Toronto Raptors 116 Final
Recap | Box Score
118 Los Angeles Lakers
Andrea Bargnani, PF 9 MIN | 1-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 2 PTS | +5

A 9-minute audition to play for the Lakers next year, he did well. Wasn’t being passed the ball despite being guarded by Artest, but maintained interest and moved his feet well and grabbed a couple contested rebounds. A+. Why not?

Rudy Gay, SF 41 MIN | 7-26 FG | 1-2 FT | 7 REB | 4 AST | 3 STL | 2 BLK | 6 TO | 17 PTS | -2

On point early but the shot quality dipped in the second half. Great defense on Kobe and in general in the first half. Delivered some key points in that third quarter where the Raptors kept pace. Fell asleep for a micro-second on Kobe’s tying three in regulation and missed the potential game-winner as well. Also had a another key miss late in OT in a one-on-one situation, and of course, at the OT buzzer as well. Both were makeable looks.

Jonas Valanciunas, C 17 MIN | 6-8 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 0 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 1 TO | 12 PTS | +4

Great shooting, good defense, high-energy, and going toe-to-toe with Dwight Howard. What does that earn you? A seat on the bench in the fourth quarter and OT so that we can play four guards with Amir in the middle. His work on the screen ‘n roll was impeccable and he even managed to block Howard, who he described as “the best center in the NBA. Picked up three fouls in the first half, but that didn’t stop him from being effective.

Kyle Lowry, PG 35 MIN | 5-8 FG | 2-3 FT | 4 REB | 10 AST | 0 STL | 1 BLK | 3 TO | 15 PTS | +3

As said on the Rapcast, the Raptors go as he goes. Supplied the accurate shooting, especially from three, and ran the offense with minimal sputtering. The defense on Nash was tight and you won’t find many instances where he forced it. He’s quietly becoming an under-the-radar consistent performer. That three where Nash tied the game wasn’t his fault, as Gray hot in his way. Poor team defense.

DeMar DeRozan, SG 44 MIN | 12-18 FG | 4-4 FT | 5 REB | 5 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 28 PTS | +1

Man on fire. Coming back to Compton, the kid had his jumper oiled up and working with zero friction and full traction. The line speaks for itself. Whenever the Raptors needed a bucket, they went to him and he delivered. The only complaint I have is that with the game on the line, I’d expect someone like him to take responsibility on Kobe, rather than deferring it to Anderson. Had zero impact in OT as Kobe was on him.

Amir Johnson, PF 28 MIN | 4-4 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 1 AST | 1 STL | 2 BLK | 2 TO | 8 PTS | +5

The line is modest but he was in that 4 guard lineup taking on Howard and did well to keep the big baby off the glass and under control, and most importantly, fouled him when need be. Had a couple huge defensive possessions in the fourth, including a steal on Kobe in a trap. The rebounding totals are disappointed, but that’s almost the product of the lineups, not reflective of his individual play.

Landry Fields, SF 24 MIN | 2-4 FG | 2-2 FT | 3 REB | 4 AST | 1 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 6 PTS | -3

Was used on occasion, for example early in the fourth to spell DeRozan, and I’d say he did his job well and gave Casey the type of minutes required, i.e., keep the boat floating, tempo down, and defense high.

Aaron Gray, C 15 MIN | 0-1 FG | 0-0 FT | 6 REB | 3 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 0 TO | 0 PTS | -8

Used against Howard as expected, and did well to grab whatever available rebounds were there and not get overpowered. Got in the way of Lowry has he was trying to defend Nash’s three. That was fail.

Sebastian Telfair, PG 5 MIN | 0-2 FG | 0-0 FT | 1 REB | 1 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 0 PTS | -4

Great trade. F**k second round picks.

