buckets. (Defensive ones that end up in buckets don’t count suddenly? Especially when they allow for a time-out to stop the clock and set a play? )  Rebounding when it matters most is demoralizing to the opponent. It’s simply mind blowing how when the other team decides to switch gears and play defense and rebound, the Raps go into (iso) chuck mode.

            And if we’re gonna talk about offensive rebounding in that game:  14 – 7 total.  Rudy Gay had 0,  DD had 0, Amir had 0. I don’t know but I’ve been told these are our most athletic players, so that’s scary; they were out rebounded on that end by Nash and Blake. There are no good enough reasons or excuses for that. 


      COMPETED?  When?  For the first 3 q? I guess if you call that competing, this is a dynasty. 

      • onemanweave

         No,  it’s just a better, more competitive team than it was a couple of years ago. If you’re looking for a dynasty, you’re on the wrong site.

  • DryDry

    Fecking refs the question on the Amir Kobe block wasn’t if the ball grazed Kobe’s uniform on the way down – the ball was clearly off Kobe’s fingertips on the fecking block you dipshits. 

    • GoingBig

      It’s called “making s**t up for their man Kobe”

    • jacobdrichards4

      I was sure it changed direction off his jersey and it was off him.

  • j bean

    You don’t have to be a basketball guru to know the Raptors best lineup is JV, AJ, RG, DD, and KL.
    If the objective is to win you play your best as much as possible. 35 minutes each isn’t unreasonable.
    Casey likes to throw out weird combinations for extended periods and the reasoning behind it is a little confusing. I’m beginning to think it is because sees himself as a coach who thinks outside the box and he is trying to put his stamp on every game played. His experiments for the most part fail. He needs some coaching on how to substitute intelligently getting the most out of his best players. If there is less talk about the coach it is usually a sign he is doing a great job of helping his players win.

  • cdub

    I can’t wait for Casey to be gone.  If there were such a thing as a scrub coach it woould be him.   Maybe he will figure it out when he gets his next coaching gig, which will likely be never after this audition.  Also Gay needs to get tittogether.  On one hand I feel bad for him becuase he just keeps missing open looks.  Then he takes 10 bad shots in the 4th and just looks brutal.  Laying on the ground, whining to the refs.  Just a terrible game.  Dude needs to find his old form but might be hard with a spineless coach like DC

  • Ds

    Casey: “It was a valiant effort and it’s to the point now where you’re playing for the PLAYOFFS, you have to put the mental part into it” .

    That explains the 17 minutes for JV and the DNP for Ross.

    • mountio

      that explains why Casey is delusional and an has an unbelievable bias towards rookies .. but doesnt explain 17 mins for JV and a DNP for Ross at all imo. 
      Who in their right mind thinks we are playing for the playoffs???
      And even if you were, who is their right mind thinks 50 shades is a better idea than JV????

      • The Truth

        The worst thing is not necessarily playing Gray over JV (though at this stage of the season I would be playing JV until he fouls out or falls over from exhaustion whichever comes first) but then asking Gray to do things he *clearly* isn’t capable of. Gray serves a purpose on this roster in terms of providing a big body down low against experienced centres but Casey waving him up to try and double Kobe was ridiculous.

      • Mr_Swish

        If the raps want an impact next year they’ll need to develop their rooks
        I would understand why Anderson is playing over Ross as AA plays hard D on Kobe, but VAL needs more minutes … He’s definetly better than Gray

  • Slick_r1

    I don’t agree with much. But really why wouldn’t they finally start aging Jonas as many minutes as possible with Amir down the stretch. This small lineup bs has to stop. They game was working in the first half. Why would you not stick with it in the 2nd half and play jv. Even in ot. I mean he’s a rookie but he will still leave it all out there!

    • cdub

      Its just embarrasing at this point.  I don’t think there has been a single game this season where the 5 guys that started finished the game.  Casey has the worst subs and rotations in the history of basketball.  I used to think Triano and Mitchell were bad but casey makes them look like all stars.

