Raptors announced it.

The Toronto Raptors announced Wednesday that forward Andrea Bargnani is expected to be sidelined for the remainder of the 2012-13 season with an avulsion sprain of the right elbow. This injury is not related to his previous right elbow injury that sidelined him for 26 games (December 12 – February 3).

Bargnani left at the 3:08 mark in the first quarter March 8 against the Los Angeles Lakers and did not return. He appeared in 14 of 15 games prior to this injury, including four straight starts (March 2-8).

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  • Nilanka15

    The most inconsequential piece of Raptor news all season!

    • Why

      Is it? I would say it is very consequentional – high likelihood it negatively impacts his already questionable  trade value meanining either
      a. he is traded for an equally flawed player with a bad contract
      b. he is traded for nothing
      c. or he is amnestied
      d. he returns to the raptors to start next season


      • Nilanka15

        I would argue that all four of those options were just as likely before this mystery elbow injury. 

        I don’t think this announcement changes anything.

        • ezz_bee

          I know we struck a deal about whether Bargs would be here at training camp.  Based on this injury I think it’s only fair to let you re-evaluate.  I’m still in if you are though

          • Nilanka15

            I’m in….as long as I get my choice of topping :p

        • Why

          the other possibility that I assume we would all prefer is that he is traded in the off season for something that is of long term value to The Raptors – not likely now given the injury .

        • RapthoseLeafs

          I would agree on the first part of your post – all four options are relatively equal.

          But not on the second statement – “I don”t think this changes anything”

          I think it does. I think Option (d) moves up to 80 – 90% odds of happening. Highly unlikely we amnesty him – it does nothing for our cap position, relative to any free agency advantage.


          Now I’m just waiting for the conspiracy theorists to suggest, that this plays into BC’s hands, given him the opportunity to keep AB, and see where it goes next season.


      • ano

        Well, if your prediction of ‘d’ happens (he returns to the raptors to start next season), I’ll stop watching the raps.
        He impacts the whole team’s spirit even just by sitting injured on the bench, let alone being a starter on the court.
        How would you feel if you bust your tail on the court, make a mistake and get benched for a number of games, while the infamous number 7 gets to drag his ass on court, shoots every ball he gets his mits on, plays no defence, you name it. And then someone calls the environtment you play in a ‘team’? More like BC + 7 against the grunts.
        Trade him for nothing. If you can’t get nothing, amnesty him.
        The one thing you can’t do is have him on the bench or in the locker room, and have his presence under the BC umbrella destroy any sense of team spirit. Even if you’re paying him. Have him stroll Yorkville Avenue, he seams to approach that with more zeal anyway.

    • voy

      i agree, for what its worth. 

      nice to be kept up to date on team injuries, but this news does little to change the team’s prospects.

  • j bean

    Not gonna slag the guy on this news. Hopefully this means Acy gets court time.

  • bob

    Awwwwwwww… now I won’t be able to boo his primo pasta ass off the court.  More ACY please!!

  • Paradigm Shift

    Too bad. Sunday’s game against Miami would have been a great opportunity to showcase him to the rest of the league

    • Ihaterhaters

      Showcase him as a soft, overpaid, non-rebounding big man that gets dominated by RuPaul?

  • Lino Dinardo

    probably the worst thing to happen … now we probably would get back no more than a sack of oats and a blanket infested with small pox.. what a fall from grace this has been

  • he’ll likely play with the Raps next season. The expectation being that he could help the team; failing that they’ll trade him if possible, failing that they’ll let his contract expire.

  • brother

    If anybody thinks I’m a Bargnani apologist, they’re wrong. However – if we’re playing the “what if” game, what if Bargs takes the summer to heal his mind and body and comes in to camp ready to play ball? We know he can do it. What if he’s an actual 16 and 7 guy next year? What if he plays mean for the first 20 games of the season and is then traded for a non-sack of potatoes? That could work.

    • SR


    • The Truth

      People said the same thing at the end of last season, probably the one before that too. What if indeed.

      • brother

        Agreed. However this year was even worse for him mentally and physically. He has multiple and varied physical injuries that keep him out for extended time. He gets booed by his home fans – is that enough to finally make him understand that he has to change his ways? Maybe. Plus the mass confusion wherein he goes from 13 game HERO to bench player over the course of 12 months. Can the offseason and the motivations described herein change the man? You better hope so. Or else you’re staring 10 mil of cap space a year in the face for absolutely zero return.

        • Paul

           I understand your rationale, but we’ve played this game long enough with Bargnani.
          I don’t think Colangelo is as averse to trading Bargnani as everyone thinks. The problem is that Colangelo thinks along the same lines you suggest here:
          ie “Bargnani is just having an off year and we should wait for him to bust out so we get maximum return in a trade.”
          It’s been seven years now and the approach of coddling Bargnani in the hope that he finally ‘gets it’ or simply to increase his trade value is no longer viable.
          Bargnani will never be a 16 and 7 guy. Period. In fact, having watched the NBA for many years and seen many players’ career arcs, I would suggest his best days are likely behind him.

    • Guest

      I think the club has to really cleanse itself this season and it would be better to start the year without him just to come in with a fresh start.  I think that outweighs any potential return we could get on him.  Also, it’s a huge risk to take to give him another 20 games to try to find his game….as we saw this year, the first 20 games can make or break a season.