John Lucas, PG 18 MIN | 5-7 FG | 0-0 FT | 2 REB | 3 AST | 0 STL | 0 BLK | 2 TO | 11 PTS | -6

Came in the second to provide cold-start offense, and continued his decent play into the fourth. No complaints from my end other than a pick ‘n roll or two gone south, but for his talent and salary, its decent returns.

Alan Anderson, SG 29 MIN | 6-14 FG | 3-5 FT | 5 REB | 1 AST | 2 STL | 0 BLK | 1 TO | 17 PTS | -2

Guarded Kobe for the most part in the fourth and made his fair share of clutch plays as well. There were some stretches in the second and third where you felt like he was taking the game over to lose it, but settled and played a mostly composed game, which included a clutch jumper over Meeks as Casey went to Anderson with DeRozan covered. Unfortunately, he’ll be remembered for missing the FT which would’ve tied the game with 7 seconds left.

Dwane Casey

Benching Valanciunas was questionable, so was playing the 4-guard lineup against Howard. I guess he figured that the Lakers frontline isn’t that great so he could get away with it, but the bottom line is that the Raptors were -10 in the fourth quarter and the paint was wide open. Of those -10, 5 were on second chance points. He also played Gray over Jonas in OT which makes no sense. That’s the game right there. He went all unorthodox by trying to exploit Anderson v Meeks, with DeRozan being covered by Kobe, which was a decent call and produced some results.

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  • knickz

    rudy missed a wide open amir on that game winning attempt at the end of regulaion

    • Destro

      Rudy played like a 5’9″ bitch tonight….2 for 15 4th and OT and he settled for crappy jumpers at the end….Its becoming very obvious hes ASS from outside of 12 feet…..

      • Guest

        25% from 16-23 feet

    • Critic

      I’m so glad someone else saw that and posted it as the first comment. It was totally inexcusable  Rudy needs to take off the blinders.

    • Adriiian

      Do you think he’s going to pass that? Hes in it for the glory, way too proud.

      Everyone at RR knows I fucking hated this trade since like game 2-3 of the Rudy Era.
      Fuck this guy, were not going anywhere. 7-26 for 17 points, if he would have hit that game winner, DEVLIN would have been praising him like a *******. It would have been 8-26. Still not good.

      I don’t believe in EGOtism ball guys, its a team sport for a reason.

      Thanks Bryan.

  • Yay

    Dwayne Casey lost the game again by not fouling instead of letting them shoot the three.

    • Ol’ Dirty Raptor

      kobe is a smart player.  he caught the ball facing towards the basket.  when you foul in that situation he’s gonna burn you with a 4-pt play and then we’ll complain about that dumbass move.  you foul when they catch facing away from the basket.  i’m pissed at casey, but that one isn’t on him.  

    • The Truth

       In the post game interview Casey said they had actually wanted to foul but that they failed to execute.

  • knickz

    okc has our draft pick smfh

  • Dr. Dread

    Can we fire this coach now and put in one that will play JV!! OMG

    • Bgaff058

      man it always seems coach D never goes back to the original lineup that gets them up 12<.  thats like soccerdadcoach 101. jonas had more dunks/shots than kobe in the first half!

  • Colonel_Hapablapp

    Counting down the days till the fanbase turns on Rudy Gay…7-26 is unacceptable. Should have been DeRozan with the last shot. Ah well.

    • knickz

       blame jose

      • KJ-B

        Lol…never miss the well till it moves to Detroit.

        Maaan, I miss Ed Davis tho 🙁

    • Guest

      If Rudy can’t show up in a game like this how does he fare when we’re supposedly in the playoffs a year or two from now?

  • gudyray

    damn, there just some days where a player like kobe goes off and you cant do anything about it.
    still, didnt understand the JV benching. btw, we might as well put ross in the D-league, he’s getting no playing time up here…

  • Scottbbaird

    Rudy Gay was turrible. That last play… Should not have been a fade-away jumper.

    He’s become to comfortable playing average.

