I am an angry raptor.

Box – Celtics 112, Raptors 88

So, as everyone knows, two different species (flavors) of cheerios cannot mate, right? That is, if one is honey-nut and another is blueberry, they cannot mate. Anyway, there is this one normal cheerio that is in love with a blueberry cheerio. Unfortunately, he cannot mate with her. He can’t even communicate with her because they are of different species. So, he invents a machine that changes all of his CNA (Cheerio DNA) into whichever type of cheerio that he wants. However, this machine performs a process that is extraordinarily painful, because that sort of thing would hurt. Anyway. He does it, and the normal flavored cheerio becomes a blueberry cheerio. Unfortunately, this girl cheerio hates him so much that she invents an identical machine and does the process on herself in order to become a cinnamon-apple cheerio, just so she can avoid this creeper. So, she does it. The boy cheerio is starting to get upset at this because he really wants her. So he tells himself that he will go through the pain for her, and becomes a cinnamon-apple cheerio. She then changes to a honey-nut cheerio! He decides that this is the last time that he will change cheerio type. He does it, and she changes one more time, into a normal cheerio – the kind he originally was. So he says out loud, “Okay, this is really the last time. If she changes again, I will just stay back with my family.” So he becomes a normal cheerio again, and she doesn’t change fast enough for him to put his moves on her. So, they start dating, and he finally asks her to the Formal Bowl (ahaha, get it, bowl instead of ball). Anyway, they get there and dance intensely for a few hours. Finally, they get tired and she sends the boy cheerio to the milk bowl (you know, since it’s a cereal dance, they have that and punch). He gets there and stands in line for ten minutes. Finally fed up at the really long line, he looks over at the bowl of punch and realizes there is no punch line.

Source: Cracked

Now, that is not a funny joke. It IS, however, what I feel like these last six weeks of the season are going to be like. This season has been a joke, and while the Rudy Gay trade was a glimmer of hope that things might go in a different direction, it turns out there is no punchline, after all.

(On second thought, maybe a Bryan Colangelo extension is the punchline. Ugh, let’s move on.)

Anyway, the Raptors lost in horrible fashion to the Boston Celtics, which is sometimes forgivable, but not tonight. The Raptors had a strong first quarter defensively and actually led by one, but it all fell off from there, with the Celtics doing basically anything they wanted on offense. And by “they” I mostly mean “the Celtics bench players,” since they took this exhibition opportunity to give Garnett and Pierce a nice light workload.

Normally, if a team is late in a bad year, you forgive some poor offense but expect defensive effort. But these Raptors were only without Bargnani, and the offense still couldn’t get anything going. The lack of ball movement was astounding. They also didn’t seem to care at all on defense, looking far more concerned about getting out of Bean Town in a hurry rather than fight to comeback in the second half.

Here are the facts from the second quarter onward: Celtics 53.4 FG%, Celtics +5 rebounds, Celtics -4 turnovers, Celtics 24 assists on 31 FGM, Raptors 10 assists on 25 FGM.

That is some ugly stuff for three quarters. The final was 112-88 and the game had a handful of embarrassing notes:

*If you’ve misplaced any long twos, I’d ask Rudy Gay, because he probably has them. He went 7-for-19 for 19 points, and while he added seven boards and four helpers, his shot chart made me want to throw up. Sure, it might have 10 attempts in the paint, but how do you only finish five? If you’re not getting the calls, go up strong. And those shots just outside the restricted area? Contact-avoidance shots. And then there are eight mid-range gems and a three. Good stuff, $20M-man. I realize if those paint shots dropped at a normal rate, I probably wouldn’t be this upset, but nothing boils my blood worse than long twos. Two is actually an improvement for Gay, and the fact that this shot chart is one of his better ones is the reason I get sarcastic tweets from Basketball Twitter about Rudy so often.

gay shotchart

*Where is the Kyle Lowry I fell in love with? He had 5-4-3 in 27 minutes and got outplayed by Bassy Freakin Telfair when he came in (5-2-3 in 14 minutes, plus two technical and the ol’ heave-ho). Where is the aggression? Where’s the guy who lived and died with every possession?

*17 turnovers? This is a team that I have to begrudgingly include “ball control” as a strength in the pre-game for, but instead Courtney Lee and Avery Bradley disrupted what little ball movement they tried to get going.