  • 511

    Jonas Valanciunas. At 20 years old (for another two months), if you don’t consider him a BIG keeper, especially after seeing him play again last night … I don’t even know what to say. Seems clear to me that he’s gonna be more than just ‘good’, maybe way more. He’s already getting there.  

    Also … DeMar. He’s not all the way there just yet but … if Kobe is his role model (pretty sure he is) and if DeMar is doing the extra-extra work that it sounds like he really and truly is … he’s on the right track. I noticed a moment last night when he showed real speed and quickness on the floor that I didn’t think he had. Mockers aside (and one or two even make me laugh. On occasion), if you’re watching him closely since day one with the Raps, the improvements have been substantial and steady. He’s going to be better than Rudy Gay. (If I could wager on that, I’d do so, large. Vigorously.) He might even surpass Rudy by sometime next season. Not even kidding. 

    Outcome aside, last night was a rare spectacle. You don’t get to see basketball greatness on just any old day so … what we saw from Kobe was … amazing. If you’re at all interested as to why Kobe is Kobe and how he got to be what he is (and still is at an age when many are obviously on the downside of things, if not out of the league altogether), you might find this reddit post from an athletic trainer who worked with Kobe during the Olympics … interesting. Worth the quick read.

    • Copywryter

      I actually don’t consider Jonas to be a “big keeper”. Nice piece for sure, but I think we’re overvaluing him in the vein of a young AB and are in danger of expecting more than he’s likely to give us.  I wouldn’t build a team around him and the rest of the basketball world isn’t losing their collective minds over him, to be sure.  

      I do think he should see more time on the floor though. 

      • arsenalist

        Nobody is suggesting he’s going to be a superstar or a big time player.  What he is on course to become is a consistent defensive center with a capable offensive game, centralized around the pick ‘n roll and offensive rebounds.  All this is sprinkled with professionalism and effort.  Every team needs a guy like him.  Once his language skills develop fully, he’s going to be a fun guy to play with.

        • FLUXLAND

          This may very well be true, but it is not what was pushed by the organization over the last few years, so “nobody is suggesting” is a stretch. A big one at that.

          He was advertised (due to his extensive overseas accolades and  alleged domination) as an impact/game changing player. “A difference maker and presence on defense who will suck the defense with him and create opportunities for others.”  That sounds like a superstar or big time player to me.   In fact I think the article by Ryan W. was titled “It’s all on JV”  or something like that.

          He’s big, he takes up some space, but his footwork and lack of lower body size leave much to be desired. Not that I’m surprised BC picked him (and the Cavs passed on him), as he fits the BC player profile.

          I also don’t know about this rebounding myth. He relies on fall in the lap rebounds most of the time, and tapping ala Rasho. He is not a banging amongst the trees rebounder or fighter. A lot of people are mistaking his effort for skill. There is nothing overwhelming, smooth or easy about his game, and to suggest this will change is falling for the BC trap once again.  He looks beyond raw, he should be nicknamed Bambi; his claims to fame thus far are getting smashed on for highlights early in the year and taking a month off. As Copywriter said, he’s on no ones radar, at all.  

          And let’s not forget how the forums here were on fire with talk of him being a years to come All Star, the Raps collecting COY, ROY, EOY and playoffs for quite some time, until the lowering expectations train rolled in.

          The question really becomes why does Bryan pick solid bench guys with his picks.. oh wait, it must be because he picks athletes over basketball players.

        • Copywryter

          I’m not entirely sold on his pick ‘n’ roll competency but I do agree with you. He looks to be a competent pro big with great length and they are hard to find. I also agree with Fluxland below that he has been highly touted both within the org and by the fanbase.  

          I just worry that we’re looking too hard for silver linings in dark European clouds.  Again. 