    • NyAlesund

       No man, he is this kind of guy. No All Star caliber, but many games with 7/26 from the field and idiotic decision makings. 16.4 mln, 17.8 and 19.3………..

      • p00ka

        yeah andrea should have been the one taking the shots. Oh wait, he bruised his vagina two minutes into the game.

        • Cottonclub

          you mean he bruised your moms vagina.

        • DumbassKicker


        • NyAlesund

           16 mln, 17.8 and 19.4 mln…………………………………………..He would like to have an extension……….

          I remember 20 points with 20 shots (Bargs 10 mln)…………………now we are seeing huge performances like these: 
          17 points 26 shots………….or 11 points 21 shots (Knicks)…….or 7 points 11 shots……………..13 points 15 shots…………
          38 FG%…..eFG 40%…………………….

          • – Postoffice

             I’m a little confused – about numbers
            but i’m asking to myself  “when a new Boooo Booooo wave ? ”

            • NyAlesund

               Simply: he is a dud

  • Doc

    Someone please explain why Gray over Val in ot. It just makes no sense on any level.

    • Guest

      I think it may have been to put a bigger body on Howard.  I wouldn’t have minded seeing Val in crunch time, he was putting up good numbers early on and changing up our looks.  Gray did an alright job though.

    • Cottonclub

      caseys coaching has me fkn dumbfounded.

    • KJ-B

      Uhmmm Dwane is an ASSistant Coach at heart. He has faves on the team that are ‘his’ guys like -7 aka Dirk Jr., b4 injuries…let’s see A A MUST be his stepspon…it don’t matter what they do, they go play on ‘his’ team-success be damned!

  • most entertaining game of the season so far no one played bad it just that, kobe had one of his hall of fame games

    • Guest

      Rudy Gay??? 7-26???

    • Cdhall

      you couldn’t have watched the same game that i watched!!!!!!

    • Roarque

      ditto – enjoy Kobe. Five years from now we’ll only have the memories.

      Hey, you remember that game when the Raps led for the last three quarters and then kobe hit the three. Heck everyone in the place new what was going to happen but he did it anyways.

  • hateslosing

    Now that’s what I call a heart breaker. How does Kobe do that…it’s like a video game. We need Rudy to make those shots, and in general someone needs to convince him to take less long two’s. Great game by Derozan, would have gone for 40 if they didn’t put Kobe on him.   

    • Bgaff058

      worst shot in basketball….

  • Captain Dog

    Fire Casey.

    Aaron Gray over Jonas? Are you fucking kidding me here?

    • Cottonclub

      THATS A FIREABLE OFFENSE!…………and he keeps doin it and doin it.

    • mountio

      Vets win games! Dont ya know?? Casey is an idiot .. his handling of JV is Ross is well past a tipping point. That double of Kobe by 50 shades in OT where Kobe blew past both AG and AA for a dunk was laughable

      • KJ-B

        If the blind lead the blind….PLEASE let us not lose sight of BryCo’s hand in all of this! Starting -7, are u kidding me??????

        • mountio

          BC has a hand, yes .. but I would state my life on the fact that BC isnt the one pushing Casey to sit TR and JV in favour of AA and AG. No way in hell .. thats 100% casey

          • unknown guest

            so goes the walking dead. 

    • HalfManHalfAmazingHalfNitwitz

      I think Dwayne Casey will do it again in a heartbeat… (Benching JV in the 4th quarter and let IL Primo or Gray or another veteran who have low basketball IQ) to play when the game is on the line.
      ..kinda remind me of Burke with the  Phil Kessel trade. ….”I will do that trade again in a heartbeat”….
      look where is he now?

  • grizzly73

    Kobe was awesome Dwayne and Rudy sucked big time

  • Alb Perjet

    The reason why we lost is beacuse of Casey. Replay the last few seconds when kobe had the ball he waves Gray to trap kobe! Wtf is he doing every time gray runs i feel like my tv froze and why is gray in the game after amir gets fouled out where is JV!