*10 assists on 25 field goals from the second quarter on. ARE YOU SERIOUS BRO? That would be…well beyond the worst team in the NBA for a whole season. It was just three quarters, but it’s a complete failure of the ballhandlers to spread the ball around and of the play calls to create opportunities.

*Jeff Green for 20 points? Forreal? The Celtics played pretty small for most of the game, making Green a de facto small-four. He’s probably not as bad as he’s been this year, but he shouldn’t be scoring 20 points, especially with the Amir Johnsons and Rudy Gays of the world on him. He did what he wanted, which is inexcusable.

*Terrence Ross got to play! He even went 5-of-6 inside the arc (1-of-5 from outside) for 13 points, and he added three steals. He didn’t look bad by any means, but a quick word of advice: you want more run? Hit the glass when you’re out there.

*And hey, at least Jonas Valanciunas got 34 minutes of run. He had nine and seven and got roughed up a bit defensively, but at least he’s getting the chance to learn.

You know what? Let’s just call it there while I found a semi-positive note to end on.

The Raps played like garbage and got their asses handed to them. I sincerely hope the last 20-ish games aren’t all going to be like this. This team needs to work to mesh in advance of next season since this will be the core crew in 2013-14, and there’s no room for lethargy or entitlement, even with playoffs out of the reach. Get it together so I don’t quit RR to be a Sonics blogger in 2013-14.

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  • Raptorsss

    The Raps let the refs get in their heads early in the 3rd quarter and then stopped playing.  

    • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

      4-19 or 25-40?

      Both are 15 games under .500- pound the rock? 

      Culture change or more of the same?

      Matt trying to sell the viewers on the playoffs for next season- needs to stfu and go eat some BP Corexit contaminated New Orleans sea food- on the real and stop selling the fan base on the future no one knows the future only the present.

      Do the Raptors announcers  just ramble on about bullchit 70%-80% of the time while the game is playing?

      What ever became of BC’s Euro experiment?????smdh

      3 seasons in a row that AB hasn’t finished- BC was seriously building the Raptors around AB- wow….

      Raptors under BC- from Division champs unto Conference chumps.

      #FireBC #FireCasey #FireStefanski #FireGheradini #FireKelly #FireMattLeo&Jack 

      • smh

        Whoah! While I agree with all, Matt is just doing his job. Blame Rogers if you want for “making” them dumb down the commentary for the Raps.

        More like Gheranini’s Euro experiment. I wish we had San Antonio’s Euro/International scouts instead of Gerarnini calling the shots.

        How the “F” does Gerarnini even get  Canada Basketball’s Council Of Excellence? WTF?

        • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

          That’s just it they are dumbing down their broadcasts and it’s insulting to the viewers treating us like kindergarten kids instead of intelligent supporters of the Raptors.

          I have heard Matt call NBA playoff games and it’s night & day in relation to his Grimms Brothers fairytales Raptors broadcasts so he is to blame as well for compromising his integrity as an announcer in exchange for a check from Rogers/Bell/MLSE- tell it like it is or gtfo.

          I grew up following the Sonis and their game announcers/sports media didn’t sugar coat much if players, coaches and the like were half stepping they got called out not coddled.

          BC (Gheradini is under BC, BC has to appove his actions) was knee deep in that Euro experiment pushing Stern’s vision to expand into Europe but Stern has since cancelled that vision so BC is now building a more traditional looking NBA team with Val currently the only international player in the Raptors regular rotation.

          It’s past due time for new energy, minds, visions, ideas, structure leading the Raptors from the front office to the coaches to the announcers change it up sooner rather than later- now tha’s a rebuild I can support……

          BC =s Bad Carma (ask RGay’s back, AB’s calf/elbow, Kleiza’s knee, Fields elbow, Lowry’s whole body, Val’s hand, Amir’s ankle)

      • Guy

        While the  4-19 & 25-40 records are both 15 games below .500, how long will it take for you to realize that it isn’t more of the same.?

        4-19 equates to a 0.173 winning percentage. Since that point the team has gone 21-21. It appears you need help with that calculation, so allow me… it’s a winning percentage of 0.500.  How does an improvement of 33% equal ‘more of the same’?     

        • BCBargnaniFieldsCaseyGots2Go!