          • why would any one expect silver linings in any first year player??? they are here to learn and develop.
            JV has by far more fundamentals than any other young big man in the league. basically, what i am trying to say is that JV is not a superstar, and probably not a future hall of famer. he is simply a must have player for any organization… for his age, he is a great player 

            • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

              Val was drafted 2 years ago with BC touting his development in Europe as a selling point at the time saying he would be ahead of other rookies this season because of that fact.

              Val needs to play until he fouls out- point blank, ain’t no playoff round here this year…

              I like JV’s potential alot…but he’s got to play in order to learn the NBA game!!

              • FLUXLAND

                I’m sure everyone enjoys his Primoz “The Slovenian Gangster” Brezec disposition, but so far this year the only thing he has developed is his Linus Kleiza “I tawt I taw a puddy cat/what did you say about my mother?” incredulous ref face.  Rooks ain’t what they used to be, that’s for sure.

                The thing is, his development will have to come with a heavy dose of losses and right now BC is trying to sell season tickets for next year.
                Last year’s JV+high pick = playoffs pitch has failed and now those two have to make epic strides in the off season; I don’t recall a year where a BC team came back from the summer with any sort of improvements, so I’m not holding my breath. 

      • FLUXLAND

        + 10. 

      • The Truth

         The truth is probably going to be somewhere in between the extremes of views most fans have on him, but either way we’re never going to know if we don’t play him. Realistically whatever part he plays in the Raptor’s future prospects it’s going to be more than the likes of Aaron Gray.

  • ppellico

    Gray’s biggets fan here….and still do not understand Casey having him in with under minutes to go OR the overtime.
    I was enjoying the Big rotation…Amir, JV and Gray when foul help or power is needed…but please!
    Gray did his job. Jonas had 2 fouls to give us and we needed him at LEAST in overtime.

    But when push to shove here….GAY is who pissed me off.
    Why don’t WE get our closer?

    • mountio

      Bang on. When even you are admitting that JV should be in over 50 shades at the end .. I think its safe to say weve gone well through consensus to “massively overwhelming majority” of people who feel that way. Where is Dumbasskicker to tell us that Casey knows best?

      • DumbassKicker

         lmfao,,,, it’s fn hilarious that little old me got into the heads of RR clowns like Fuxhand, Nilballsa, and now you, that you can’t stop using stuff I said 6 months ago to try and poke at me. lmfao

        • FLUXLAND

          Stuff you “said”?  Really? Is that jokes?

          You don’t really say anything . Your entire shtick is not having any sort of stance on anything at all. Like a shill, you troll the site with your posts that question someone’s opinion and diluting conversation to “how much access do you have”, that statistically compare players who are not even in the same universe to claim things like “how do you know? anything could happen!” and sprinkling in a little “NBA ball is a form science that the likes of you simpletons cannot comprehend, I trust them because their compensation is in the 6 figure range” – oh, the irony.    

          You have no opinion and you question everyone else’ if theirs doesn’t fit your criteria of validity. This is not a classroom, p00kie, where you get to grade people’s posts based on what you assigned as passable or not.  It’s a back and forth opinion debate while understanding the limits of information and the subject of interpretation. 

          Not to mention that you consistently bring up the posters mental state while changing your  name and insisting you are now someone else, never heard of this p00ka before. Do you fail to see the simply sad irony in this? Or how you hypocritically accuse other of  “resorting to childish name-calling”, when you do the same?  You are a worm and a parasite, at best.

          Oh wait you did make a claim once, or a wormy suggestion rather.. during the disastrous start of the season you suggested there was no reason to believe this would not turn out like the Titanic Division season. 

          Hey, I will give you this… at least you admit to being a troll, but don’t think you go into anyone’s head, we’re just amused by your stupidity and use it for butts of jokes! How big can your ego be for you to believe people you “got into someone’s head”? Or are you just mad people have memories while yours apparently runs on a 6 month cycle where you think what your words are no longer yours?  You’re not even jokes, you’re just a sadly pathetic old man who’s recently discovered “the  interwebs and series of tubes” where he believes he’s roaming the universe “setting people straight.”  You still putting on that cape every morning, Sheriff?