    • Guest

      I thought that was pretty weird too…

    • Cottonclub

      last season we had a fan favorite ballin like mad on the raps and he continually mocked how crap of a coach casey was….so what we do.let him and his good contract walk and sign landry fields who isnt even near the baller james johnson is and on a massive contract to boot….smh.

  • Nowayorhiway

    Again Casey cost us the game. I don’t understand why JV did not play in 4th quarter and OT. Also why Rudy got all the last shots. Demar was so frustrated. He was hot and he didn’t get enough touches.

    • Cottonclub

      u see demars face when alan anderson chucked one up high off the backboard?demar was rocking a full on gasface……now he knows how bargs feels being on this joke of a team……”hey i cant miss tonight.ok freeze me out.oh we lost.right, boo me”

      • NyAlesund

         I couldn’t agree more.

  • RobertArchibald

    I know the grades are more for entertainment than anything, but Gay and Casey deserve much worse. Joke of a coach and joke of a star. We are laughing stock of the NBA. It’s been real RR. Hit my breaking point.

    • Pinks Shawn

      Please give Coach Casey a F.. Kobe was great but the raps got beaten by bad coaching.. THat was bad… When do you bench a very good player playing great…Neverrrrrrrrrr… Benching Jv in early in 4th when you knew you would play him crunch time bad coaching…not running plays for dd in 4th bad coaching… Having Rudy shot 25 shots…when he is struggling…bad coaching,.. Ride the hot hand

  • SwishCheeze

    Gay’s a dud! Jokes on us. Thank god were giving him an extension! You wanna see star power you saw it tonight in Kobe Bryant (minus the turnovers)! 3 big shots to close the game while Gay can’t hit a shot for the entire forth quarter!!! The closer that shoots us outta games. And people crucified derozen for being inefficient! Oh yea and STOP SHOOTING QUICK 3s WHEN WERE UP AR THE END OF GAMES!!!!!!

    • Hound

      Gay gets a rebound with 13 seconds left in the first half. Instead of holding for last shot, which anybody with a grain of sense would have done, he drives. Sure he scores, but LA comes down and scores 3 points, 1 free throw and then a Metta tip in on the missed free throw after Gay doesn’t box him out. That’s one point lost, possibly two or three depending on the result of our last shot in the first, if he pulls it out after getting the rebound.

      Second half, up 4 with a minute left, decides to drive in transition instead of slowing it down and running clock, takes a charge and gives the ball back to LA.

      He is too stupid to be a leader, sulks continuously.

      We are in Trouble!

    • Cottonclub

      gay isnt a dud.the players arent robots.they have good nights and bad nights….its on the coach to recognize whos on and get the goddamn ball to him and maximize whats up…..casey is BLIND.

      • NyAlesund

         What are you saying? He is a dud. He is pro since 2006, played thousand games and he didn’t recognise the situation more then ones when he took idiotics shots.

        Please don’t defende him…………when he doasn’t reserve. We do not make the same mistake to coddle players, expecially the veterans like Rudy.

        • Cottonclub

          so why have a coach if players have immunity to jack shit up when their shot isnt fallin?….its on the coach.casey pulls him aside and says”look buddy,your shot aint fallin,it will,but for know drive n kick or get a dbl team and kick it to a wide open player who has the hot hand,move the rock bitch”


          • KJ-B

            Tell the Truth about the ASSistant Coach Casey…well said.


  • Guest

    There’s no excuse for Rudy tonight, it was his chance to shine and he had plenty of opportunities to do it.  From missed shots, to turnovers, he came up short in every way.  Definitely think the C- was too generous, and think Amir deserved a higher grade than that.

  • Rubrick deserves a D- at most
    27 attempts with pure bricks to finish the game.

    Valanciunas is going to be a huge factor in future Raptor winning records.

  • verbatim

    Kobe played like the best version of himself in leading that comeback.  But the Lakers still should not have won this game.