          15 game sunder .500 is 15 games under .500 no matter how you try to rationalize it from BC’s Book of PR Spins 101, buddy.lol

          No playoffs- more of the same ol same- recognize game, friend.

  • ppellico

    OK…but lets not be THAT easy on JV.
    He has played long enough NOT to allow for so many missed Ds and then again…for that much floor time I want more rebounds.
    And love Amir away…but to stay in the game without fouling out…does that mean so many defensive lasps?
    Come on…this team drove inside and pick n rolled us stupid.

    • BlakeMurphy

      I didn’t say anything about Amir.

      And for Jonas, I was more just pleased he got the run he needs. I accept mistakes are part of the process for him. I’m also planning a longer-form piece just on his development soon, so I didn’t wanna dive in much today.

      • paul pellico

        I was agreeing on likeing his additional playing time. I am also one of those that think Casey is more at fault here and my last straw was his leaving Gray in at the end of the 4th and all overtimein the Lakers game.
        That was indeed Jonas time.

        My point on Amir was simply an afterthought of my own. And as for the lasp on D…not sure without rewatching videos who was esponsible for all the missing help defense. I think this failure moves around.

    • Doc

      If you know anything about basketball you realize that if he has to hedge out to stop the guy with the ball someone needs to roll to the basket to prevent the easy dunk. There is 0 help side defence on this team.

      • LeeZ

        Ah, but there’s the rub: he didn’t actually hedge, and that’s the problem. He STARTED to hedge, but then stayed back, in no-man’s land, neither going up aggressively to push the ballhandler north and get in his face to prevent the pass to the roller, nor did he go back south to cover the roller. He would just…stand somewhere in the middle, like a rover in softball. So we had the worst of both possible worlds. Three times he did this, and three times the Celts got easy dunks off the roll. Twice, Ross was the one left to hang out to dry, and the poor kid threw up his hands in disgust. Don’t blame him.

      • paul pellico

        I do agree that this was not always a fault of Jonas. And indeed the help defense on this team is rediculous.
        This one of the reasons the Bigs get killed.

        I am one that still holds out hope for Jonas…but am also one that cannot annoint him very good….yet.
        I know bigs take a few years in this league.

        This game, however, has been designed around his style as apposed to Gray,s. The slower half court game of last year has been changed to a so called fast running style and has been set up for plays to Amir and Jonas…
        This is what is bothering me. Gray get bashed for not playing well in a style he is not capable of while the rest suck at the style specifically designed for them.

    • smh

      What? No Casey quote?

  • Ds

    Blake, you missed the part where the Raptors were down 3 in the 3rd despite the refs shitting all over the Raptors. It’s been a while since the refs f* up, but this one is definitely on them. With the game out of hand, the Raps just gave up, and it was a pre-season game from then on, with the teams taking turns dunking on each other.

    Yes, the Raps lost composure, but when the whistle goes against from start to finish, you sometimes just give up, because you’re not winning that game.

    • ad

       No doubt the reffing was atrocious but the team still sucks.

    • BlakeMurphy

      You can’t hang it on that…if the refs give you the short end, you gotta move past it, you can’t go on to play 20 terrible minutes in response.

    • smh

      It’s the nba way though as much as that sucks. How do you think the Heat gets this BS winning streak?

      • 2damkule

        yeah, i can’t imagine how.

        oh wait, i can.

        • smh


           LBJ is good. Heck, greatest of his generation for sure. But man, the calls the Heat gets (or doesn’t get) makes the Jordan years look hardcore by comparison.

  • Adriiian

    I hope DeMar teaches Rudy something about HARD WORK in this off-season. Drag this guy into the gym with you DeMar.

    If we could fuse DeMars drive with Rudy’s talent, now we’d have something special.

    Seriously, Rudy’s never heard the saying, you reap what you sow?
    I hope this team gets it together for next season.

    • 2damkule

      odd how demar’s ‘drive’ hasn’t resulted in any discernible improvements in his own areas of weakness, no?


       HARD WORK?  Please, can we stop the BS about this guy being a gym rat?  You need more than RaptorsTV propaganda, hanging out at Rosco’s, YMCA fan runs or watching highlights of  yourself on NYE to be called a gym rat.

      No one in the L is making that claim, only TO media clowns and THF.

      4 years running, same effing player!  “I’m gonna come back and be 10 times the player I was”  – DD.  Talk is cheap is all he’s proving.   