          (what’s the over/under on how long before you p00f and show up again?)


          • DumbassKicker

            Voila! LOL, too easy

            • FLUXLAND

              “Dumballs strikes
              again. Has no rebuttal, so goes into infantile laughter, followed by a lame
              simpleton jab. You da man!!!” 

              • DumbassKicker


  • LJ

    Games likes this piss me off to no end. Our so called playoff drive is OVER. Yet DC presists in playing guys who are ineffective, while our future is sitting on the pine. Last night was only the latest example, but you see it time and time again when we have someone going good for us, and then don’t see them in the latter stages of the game when they’re needed most. In my opinion let’s cut back the minutes for guys like RG, AA, and Primo Man and play JV & T Ross and and start developing these guys.

  • NyAlesund

    I am starting to miss Triano. Jesus…………..
    Casey? He should be fired!

    Gay in Rapts’ uniform (16 games):
    37.5 minutes  – 19.6 points per game
    FG% = 38%  (FG = 7.3,  FGA = 19.3 )
    3P% = 34%  (FG = 1,  FGA = 4.2)
    FT% = 86%  (FG = 4,  FGA = 4.6)
    Rebs = 6.5;
    Assists = 2.8;
    Steals = 2.4;
    eFG% = 40%!!!!!!
    WS/48 = 0.09!!!!! Bargs = 0.07, Lowry = 0.166, Amir = 0.165, DeRozan = 0.71, Val = 0.95, Anderson = 0.59

    OWS = -0.7!!!!! Bargs = -0.4, Lowry = 3.5, Amir = 3.9, DeRozan = 2.3, Val = 0.9, Anderson = 0.8

    This guy (RG) is taking a lot of shots, nearly 20!!!!!, 38% from the field, bad decision makings, and cost us 37mln!!!!!!! in the next 2 years…..

    People is falling in love with him and the numbers said to us that he is stealing the money……

    All Star? Please……

    Do we remember him? Yesterday he made a third buzzer in the season. Not bad for one that earn 1.9 mln……….Of course Guy hit a couple………….so he deserves all the love…………….from us…………until we will start to yelling at him…..

    • – Postoffice

      what Belinelli did it again ?
      how is possible ?

      Do we remember him?   Yeah !!!  off balance was the problem

      • NyAlesund

         Not now, under Thibo.

  • Rpsfan95

    feel like I’m losing my mind, tanking harder last year could have given them a solution at the 1 or 3 spot (Lillard/Barnes), and they would still have Ed and tons of cap space for veterans that are better than Fields, Gay, and Anderson, AND  this years pick

    • mountio

      dont feel so bad. Lillard and/or Barnes would be riding the bench or playing less than 20 mins per game. Vets win games, havent you heard?

    • LJ

      Exactly. And this year we’ll win just a couple of games too many and be out of the drat completely this year. But we’ll hear the same crap…this is an off year so if we’re going to miss, this is the year. And on it goes…we’re out of the playoffs and the draft. Lovely. Perhaps if we don’t in another game, and some of the others pass us?

      • Just sayin’

        uhm…we don’t have a pick this year…just sayin’

  • I can’t take it anymore

    Gee.  Guess Valanciunas would not have benefited from playing those crunch time, high intensity minutes.  This guy can be Joakim Noah in a couple of years.  
    Watching Gray run out to the three point line to help defend the ballhandler was extremely painful.  That’s not his fault- he shouldn’t be placed in that position.  He should stick to Howard and that’s it.

  • Ds

    From the Associated Press: “Steve Nash finally hit a 3-pointer to tie the game at 115 with 45 seconds left. Then, Bryant’s running dunk gave the Lakers their second lead of overtime. Howard fouled Alan Anderson, who made the first free throw and deliberately missed the second. But Aaron Gray fouled going for the ball, giving the Lakers possession. Nash got fouled and missed the first but made the second for a 118-116 lead.”