    The Lakers won because 1) Rudy Gay has quickly become a more inefficient, long-2-shooting version of Monta Ellis, which I didn’t think was possible, and 2) Casey, for reasons known only to him, both put Aaron Gray in the game, AND had Gray trap Kobe 3 feet above the 3-point line.


    Gay is actually more inefficient that Bargnani.  In what world are we paying him superstar money, and talking extension?

  • Destro

    Gay-Casey combo fucked this one up…..Its truly sad to watch his coach continue to stick to his philosophies despite it continually failing and failing miserably,i mean 16 losses when leading goin into the 4th is pretty glaring YET this dumbass stil sticks to his losing script……Is that not clear basis for dismissal ? If i fail and cant or refuse to find a solution or alternative idea im not keeping my job…

    Clear to say most of the Rudy Gay brigade whos been championing this trade will be dead silent the next lil while….

    pathetic performance !

    lead player he is not,better team we are not…..its the same old stank pile of laundry with different names on the back,enjoy!

    • Sig

      Are you upset? You seem upset.

  • Buschfire

    A+ For Bargs? maybe a B + or A- idunno what game you were watching… Rudy needs to settle down and Coach needs to get JV in the games… another dissapointing loss and 4th quarter breakdown.

  • Guest

    I thought it was pretty weak that DD went right over to Kobe at the end of the game….I don’t care how great of a game he had, the losing is supposed to hurt more…you’re supposed to be pissed and head back to the locker room without talking to anyone.  

    • Cottonclub

      demar had his best game in the l….that was the first time he was efficient and ballin…..he dont care.he got his….ever notice when other raps are killin it he goes ice cold… many games we see bargs carrying us and demar lays an egg….tonights game from demar was an anomaly… game demar will get back to gay efficiency.

  • kuzzybear

    THey have Kobe , we have Gay. What more needs to be said. Hate to say it but Casey is horrible as a Head Coach.

  • Hound

    Dwayne – Enjoy your last 20 games as an NBA coach. You will make someone a heck of an assistant next year.

  • Jaltsec

    Tough loss, but it was self-inflicted with Gay trying to be the hero again and wasting all those possessions. Is he the face of the franchise? If so, he needs to be a team player and distribute to the hot hand. Otherwise, at $17M+/season BC will have officially buried this franchise on his way out.

  • verbatim

    It’s not that I dislike Gay as a player.  He is a capable defender, and on offence he is a threat to rise up on any given play.  He is a talented player who at least keeps defences honest (sometimes).  Having said that…

    …he is paid waaaaaayy too much.  He’s over-glorified on this crappy team, plays too many minutes and hoists too many shots.  When Gay is your best player, you are a team going nowhere.  The problem is that his contract is eating up cap space which prevents the Raptors from acquiring the necessary talent to make this team competitive.  Gay can be a good complimentary player on a good team.

    Maybe, MAYBE if Gay spends the ENTIRE offseason practicing shooting form the midrange, he is allowed to shoot so damn much.

    When Colangelo says he is bringing in bona fide stars to the Raps, he means cast-offs from other teams who believe they can get the same production from someone making half of the money.

    • acith77

      Gay has his moments, but a recurring problem is that Raptors scouting i.e., BC is horrible. Track record is evident and player development i.e., DC is also questionable. Until those areas are addressed, a championship let alone playoffs will be a pipe dream.

      • Mahdi1725

        Why are we even thinking  about championships when this franchise never made it past the 2nd round?….

    • ghostdini

      Memphis is laughing all the way to the bank. They got ED and TP for Gay….what a steal.  They lowered their salary commitments, got rid of an inefficeient shooter, and added a young, upcoming big and a defensive minded SF with better shot selection, championship experience and a smaller contract. 

  • Heat2Repeat

    should have run more sets for DD. should have played JV more. yes better or less for how he was shooting but the real issue by far is Casey: coach sets the tone and this coach is tone deaf…and clueless in 4th quarters!

