Toronto Star | Raptors: Big man Andrea Bargnani could be done for season

While waiting for doctors to fully assess his reinjured right elbow, the team’s hierarchy is concerned it could be an injury serious enough that some thought will be given to having Bargnani take the rest of the season off.

Toronto Sun | Landry Fields getting more comfortable after injury problems

The former Knicks forward’s first year in a Raptors uniform has been a challenge from the outset, but he sees better times ahead. If it wasn’t initially trying too hard to live up to a contract that for reasons well beyond his own respected talents got elevated to a level that made justifying it almost impossible, then it was the onset of a nerve problem that began in his elbow but affected his hand and therefore just about every part of his game.

Rant Sports | Toronto Raptors Must Amnesty Andrea Bargnani

If Colangelo couldn’t get anything in return for the Italian earlier, what makes anyone think he can get anything better this summer? It would be easier just to wipe the mistake off the books. Trust me in saying that no one will bid for Bargnani’s services. If another team wasn’t willing to part with even a draft pick, why would they part with a couple of million dollars?

CBSSports | Toronto at Boston

“What I was thinking was that I wish I would have given Kevin (Garnett) a night off too, in the middle of the game,” said Rivers, whose team fell to 14-6 since Rondo suffered a season-ending torn ACL. “That would have been terrific. Then we would have had two guys that had gotten some rest.”

Bleacher Report | Toronto Raptors vs. Boston Celtics: Preview, Analysis and Predictions

Meanwhile, the playoff race is of no concern to the Raptors this season. Their dreadful 4-19 start put them behind the eight-ball in the race, though they have played above .500 basketball since. The return to solid play down the stretch will be of little help this season, but Toronto fully expects to make the playoffs in 2013-14, and games like this could be a litmus test.

Globe and Mail | Leafs and Raptors ticket price hike a simple case of supply and demand

act: You will pay more to see the Raptors, even if general manager Bryan Colangelo returns to finish the NBA’s version of Mr. Potato Head that has occupied his time for the better part of a decade. (Stop putting the ears where the eyes go, Bryan. They won’t fit.)

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  • NyAlesund

    How to ruin a player. Now Bargs seems to be to a public opinion a big bust.  He is not either a bust or an All Star. The way he has been managed during the last two years is unbelievable.

    Now I am thinking that he wasn’t really ready to play after the elbow injury, but forced/convinced to play for sake of showing him on the floor to make the TRADE. The time was running down and they wanted to put him on the floor……

    When I watched how he got hurt, I was astonished to realize that he didn’t touch Bryant’s arm hard enough to get hurt. So, I am guessing that the desire to get rid of him was so strong to put him on the floor even he was recovered at 100%.
    Of course this is my opinion.

    Now, nobody wants him, nobody is willing to pay his salary when several busts in the NBA find the way to change the teams even they cost much more than AB.

    It is incredible how this guy is ruin his career remaining here in Toronto. Too many mistakes occurred on both side, but now this fella is hoping in the amnesty clause………..

    Do you believe that?

    • Nilanka15

      The only one to blame for his miserable play, is himself.

    • Sam Holako

      I think there is something to your point. While he hasn’t played inspired basketball, the way he has been treated over the years is partly to be blamed for sure.

      • voy

        leaving alone the assumptions nyale has made, by the same token, the way he was been “treated”  (given consistent minutes, free to concentrate on scoring while working/improving on nothing else)  has also led him to scoring his nice contract. 

        in the grand scheme of things toronto hasn’t done anything to andrea but give him a cushy lifestyle, ask little in return and reward him with a contract he probably wouldn’t have scored elsewhere. 

        andrea may have become a better player elsewhere, but 99% of that failure to reach his potential is on andrea, not toronto.

    • robertparrish00

      He ruins himself by not working hard.  So talented, and so little motivation.

      • Why

        when he first came on the scene and little was known about him, my first impression was my god, this a 7 foot Larry Bird. Sadly we only saw glimpses of that ability – unfortunately he aspired to be a Steve Novak – the difference bing that Novak maximizes his ability just being in the NBA whereas AB minimizes his ability.

    • The Truth

      “Now I am thinking that he wasn’t really ready to play after the elbow
      injury, but forced/convinced to play for sake of showing him on the
      floor to make the TRADE.”

      The thing is part of what contributes to the view that he is a bust is the inordinate amount of time it seems to take him to recover fully from relatively minor injuries. Regardless of how good he is or isn’t what good does it do the Raptors if he is never fit to play? Take out the games at the start of the season when he was out of shape and he’s been fit to play for all of 5-10 games.