    Didn’t watch the game, so any explanation is appreciated. Why would Anderson miss the second on purpose, if a make ties the game at 117?

    • Copywryter

      He didn’t miss on purpose. That’s flat out wrong. 

    • jacobdrichards4

       Also Aaron Gray didn’t foul going for the ball. He missed the second free throw so Aaron Gray was fouling to extend the game.

    • Bgaff058

      ahha i laughed my ass of when i read that

      • Bgaff058


    • Why

      The thing that irked me on the Nash 3 was that the ball went to Howard first ..given how poor an unreliable a free throw shooter he is he should have been fouled in that situation.

      • Copywryter

        I watched the Lakers broadcast and they said that exact same thing.

    • Roarque

      Every pro who has a high FT % can bang the ball off the front rim. Heck we were doing it in high school in 1963 to score an extra point or to keep possession in a tight game. You have to be able to control the boards however – like MWP did on one of Kobe’s FTs in the 4Q last night.

      • The Truth

        Yeah, after all Nash has something like the highest career FT% of all time and he missed one that could have ended up being important in that same section of the game. That said I think his point was more around the insinuation that it was intentional miss on Anderson’s part, which definitely didn’t seem to be the case.

  • jacobdrichards4

    Disgusted with Dwayne Casey. #FreeJonas

  • Bgaff058

    hahah beauty title. 

  • Aaron8007

    I like what the raptors have in talent but hate there low basketball IQ.  They seem to be happy to take bad shots (rudy gay seems to be the king of this),  long contested jumpers,  early in the shot clock jumpers with no rebounders and just forcing drives that aren’t there.  Raps were best at the pick and roll against the lakers. Yet there best pick and roll big JV was sitting on the bench the whole 4th quarter and OT.  Gay must of taken 6 contested long 2 point shots in the last 8 minutes of the game and hit zero.  The meaning of stupid is to do the same thing over and over and to expect a different outcome.  Coach Casey and Rudy had this problem all night.
           One remark about Rudys low bball IQ.  He should look to get all the other players involved early as the defenses are keying on him.  Once guys like AB,  DD and JV get going then that takes defensive pressure of him and then he should look for his shot.  Take what the defense gives you and you don’t need to prove your the man on the raps when they gave you the keys already.

    • LJ

      In last night’s game RG took a dicey shot real early in the clock with around a minute to play in OT, and the Raps with the lead. Casey says he’s out go to guy. Thing is, everybody else knows that too. Given he had such a crappy shooting night, shouldn’t someone else be an option? DD has become a much better shooter, how about him…or Kyle or John Lucas?

      • Copywryter

        Gay needs to make that decision…to understand that he’s having an off night and give up the rock. It doesn’t happen often with any late-game closer, so I guess Gay can be forgiven for it. 

  • Roarque

    How does DC go from being the best thing that happened to Toronto last year to the next candidate for a rail out of town this year? Oh, wait, I forgot this was a web site based in Toronto. Bring back Triano? Really? Bring back Sam Mitchell? Jesus!

    JV hasn’t finished a game all year – anyone know why? Anyone noticed that the NBA game changes from Q1 to Q4?

    TRoss was drafted because one of DC’s best buddies who coached him in Oregon pleaded that Dwane grab the kid. TRoss was playing a lot in Dec, remember? And now the kid’s on a very short leash after his ego trip to the “slam dunk” contest at the All Star Game. Anyone able to figure that out? Really? No one?

    Have any of you guys EVER played organized ball?