      The only thing you may have here is another case of Joey Graham – good in practice, shyte in games.

  • ad

    To address the first 2 points.
    1) Yep, this is our new franchise player according to BC.
    2) Casey has completely ruined/misutlilized lowrys talents. By getting him to play
    like jose, his aggression is lost. This team doesnt need another calderon experience.

  • Rockysaltharbour

    what does blake and gotstogo have in common? they both yack about ditching the raptors for the seattle team when they gets them back out left-west. good n proper representation of raptors fans? sheezboy. 

    • BlakeMurphy

      Was a joke bruh.

    • DumbassKicker

      You noticed too, eh. Same dude, ya think?

      • FLUXLAND

         Hhahahahahahah..  Who’s playing screen name detective now?   Way to go, Watson.. Blake and G2G couldn’t be the same guy in a trillion years.

        Keep up the great TMZ gossip work, Sheriff  Dumballs p00ka!

        • DumbassKicker

          In the above words of Blake, was a joke bruh. Take the dildo out of your butt for a while and relax.

          • FLUXLAND

             Oh,when you say something stupid.. that’s a joke. Right, got it.

            I’m beyond relaxed, I feel marvelous.  But please refrain from you advances or sharing your fantasies.. none of us here are interested. Try your therapist, maybe?

            • DumbassKicker

              Does someone have a lollipop for the kid? Perhaps a medicated one? It appears my suggestion to relieve his everlasting pain struck a nerve. What, did you try that already, found it too lonely to be without, so came here in your constant bitter at the world mode to get attention? Well, isn’t that a special kind of marvelous.

  • Leftovercrack

    God is it tough to love this team. And what is worse is that we have no cap room to sign anyone this offseason and no draft picks either. BC really should be shot for this nightmare

    • arsenalist

      Pure hard fact about BC – https://twitter.com/raptorsrepublic/status/312039340844924929

      • Leftovercrack

        His decisions just seem to make no sense. Extend mediocre players who haven’t proven themselves with big contracts. Using our precious No. 8 draft pick on Ross (who I like) but then extending Demar and trading for Gay so Ross is doomed to be a backup for the forseeable future. Giving up our draft picks and going into a desperate “win now” mode to assemble a team that no sane person thinks could win a championship….. the list goes on. And all done with a crisp suit and a smug smile

        • Leftovercrack

          and let’s not even go to Bargs and Hedo

        • Roarque

          You’d be happier with Brian Burke’s “drunk on a bender” look? As I recall, Burke wasn’t slick – more like combative and arrogant. You can piss on BC and DW all you want but you can’t complain about how they look – very GQ!

          Next year looks like this, 1 through 5 :

          Lowry/Telfair, DDR/TRoss, Gay/Fields, Amir/Bargs, JV/Aaron with AA, Lucas and two guys named Mo as the bench. Maybe trade DDR for a veteran PFwho can start (Gasol) and a 1st rounder and Bargs for a 2nd rounder and you’ve got a playoff team with a future. WoHooo! 

          • FLUXLAND

            In the words of the great FAQ:  “You need a seppuku knife.”  Maybe BC will have those as gifts for the season ticket holders this upcoming season.

        • FLUXLAND

          Sure they make sense.  As soon as you realize he runs teams like a it’s  fantasy league by adding up stats on an Excel sheet.  Maybe Rocker is Buddahfan?

          (No one in their right bleeping mind picks Ross at 8. No. One.)

  • Guest

    What an ugly game, stopped watching in the 3rd.  These are our reality check games where we see exactly what we have.  Can Demar please develop a jump shot or just stop shooting?  

    • Leftovercrack

      Gay is too similar a player to Demar. Ross is a better complement with his short and potential on defense. They should trade one of Demar or Gay in the offseason and partner the remaining one with T-Ross

      • Leftovercrack

        with his “shot”

      • 2damkule

        good luck moving either contract…

  • Cottonclub

    i blame bargs for this loss.

    • Roarque

      Did you see Bargs tonight – he was, like, invisible out there.

    • Leftovercrack

      I actually suspect he is responsible for global warming

      • Copywryter

        He’s not responsible for it, he’s just slow to help.

        • ezz_bee



        • Nilanka15

          lol, well played.