    • smh

      “seems to be to” eh?

      Give me $10 million a year to play a sport–any sport. MMA if you like.

      I shall then let you know how it feels to not come to play in shape.

      During the off-season, I shall eat what I want, party as hard as I like, and I shall never devote any of that time to try to increase my weak conditioning.

      When I eventually get injured, because of my terrible conditioning, I shall sulk, while I watch players like Kobe play through injury


  • WhiteVegas

    Is Rant Sports even considered news? It seems like a much crappier Bleacher Report to me (both in layout and content). Every day the Raptor coverage is just some random garbled negative bullcrap that doesn’t make sense. For instance:
    “If Colangelo couldn’t get anything in return for the Italian earlier, what makes anyone think he can get anything better this summer?”
    One less year left on Bargs contract, that’s why. Also teams tend to make more moves, both in quantity and quality, during the offseason than they do during the season. The list of PF available this summer is pretty thin: Josh Smith, Milsap, West, and then it drops off to Bargs/Diaw/Landry/Brand?etc…. Once the Smith, Milsap, and West situations get figured out, Bargs will be the top PF target around the league. Seriously, does the guy at Rant Sports even think before he writes? My guess is he just looks at a photo of Colangelo until steam starts pouring out his ears, then he whips out his laptop and starts blogging.

    • Nilanka15

      Yes, Rant Sports is a weaker version of Bleacher Report (if that’s even possible).

  • Roarque

    It looks like the Raptors are going to enter 2013/14 with Rudy Gay, Landry Fields and Andrea Bargnani on the roster because (1) the management likes them and (2) because no one else in the league is prepared to accept their contracts in a trade. If we can agree on that then it makes sense to develop an offensive and defensive strategy that makes use of their skills.

    As PhD Steve suggests in his latest the rest of the starting lineup will probably be Kyle and Jonas (Jonesy) leaving DDR, Amir and TRoss to come off the bench with AA and Aaron as occasional substitutes.

    How do you feel about this?

    a) Can we settle for the re-development of Landry Fields’ 3 point shot  in the offseason expecting it to return to its 2010/11 glory knowing that his defense and off the ball offense is “best on team” for a wing player

    b) Can DDR be effective as a back up to Fields/Gay? IMO this is the HUGE question and could lead to dressing room dissension. DDR could demand a trade at that point. That would be sad but perhaps inevitable – he would bring back a first round pick plus a serviceable veteran PF.

    c) Can Amir’s ego handle the status as Barg’s back up? IMO this can work since Amir can step in for the games that Bargs just wants to hang around the elbow and loaf – that’s when he gets the hook. Showcasing Andrea in this way could lead to his epiphany as a true All Star ( just kidding) or as a trade before the deadline for a Drummond or Gasol.

    • RaptorFan

      Landry Fields starting over DD??  Hahaha….Demar hasn’t come off the bench since his rookie year (he started 65 out of 77 games that year) …..Landry is/was a bench player this year and last.  I highly doubt that DD would be called to come off the bench next year.  You dont pay someone 9.5 million per to be a bench player UNLESS they’re playing horrible (see Bargs this year). 

      I think they will expect more defensive growth from Demar next year.  Also, I doubt that Bargs will be back next year…..BUT if Bryan’s around ….WHO KNOWS??

      • Nilanka15

        To be fair, DeRozan wasn’t exactly deserving of the starting role in his rookie year.  But when the alternatives were Belinelli and Weems, Triano didn’t really have a choice.

  • Roarque

    I continue to have difficulty with the nebulous status of the “starter” in basketball. I guess the cache is that a player could play the entire game – like hockey players did many years ago. Today in both games, the bench is important to the point where I’d like to classify the” finisher” as even more important than the starter. I suppose if the coach chooses the best five as the highest paid five then being a stater has financial benefits. I mean see what happened to Chris Humphries when he became a starter for the Nets in 2011/12. Now he makes a laughable annual salary – no doubt guaranteed for the next 2-3 years.

    Anyway, putting Landry Fields on before DDR or Aaron Gray on before Jonas might make sense if you had concerns about DDR neeeding to suss out the defence being used by the oppositions’ SG  player or if Aaron needed to give the coach a sense of the whistle threshold for any given referee team that has been assigned for the game.

    Bottom line? Landry Fields is a cerebral player who does exciting things to free up the real shooters to shoot. If he can also drop 3-4 threes per appearance then he may start to earn his $7 M /Yr salary. That I would like to see. And I’d like to see if the Raptors really need DDR to win games. Why? Because he is our best trading chip and will be for 2-3 years.