    • Guest

      I disagree…Ross wasn’t getting any minutes before the dunk contest either.  If anything, if this organization really cared about rookie development, they would be giving him more p/t after that incredible boost from winning.    In terms of last year, when there was a real lack of talent on this team, Casey WAS the perfect coach for the job because he got a lot out of the players.  However, now that we’re on a slightly higher level, it seems to  be him who is not equipped for the job.  I’ve been a huge Casey up to this point, but I disagree with his overall coaching philosophy and apparent lack of risk taking in terms of playing the rooks.  He seems to be totally caught up in this moment rather than looking at things from a wider perspective.  I think he feels the most pressure out of anyone else in the club and he’s trying to fight for his job, at the expense of the team.  This team is caught between winning now versus growing the club, Casey is obviously trying to do the former, but really where does that leave us?  

  • Cottonclub

    ….i was watchin this gif expanded on my pc cuz im a masochist… i focused in on casey on the sideline when he called for grey to dbl kobe and set that lovely pick/screen on anderson…..but while watching casey after kobe dunks it, the assistant coach beside casey appears to jab/shove casey in the gut………anger?frustration?……maybe im readin to much into it.

    • Copywryter

      Nice catch. I watched it over and over myself. Is he  just pushing him to call the timeout?

    • arsenalist

      Crazy part is that it wasn’t the only time Gray set a screen on his own man.  On the Nash three, he wiped out Lowry.  

  • Aaron8007

    I play, coach and ref.  organized ball and done it for many years.  

    I think part of the raps problems are having the players stick to playing like a team at all times.  When the raps play as a team and run there sets and hit the hot hand and what the defense is giving you.  Their a good team.  When they take quick shots and get fixated on one on one basketball they they struggle. I think the talent level is finally close to the top tier teams  now they need to fix the brains of Gay and Andrea.  If this is possible the raps could be a playoff team.  Maybe the team needs to stay together over the summer and master a offensive system that maximizes their strengths.  They certainly get paid enough to put the extra time in.    
            Will see what happens with this addition of the craptors  but the team has been much more competitive since the Rudy Gay trade.  Hopefully with some maturing from players and hopefully an addition or two will be playoff bound next year.  

  • RuBrick was flailing his arms so much I truly saw the albatross that he is. Rudy Gay should NOT be extended for any reason whatsoever. 

    • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

      I wouldn’t extend Gay until he’s play at least a full season in Toronto.

    • Copywryter

      Since he’s BC’s new pet can we call him GayAngelo?

  • Bob

    i;m so pisssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeed that I will stop watching this team.  Rudy was atrocious in the 4th and Casey didn’t see that???  Why in hell is JV stapled to the bench????  If he plays and we lose, then he gets experience.  If he plays and we win, then it improves his confidence and skills.

    I’m beginnning to thinkt hat casey is part of the problem…. RG too.

  • Gmc765

    The trade for Rudy Gay is looking every bit like the Jermaine O’s and Turk’s acquisition. A supposed to be go to guy who’s FG rate is  less than 30%. I wonder, how long will it will take before the classless Raptors fans will boo him out of Air Canada Center.

    • – Postoffice


  • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

    please mark it down this will be my new nick from now on ……..

  • Fed Up

    That’s it. Enough is Enough. I don’t ussually comment here, just read, but I’ve had enough. Colangelo has dome enough damage. Get him out of here already. He blows our draft picks, calls players who aren’t number one options (Bosh, Bargnani, now Gay), number one options, and then decides to build around them. He bids against himself when handing out grossly overpaid contracts (see Bargnani, Calderon, potentially Derozan), and trades for Gay JUST to save himself. He has screwed up our franchise, and it will take quite a while to repair. Gay is no where near a number one option, and running the offense through him will just kill your efficiency (39 percent shooting). With this roster at best we’ll be an 7th/ 8th seed. And Casey, get him out ASAP. His first year, yes, he taught the Raptors to play passable defense but that’s all he is, a fckng assistant coach. Look at hwat he’s done. He has the worst substitution patterns, runs the worst plays in cruntch time which never work, but that’s not the worst part. WTF do you play Anderson, a D-League scrub with no future on the team with heavy minutes when your out of the playoffs. Why the hell do you destroy Ross’s confidence and bury him on the bench. Give him some daylight. And seriously? Keeping Jonas also on the bench… Over GRAY? Fire both of em, fire the announcers who pound this era, and get a New GM and coach. 