    • Amigo

      No Bargnani, No Calderon still a Big Fat Loss Bro. It will never change in Raptorland.Hope Bc get another Euro next summer so RR can keep selling BS. Rudy Rudy Rudy ! pizza Pizza ! Booo booo

      • NyAlesund

         I am waiting to big americans fellas joining us……….

      • smh

        Euro? Like Parker? Ginobli? The Gasol bros? Ibaka?

        • Nilanka15

          Argentina is in Europe?  😛

          • smh

            ahahah. my bad. 

            Sorry Ginobli!


            Euro + International then 🙂

  • Roarque

    Listening to Leo go on and on about how “smart” the opposing veterans are to “sell” a non-existent foul by JV or Amir is going to get very old by the end of this march on moscow.

    When talking about “putting the rookies in” at this point in the season, could I suggest the Raps try out some new on air talent. Let’s see who beside Matt and Leo we can use to call the games on TSN. Just sayin’

    • Nilanka15

      Maybe it’s time Sherman Hamilton deserves a promotion.

      • smh

        No man, it’ll ruin Sherm. It’s a mandate for TO ball to “dumb it down” for the TV audience.

        • Nilanka15

          In that case, it doesn’t matter who replaces Matt/Jack/Leo…they’ll all be forced to spew the MLSE motto:

          “Well, there’s always next year….”

          • smh

            🙁 sad but true

  • gradgrind101

    Blake, you know you hit the nail on the head when you said “Courtney Lee and Avery Bradley disrupted what little ball movement they (Raptors) tried to get going.” That is the biggest reason why the Raptors, all stats aside, are not a good defensive team. If you can’t defend the rock you will always be a lower tier team and that is what we have been for years. 
    Good ball D allows leads to many positive things including a productive transition game, perimeter D, fewer points in the paint, forcing poor shot selection, turnovers due to rushed/forced passes…I could go on and on. I really thought and believed that Lowry would bring the heat on on D but he has disappointed. I know he can do it but he doesn’t seem motivated to play that way for an entire season let alone 4 quarters. If the Raptors fail at producing consistent ball pressure this crew will never win consistently. 
    From this point onward, winning and losing doesn’t matter at all. What I’m interested in is who has tuned out the coach and who is bringing it every second they are on the floor. Last point… Kyle Lowry would not have been drafted at all if his body language in college was anything like it was tonight… Indifferent until he was embarrassed.  

  • Copywryter

    Terrible, sloppy ball game for both teams, made worse by the fact that I had to listen to the Celt’s broadcasters. Raging homers that almost made me wish for Matt and Jack. Almost. 

    Disturbingly lazy game for Gay. His shaky shot selection is a given – giving up on fast breaks, soft drives and careless passes  was surprising.

    Ross’ shiny numbers in the paint were helped by at least 3 fast break dunks. Conversely there were  at least 2 airballs from range. 

    I know Paul Pierce has always moved in slow motion but he looks even slower these days. 

    • SR

      Agreed.  I’m just as aware of Matt/Jack/Leo’s shortcomings as the next guy (ex. rambling on about the colour of their ties in the middle of a game that is not a blowout), but there are some serious, serious homer broadcast duos out there – try Miami, Boston, or Utah.

      I’m amazed when quality broadcasters (Brooklyn) manage to call the game, analyze what’s happening, and give you loads of info on BOTH teams.

    • smh

      That’s the thing a lot of complaining Raps fans don’t get. A lot of teams have “homers” in the broadcast booth. Not just a Raptor affliction/

  • NyAlesund

    Prince+Davis for Gay.

    Grizzlies since the trade have won 15 and lost only 3!!!!! The last one against the Heat. The other two one month ago………

    This show how Gay wasn’t a key piece of  the team. It was enough the addition of Prince to continue to win. Prince that has less offensive talent than Gay, but defensively is excellent.

    The Grizzlies have saved money with the same result or even better………

    In the meantime we are talking about an extension fro RG……………..OMG

    • Adriiian

      It’s fucked up eh.
      BC is a moron.

    • Asfd

      They also got Austin Daye who can hit threes pretty well. They are actually stacked at the SF now. In fact, they can play Prince at the 4 and Memphis can play some good small ball when they want. Ed Davis hardly even plays for them and they are tearing it up. Memphis made out like bandits.

