The Heat goes on


There was probably a sense of inevitability about Sunday’s game and really nobody should be disappointed in losing to one of the hottest teams in NBA history.

Dwayne Wade; Rudy Gay

Miami “Exposes” Rudy Gay


Please welcome J.M. Poulard to the RR team. he has guest-posted for us in the past and also writes for Warriors World,  Forum Blue and Gold and Piston Powered. Please welcome the Montreal-native to the team. Since making his debut with the Toronto Raptors on February 1st against the Los Angeles Clippers, Rudy Gay has played… Read more »


Disappointing Season, Optimistic Outlook


A great write-up by RR member “BadDinosaur” who does a fantastic summary on another disappointing season in Toronto. With all the discouragement though we might just finally have something to look forward too down the road. Click to read more.