  • Dc

    10 game win streak coming. 

    • golden

      No joke.  Well at least 6-4, which will lead to the inevitable Rudy Gay extension at max salary.  And BTW, did anybody catch the news that MLSE is raising ticket prices next year?  For anybody who says they don’t care about the ridiculous player contracts that BC hands out since “it’s not my money” – well, higher ticket prices are the result.  It is your/our money.

  • smh

    Uh, serious question here:

    Say he “retires” due to injury, does anyone know how that would affect the salary situation for the Raps? Is there such a thing as cap-relief for an injury based retirement?

  • Johnn_19_2000

    Bargnani will not be amnestied, no way BC would do that.

    Bargnani will start the 13/14 season as a Raptor, and his fate will develope as the season proceeds.

    Count on it, lke it or not !

  • ezz_bee

    I’m pretty sure if he retires (not going to happen) his salary no longer counts against the cap, but again, he’s NOT retiring

    • smh

      No, was just a question about injury-retirement and cap relief. 

      So does the whole amount/salary get discounted? Partial?

      • Asfd

        you’re either retired or you’re not
        if you retire and want to come back to the league, you have to report to your old club unless your contract has explicitly expired

        • smh

          Ok. So, if one retires, then your old club holds your “rights”. How about Internationally? Can a player retire from the NBA (while still under contract) and play for,  say a Chinese or European club?

          anyways, my questions was more of, does your salary get wiped off the books if you retire due to injury, and if yes, is it the whole amount? or a partial amount?

          • Asfd

            It doesn’t matter why you retire from the NBA. If you retire from the NBA then you no longer have any association with the NBA. You can do whatever you want.

            If you retire they stop paying the player because…he’s retired.

            You’re probably thinking of an injury reserve list which the NBA had to modify due to abuse.

          • Asfd

            But to be even more explicit

            Raptors will have to pay Bargs until his contract is up, he choses to retire, or they amnesty him (and then it depends if he can sign a new contract elsewhere in the NBA regarding  how much money Bargs is owed by the Raps after amnesty).

            • smh

              ” injury reserve list”

              Ah! Thanks!

              • Asfd

                There’s also an injury excemption that lets Raptors spend a little money to sign another player. They still have to pay Bargs, but the replacement they sign wouldn’t count against the cap if my understanding of the CBA is right. But I doubt Raps would want to go rent a free agent since there is little purpose.

                • smh

                  “But I doubt Raps would want to go rent a free agent since there is little purpose”

                  Yeah, might as well play JV + ACY + Gray

  • Fire Colangelo NOW

    The real announcement that we’re all waiting for is the termination of one con-man GM who has tortured this city for 7 years !!!

  • golden

    Bargnani.  Is he not the mother of all albatrosses?  Just when there is finally unanimity on trading him (including BC) he goes down just before the trade deadline.  Then, he comes back and gets fully exposed as being mentally weak in reaction to the booing.  Then, we mess up our starting rotation and gift him his spot back, just to ‘get him going, with (I hope) the only purpose being to build some trade value going into the off-season.   And now this.  Thwarted at every turn.  

    Now contrast this to Jose Calderon, who had to fight for (and win) his starting job every year all the while subject to constant trade rumours (in fact, even traded to the Bobcats).  Not only did Jose pump up his trade value to an all-time high, he also helped to raise Ed Davis’ value up from the scrap heap (no thanks to Casey).  And Jose did it all with a team-first and professional attitude.  

    • Nilanka15

      Of note, Calderon also (somewhat) shed the label of being “injury prone” while doing so.

      • smh

        Huh, you’re right! Sucks that he’s still a bit, defensively challenged, though I am guessing he will still be well paid next season. By well I don’t think he gets less than $6 mil/yr

  • MorganC

     Hahahaha, good. This is just hillarious. This guy is the biggest fucking
    pussy piece of shit. Sorry, I’ve just had it. And yes, I realize it’s
    poor form saying it’s “good” someone is injured BUT I DON’T CARE

    • RapthoseLeafs

       5 people liked this comment?


  • NyAlesund

    Great. People are happy and angry at the same time. Probably AB is going to get some booes  even injured……..

    • Dan

      Dude, wake up. Bargnani is the most mentally weak player in the NBA.. literally, in the whole league. I’m sorry it bothers you… I defended the guy for years but at some point he needs to take control of his life and career and do something about it. Other guys fight through tough situations. The fact is the Raps are slightly positive plus/minus without him on the court and very negative with him. Blaming everyone but Bargnani shows you’re living in your own world.

      • NyAlesund

         This is not bother me. Believe me.

  • RapthoseLeafs

    The downside of Bargnani getting injured, is that Amir’s Court time will probably be “red-lining” – with a greater chance for injury (due to overuse). Remember, this is Casey.

  • pran

    ha ha, love it. 

  • JHP

    One thing to keep in mind is the Raptor’s will probably cash in on AB’s insurance policy.  Since he will miss more than half the season they should be seeing 3 to 4 m back.  And given the fact they are one of the worst teams they will probably get another 3 or 4 mil from the NBA.  So BC may be retained just to keep the money coming in.