    • SR

      This is true.  At the same time Memphis is a very good team, with or without Rudy Gay.

      Regardless of their current regular season streak, they’ve got a serious lack of perimeter scoring talent heading into the playoffs.  The NBA is built to favour wing scoring – when was the last time a team without a key perimeter scorer did anything in the playoffs?

    • Nilanka15

      Might be a bit early to be drawing any conclusions about this trade….

      • 2damkule

        not really.  most of the significant players involved are who they are, and any hope that gay ‘turns it around’ in TO & brings about substantive change to the team’s fortunes means making  dramatic improvements to a number of areas of his game…and even if those improvements are made, he’s still got an albatross of a contract.

        the grizz removed a part that wasn’t ‘needed’ given the current construction of their team…with or without gay, they likely aren’t an actual title contender (but i’m sure they’re circled as a team no one wants to play in the playoffs).  but the team without him simply works better, now & in the future, both because they rec’d a piece in davis who appears to be ready to step in if they move z-bo, and because they no longer have to pay gay…and his removal frees up more touches for much more efficient offensive players, and allows them to play to their strengths.  yeah, they still have prince to pay, but he’s a helluva lot easier to flip this summer or at next year’s TD than gay will be, and he fits the style in the short term better.

        geez, that hollinger’s just such a nerdy-nerd stat guy idiot!

        • Nilanka15

          I might sound like a typical Raptor excuse-maker, but the current “core” of Lowry, Gay, DeRozan, Amir, Jonas and Ross haven’t had enough time together as a group, IMO.  I’d like to see how they perform with a full camp together (without a PG controversy, without the Bargnani headache, etc.) before concluding which team won the trade.

          • Asfd

            Lowry and Gay are friends and former teammates, they already had chemistry.

            Training camp isn’t going to do much. If they haven’t geled in the 16 (?) games so far, then camp can only do so much. Idk what you think training camp would do over their regular practices and NBA competition. You could argue they can work on the playbook, but Raptors are already too iso heavy with Gay.

            Raptors are marred in mediocrity bringing down their few good pieces. A fundamental change has to be made, and it aint as simple as getting rid of Bargs. (although a good rebounding replacement and shot blocker would greatly help, even if the guy can’t shoot)

            • Nilanka15

              We can’t even say who our GM will be next year.  There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding this club.  Still too early to make any claims about how next season will unfold, (let alone who won the Gay/Davis trade).

          • SR

            Very much agree.  This is a very young core that arguably just had the most turnover in the league (21 different starting lineups!).

            Just consider for a moment how the PG situation has changed from Lowry-Calderon-Lowry, how the offensive focal point changed from Bargs-DD-Gay/DD.  Heck, SG is the ONLY position on this team that hasn’t been a revolving door this year.

            I’m not making excuses – this team is not championship calibre (and never will be) and has issues to work out, but I think the core is more interesting now than it was last summer and guys this young need time.

            Fans are confusing the length of BC’s tenure with the amount of time these players have actually had on the floor together when healthy.  Being frustrated with BC doesn’t mean giving up on Lowry/DD/Ross/Gay/Amir/JV.

          • FLUXLAND

            Friends don’t let friends drink BC Kool Aid.   Nilanka, lay off the juice, playa. 

            You got too many guys playing for numbers/contracts; there’s no us (team) in stats and no training camp can fix that.

            • Nilanka15

              lol, appreciate the concern, Flux 😉

      • NyAlesund

         My question is: is it necessary to talk about Gay’s extension? Let this guy play for another season and after that we can discuss an extension. Not now. It will be stupid.

        I am convinced that the trade is in Grizzlies’ favour. Gay is not the All Star caliber player, good, able to take some buzzers but his salary is too high.

        I pretty convinced that the core next year can be competitive but I don’t know if they are able to get the post season. There are teams like Bucks, Sixers, Pistons with money to spend that can  build a PO caliber team.

        The Raptors have two problems: the PG and Bargs. They don’t have a lot of margin to move this summer considering the salary. I don’t foresee a big trade with Bargs involved.


      Interesting how some people are only seeing this now. 

      When Daniel and some of the rest of us were explaining this right after the trade, it was all: “Shows what you know hater!!  The Raps are winning, that’s all that matters! The Grizz got fleeced.” 

      Where are these clowns now?  Crickets around here recently, huh?