  • LakersNation

    casey F for fire please…says it all about sending Gray to trap up top: “I knew Gray, he’s not the fastest guy in the world, he’s coming up to trap me,” Bryant explained in a televised post-game interview. “I had to wait until he got close enough to me to attack him and go by him. Once I got by him I saw daylight and took off.”

  • Cottonclub







    JERRY SLOAN PLEASE SAVE US!……….SVG.JVG.MESSINA…….please lord.let us pray.

    • Tdot

      nicely said!

    • unknown guest

      who hired him?

      • Cottonclub

         …an idiot.

    • ghostdini

      Does anybody realize AA is probably more clutch and DD and RG. Sure is shot selection is suspect at times, but on numerous occasions he comes up in the clutch, like he did last night. He plays tough D and his contract is 900k/year. Don’t understand all the hate.  

  • Cottonclub

    and this game isnt on gay….its on the coach for allowing gay.

    • unknown guest

      who hired this coach?

      • Cottonclub

         the retard raptors braintrust.

  • Modestas

    Valanciunas played well today againts Howard!!

  • Did anyone else see when Rudy turned to the ref  to complain after Kobe stole the ball from him and kobe runs by him and dunks the ball to tie the game? (pretty sure he tied it on that play).  That was our star player right there in a nutshell.  WHAT AN IDIOT!   I wish we could implant the heart of Amir in baby Gay and the trade would have been worth it.  Intead we got a 19 million dollar man with the attitude of a 4  year old.

    • Hound

      +1 The more I watch Gay, the more I like Andrea. Gay’s lethargic, pouty, petulant me first attitude is equal or worse than Barney’s lack of effort.

      Simple question to all Rap Nation: If you could only chose one, which would it be, Bargs +DD (19million) or Rudy (19million).

      Put that way, it kind of makes you kind of wanna puke, doesn’t it.

      • ghostdini

        Yup, when you put it that way it looks really , really ugly. Add  Field’s contract and this team is screwed for a long time. BC fucked us good this time!

  • Modestas

    I don’t understand coach Casey, why JV didin’t play in 4th quater and OT.. Fire Casey

    • Agreed.   It’s not like we are going to make the playoffs so why not give our C of the future some very valuable experience. If he was in in the 4th i don’t think we lose this game.  I like what Casey has done for our defensive mentality but it means NOTHING if if he can’t put the right personnel on the floor

  • p00ka

    gay played like a fucking italian tonight.

    • cesco

      I smiled when bargnani got injured tonight.

      • Cottonclub

        same….this team dont deserve bargs.

        • – Postoffice

           Boooo Boooo Boooo Boooo Booo
           Boooo Boooo Boooo Boooo Booo
           Boooo Boooo Boooo Boooo Booo
           Bye Bye Baby

          • Cottonclub

            how gay are you to actually type that out?

            • p00ka

              how gay are you to keep sucking bargnanis dick.

              • SteveB

                How old are you!? What is the “problemo”? Inferiority complex? Premature ejaculation?Lack of arousal?Orgasm? Other sexual malfunction?

                • DumbassKicker

                  He’s an imposter playing his kiddie games because the original pOOka made him look like the pathetic weasel he is.

                • DumbassKicker

                  ha, just realized you’re him too.

              • Cottonclub

                thats your dad.

              • – Postoffice

                p00ka words on Gameday: Thunder @ Raptors, Jan. 6 : 
                “….. andrea bargnani is a huge pussy… ”
                p00ka words right now :
                “… bargnanis dick.”
                dear pooka are you able to manage a pussy or you don’t know even the difference than  a dick ?

