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RR and HQ Debate Tanking



Adam Francis of RaptorsHQ and I feel differently about tanking. We debated it for a co-produced post.

Rapcast #144 (Bonus Footage): My Bro Knows College Ball



It’s March Madness and my brother Mike stops by to break down the brackets! We go over each of the four regions, the top seeds, the underdogs, and the must see matchups.

Rapcast #143: Ticket Prices, 35 Wins, Character, OKC Model Myth



This week on The Doctor is In with Phdsteve, I ask why are TFC fans the lucky ones? They get the real rebuild, they get the lower ticket prices, they get free scarves and away game tickets for season seat holders, and they get a product of hope that fans can believe in (or perhaps   …Continue Reading

Morning Coffee: March 19th Edition


Andrea Bargnani

Quiet morning in Raptorland

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