    • NyAlesund

      The key is a new GM.
      The BC’s time is over.

      We need one with no connection, with experience, with ability to understand what is necessary to do to improve this damn team. Even if it meant to turn  upside down the team.

      The question is: is there the will to change direction or not?

      BC has failed, 7 years with no results.

    • Why

      No doubt this season has been exsasperating given the number of games that have been losta fter seemingly being won. I waver on Colangelo – sometimes I think a change might be beneficial and other times I think to myself you have to look at his tenure as post Bosh which hasn’t completely played out.

      Be careful what you wish for – there is no magic wand that will make the Raps a contender.  

  • Guest


    “And on Friday, Bryant did it again, hitting three ridiculous 3-pointers at the end of regulation and then getting the game-winning dunk when Toronto stupidly sent the lumbering Aaron Gray to *double-team him on the perimeter. Rudy Gay did his part to help his opponent, taking six bad shots in the clutch and missing all six.
    Side note: There was a video where Michael Jordan noted that he loved it when teams sent a big man to double-team him. As the big approached, Jordan would quickly go right around him, and basically the big would set a screen on his own teammate (the one guarding Jordan in the first place). Jordan was talking about post-ups, where he didn’t have the real estate that Bryant had on Friday. The Raptors sent Gray to guard Bryant 25 feet from the basket. Things may have been different if the more mobile Amir Johnson hadn’t fouled out, but that doesn’t excuse the decision to double with Gray.”

    • Cottonclub

      …how does casey not get fired right after this game?

  • Cottonclub

    smh,were a laughingstock…. from retard fans booing their own player to casey pretending to be a coach and continuously aiding the other teams in victory……the weakest link on the lakers is a 40 year old nash and not once did our coaching staff push lowry or anyone to take him off the dribble…….its just ridiculous how poorly managed this team is…… imagine we had popovich or any real coach.

    • How is it retarded to to boo a player not bothering to live up to the money he makes?

       Toronto fans are informed and knowledgeable about the game because they can spot Raptor Cancer.  Not to mention the fans show that they are not sheep for the franchise.

      • Copywryter

        Because you’re booing everyone else on the team at the same time, which is why Lowry said it was counter-productive, which is why the team stood up (en masse) a game later and cheered him. 

        If you’re going to boo, boo Colangelo for sticking by AB when all signs pointed to him being what he is. 

        •  Good for the players. They are good men for setting an example.
          How are fans supposed to know what the team really thinks otherwise?

          Booing AB is booing Colangelo, the ACC is the only forum where audible boos can be expressed directly.

          • DumbassKicker

            “How are fans supposed to know what the team really thinks otherwise?”

            If you need the players to tell you what’s right,,, and smart…………..

            • If we are to live in an idiotic multicultural, culturally relativistic society, then not only should the boos be tolerated, they should be accepted and embraced with open gay black muslim arms.


  • Tustari

    I was literally yelling at Casey to foul Howard just before Kobe hit the three that sent the game in overtime. That was precisely the time to foul Howard not 3 minutes before! I saw the game equalizing three a mile a way because Kobe has done that dozens of times and especially to the Raptors at Staples (his 81 point game was against??). Not playing JV in the fourth was criminal but not playing Ross at all was even more so. DC is a great assistant coach I just don’t see him as a succesful head coach long term

  • Tonious35

    I have to say for this game that I saw, anything Rudy Gay did in this game totally prevented the Raps from winning.  It was brimming with low BBall IQ, selfish play, and a lot of terrible profanity followed by the TV viewers. 

    About Dwayne Casey…i hope all those dud players he starts over TRoss, and Val are all gone next season and he is left with only the rookies.  If Dwayne Casey wants to start tanking or keep creating close loses for us to get our pick back, I think it is too late to do so.