                • DumbassKicker

                  Anybody with a brain can figure out that the imposter pOOka you speak of is you, in one of the very many screen names you use here. The original doesn’t appear here anymore, just you as the sore ass loser imposter

                • – Postoffice

                   are u sure to be the real DumbassKicker ?
                   comes to mind some doubt after reading some postDumbassKicker mmmmhh

            • – Postoffice

               no matter with bargs – just fashion right over here

      • DumbassKicker

         same imposter as above

    • Cottonclub

      ….dont insult kobe.

      In an interview earlier this week with Gazzetta dello Sport,
      Bryant said: “Italy is my home. It’s where my dream of playing in the
      NBA started. This is where I learned the fundamentals, learned to shoot,
      to pass and to (move) without the ball. All things that when I came
      back to America the players my age didn’t know how to do because they
      were only thinking about jumping and dunking.”

      • SteveB

        That soft,  lazy European ( Italian ) fagot Kobe!

    • DumbassKicker


  • StaytheCourse

    Count me as a former fan of Dwane Casey. His treatment of Valancunias shows his decision-making is flawed.  It is incomprehensible. Good man, good assistant, good motivator but incompetent as a Head Coach.

    • mountio

      very well said. He has some endearing qualities ..but his outright bias towards rooks in incomprehensible and going to lead to his downfall (little does he know, apparently). 

    • Cottonclub

      kevin mchale fired his ass because he was a poor tactician….heres some quotes.

      “McHale chose the Wolves’ inconsistency as his explanation for firing
      Casey because he has a fondness for him as a person. The other option
      was full candor — that McHale did not believe Casey was up to NBA
      standards as a tactician”

      “What McHale did was bring in two veteran coaches, Randy Wittman and Bob
      Ociepka, to give Casey assistance with X’s and O’s and practice
      preparation. McHale didn’t flat-out mention those aspects Tuesday, but
      he did admit he brought in veteran coaches “to give Dwane some help.”

      “Bottom line: It’s not complete delusion about his flawed roster that led
      McHale to make this move. He fired Casey because he doesn’t think he is
      a good coach.”

      …..anything change?

      • mountio

        nope .. nothing at all. Ive had the pleasure of spending time with Casey .. and hes an absolutely fantastic guy .. he just happens to be a bad head coach. 

      • DumbassKicker

        When he was fired, his team was 20-20, for a .500 record. That same team went 12-30 (.285) the rest of the way. Yup, the problem was Casey.

        • Cottonclub

          so whats your point?…so you think hes a good coach?

          • DumbassKicker

            Since you brought up the point of his Wolves tenure, I thought it might be interesting to look at some bare facts of before and after Casey, in contrast to your “point” about what some media type reported that the ass covering GM, who didn’t last much longer himself, said. The point is, the facts indicate that McHale was way off base on what the problem was. Seriously, you don’t see some indication of that from the before/after records? Casey gets dumped by the genius GM and the team goes way downhill, but the opinion, as translated by some media dude, of the GM that failed is what you want to hang your hat on? LOL, the opinion of the GM fool (great player, but even MJ can’t manage worth shit) whose best move ever was handing his old team (the Celtics) a championship by gifting KG to them? Yeah, let’s go by that instead of the facts of what that team did with/without Casey, because there’s no “point” in that!

  • SteveB

    NBA:”Some were surprised when the Grizzlies cut ties with Gay at last month’s trade deadline, but he showed his flaws against the Lakers. Gay shot 2-for-15 in the second half and overtime, missing a chance to win the game at the end of regulation and tie at the end of overtime. He finished 7-for-26 with 17 points and also committed six turnovers.”
    …he showed his flaws again and again and again…

  • et-man

    I don’t understand the love Rudy Gay gets in general maybe not today. If any other raptor took as many shots as he does, plays as selfishly as he does, we would run him out of town. We were ready to lynch Bargnani for going 1 0f 19 against the spurs and Gay consistently shoots a ton of shots to get his meagre points in comparison (7 of 26). Sure he got some rebounds and assists but he turns the ball over so much because of his selfishness by trying to take on the whole opposing team. He took two game winning shots when he first got here but I would like to know how many terrible shots and turn overs he has made that actually lost the raptor games.

