Toronto Sun | Feeling low about Raptors’ Kyle Lowry

Lowry’s mindset simply does not allow for him to share the stage, which isn’t unusual among NBA players, a trait that has its merits when the player lives up to the billing. The problem with Lowry is that he hasn’t delivered and the Raptors must now realize the deficiencies and somehow remedy them. With an emerging player such as Valanciunas, a point guard is necessary to feed him in the post.

Dino Nation Blog | This Week In Raptorland: The Grind

It has reached that point in the season where talking about the future seems much more relevant than talking about the present.

Raptors Watch | Raptor of the Week: March 11-17

Rudy Gay has only been the “Raptor of the Week” once since his arrival in the Big Smoke, which may surprise some people. And although his play this week was notable, scoring 28 against Charlotte and 27 against Miami, he has just been out shined by the most blue-collar guy on the squad. Amir Johnson is taking the honours for a third straight week. And despite Rudy’s play, there really should be no argument at all. Amir has shown that he’s the life-blood of this team all season and he did it yet again this week, going all out against all three teams to do his best.

Rant Sports | Paul Millsap Should Be In Their Uniform Next Season

Millsap is a perfect low-block scorer. He always fights for his position and demands the ball, and attracts double-teams and understands how to pass out of them. He would create easy shots for Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan and open the lane up for Johnson. The Raptors have built a nice unit of Gay, Derozan, Johnson, Valanciunas and Terrence Ross. Adding a front court scorer in the likes of Millsap would be a perfect compliment. His hard-nosed play on both ends would make Casey smile, and his unselfishness on the court would make the shooters happy.

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3 Responses to “Morning Coffee: March 19th Edition”

  1. Matt52

    That Rant bit is a joke. It is all well and good to talk about who the Raptors should pursue and who would fit well, but lets not forget realities of the CBA. How does Millsap to Toronto happen?

    Free agency? With what cap space and mini-MLE or full-MLE not going to cut.

    Amnesty Bargnani? Nope, still over cap.

    Sign and trade? Nope, Raps already a luxury tax team.

    Amnesty Kleiza and sign and trade? OK but who is going to go out – only option is DeRozan.

    Amnesty Bargnani and sign and trade? OK but who is going to go out – only option is DeRozan.

    I think Rant is actually below B/R….. wow.

    • Macc

      Wouldn’t be surprised if the team amnestied Bargnani/Kleiza and had a sign and trade involving Derozan, especially if his play continues the way it has been. Then sign a veteran 2-guard who can play D and shoot 3’s, we’d probably be decent.

  2. 511

    Surprising how greatly I miss having unread comments highlighted. Don’t know what ya got til it’s gone, I suppose. What a terrific feature that was.

    … and … is the type on the lighter-than-it-should-be side …? … or is that just my eyes?

    Whatever. Not as comfortable visiting here as it once was, somehow … I offer up, respectfully.


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