This week on The Doctor is In with Phdsteve, Raptors Republic’s newest writer Andrew Thompson stops by to chat.  In case you haven’t read his piece on Amir Johnson from the weekend- read it NOW! We talk about the roster and the lack of flexibility moving forward when it comes to rebuilding, retooling, or even upgrading!  In fact, Andrew’s observes that it would not be that crazy to see Casey, BC, and Andrea Bargnani all here on opening day 2013. He also discusses how the space for improvement for this team is upgrading the second unit and even doles out a few sign’em cheap candidates.

I run down 4 names from college and 2 from the pros as potential “offensive co-ordinators” to run the offense next season if Dwayne Casey is to stick around, and in a crazy game of “would you make this deal” resurrected from last season’s podcasts, we play with some silly ideas to get Rondo out of Boston that involve Kyle Lowry and 7 footer.  Vote your thoughts on the proposed deal.

For those of you following college ball, my bracket is still alive!  After going 12-4 on day one of the NCAA tourney my teams took quite a hit on day 2, but I still finished the weekend at 31-18 and have 3 of my final four picks (Mich, Mich St. and Miami) alive heading into the Sweet Sixteen.  In case you missed it last week, my brother Mike (who know college basketball!) and I previewed the tourney on this podcast.

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (32:39, 30 MB). Or just listen below:

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15 Responses to “Rapcast #146: The Doctor Is In – Rondo Poll, 2nd Unit Upgrade, Offensive Coordinators, More”

  1. Mopola

    About the poll: I would strongly consider that trade if we somehow manage to get Nerlens Noel from this year’s draft 🙂 The lineup of Rondo-DeRozan-Gay-Amir-Noel looks better than our current starting five 🙂 More athleticism, more ball movement(?)

    • mountio

      Rondo is WAY better than anything else we have (and is on a reasonable contract). We would be crazy not to make that deal if it was presented to us.

      JV looks promising .. but lets not forget, hes averaging 7.7pts / 5.8 rbs (admittedly on low mins at 22, but still) .. solid numbers, but far from stellar.

    • Remigijus Jonaitis

      Are you out of you mind Gay and DeRozan are totally shit players, high volume shooters below league overage efficiency neither of them can shoot the 3s this including Rondo , I really hope Raps gonna trade JV to better team. As far as i see ( you have to be blind dont see it ) this franchise is doomed.

    • Nilanka15

      If we’re in “win now” mode next year, how good would a championship veteran presence like Ginobili look on this roster?

      Hickson intrigues me too….

      • mountio

        Even if we think were in “win now” mode .. I dont think we are any where near “A Ginobili away from winning” mode … as I result I would pass on that type of deep veteran (with injury issues) .. albeit, hes a hell of a player

  2. robertparrish00

    JV is one of the few reasons to watch the raps so that trade would suck in my opinion. After he gets some weight on him, he will be a 22 y/o demolition man. Casey might even play him!

  3. FAQ

    “offense coordinators” are useless if the players can’t execute… due to lack of athleticism/skills and lack of bball IQ.

  4. Gerald

    How about Alvin Gentry, we need to be a run and gun team, thats a guy you need to get.

  5. Dudley

    I can’t take another Bargnani season. Hopefully owners know his impact on the fan base.

  6. Greg

    Alvin makes the most sense of any of the names that were listed. The only issue that I could see with something like that could be the way that Casey would view a move like that. I have to imagine that if you are him it would seem like a sign of the fact that they have someone ready in the wings if they want to make a move to knock him out of the coaching seat in during the season if things do not get any better. If there weren’t issues there with optics from Casey’s perspective, could be interesting.


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