  • Duncan

    this ones on casey. we should have matched their physicality and played JV who had 12 in less than 3 quarters and was playing great vs the “best center in the league”! 
    I think its time for casey to go and get a coach who will recongnize who is hot and who to play when!!!

  • Roarque

    So when the Lakers win the NBA in a few months are you armchairs going to come back to RR and admit the Raps  were beaten last night by a superior Team not just Kobe Bryant?  Casey has forgotten more about how to coach that you understand collectively.

    When JV sits, there is a reason.

    When T Ross sits there is a reason.

    Shut up and learn.

    • Hound

      Good for Dwayne, he can sit JV and lose games until he is fired. I agree that Dwayne has a reason, fucking Hitler had a reason, it doesn’t mean its right. Facts:

      Casey was behind Tross being drafted – now he won’t play him, either he fucked up with talent evaluation or he hasn’t been able to coach Tross up.

      We have blown 16 games with a lead in the 4th quarter.

      He admits in almost every post game close loss, like last night, that he told the players to do something and they didn’t listen. Last night he said he told them to foul Kobe before the shot. Well, if the players don’t listen, get a coach they will listen to.

      He lets Gay do as he pleases, like he is Kobe, like he is Lebron. HE IS FUCKING RUDY GAY!!!! The same Rudy Gay that we couldn’t trade now, even if we wanted. We need a tough coach, ala Jerry Sloan, George Carl type that will make him play within the confines of the game.

      NO possible chance BC and DC survive this summer.

      • Roarque

        Why do you think TRoss is sitting? Jerry knows, George knows, Pops knows and I know. Why don’t you?

        How many coaches have told their defenders to foul Kobe in the last 10 seconds of an NBA game? How many times has Kobe won/tied a game with 10 seconds or less? Easier said than done my friend. That’s why he makes the REALLY BIG bucks.

        Rudy took those shots because the best LA defender was on DDR. Coach gave the ball to Rudy because he’s won a few games that way since February ( that was last month ).

        BTW, making references to Adolph Hitler is beneath you.

        • Cottonclub

          how many times can we keep losing in the same way until dumb people start to realize it may be a player management issue which is coaching……..the lakers shouldnt have even been in this game with us last night…..caseys moves hinder our chances of winning.

  • FAQ

    Why is everybody so negative on the TRaps???  So they only jelled in March and their go-to guy Rudolph reminds me of vince missing!!!

    Otherwise, it was an entertaining game ….. except for those who want/need/demand nothing less than a win!!!

    TRaps are going nowhere this season and the deevelopment is progressing thanks to coach DC… God bless ’em!!!!

    Lighten up cause there are only 19 games left in the TRap season and all this second guessing is sooo annoying!!!!

  • Dissapointed

    Telfair played good d on nash… he runs the offense better then gay or lucas, where those two guys run down the court and chuck long twos. Why telfair doesn’t play over lucas more oftern to play d and run the offense (which isn’t iso gay, by the way) you already have more shooters in alan anderson and andrea bargnani, why add john lucas just to go for the three all the time? I’m not saying telfair deserves 20 min a game, but more than 5 and definitely more than john lucas. If notmore, than the same. Lowry plays 35 minutes a game, f**king figure this s**t out casey. Also, whydoes gay bring the ball up? Did he not recognize he was colder than ice shooting and handling the rock, so why doesn’t lowry get the damn thing? Lowry, call for the ball, dammit! You are the leader so take the bull by its f**king horns and control the game. DeRozan should’ve taken at least one of the final two shots for the a) win or b) tie. Why doesn’t casey try to go for the three and take a win away from home, ever? Most or all of those games the momentum is not with you, you just gave up another double digit lead, go for the victory!

  • Mack

    I know it’s an old post but “Great trade. F**k second round picks.” had me dying lmfao