Poor Jose Calderon. A guy who plays winning-type basketball if only he had a good defense behind him. He was a Grizzlie, but only in theory, as he was flipped right away for Tayshaun Prince and Austin Daye, as you all know.

Well, he remains the one and only story line on this night. He seems like an emotional guy, so it’ll be interesting to see how he responds. Rumor has it that he may be back next year. Semi-interesting, to say the least.

There is actually another storyline. Amir Johnson is on my fantasy team and I need FG% and blocks in the worst way, so Amir, please man up and sacrifice your long-term health for tonight.

My fantasy research has revealed that he is with the team in Detroit and is a game-time decision. It also revealed that Andre Drummond may be back tonight after missing significant time with a back injury. Probably the second most impressive rookie this year, after Damien Lillard.

Alright, without further ado, here are the cold hard numbers for your perusal.

The Tale of the Tape
O-Rating: Detroit 103.0 (23rd), Toronto 105.6 (16th)
D-Rating: Detroit 108.3 (25th), Toronto 108.1 (23rd)
Pace: Detroit 90.6 (23rd), Toronto 90.4 (24th)
Strength: Detroit, 11th in Offensive Rebounding %
Weakness: Toronto, has Bryan Colangelo as a GM

The Picks
Bet365: OTB (Off the board)

Wally: I’m Off The Board too, for the same reasons as Vegas probably has it. Not sure if Amir will play, a Drummond is also not certain. But Detroit is most certainly in “losing ain’t so bad” mode so this should tilt the game in Toronto’s favor if it’s close down the stretch.

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13 Responses to “No win, Jose”

  1. Adriiian

    Just bought tix to the game.
    April FOOLS.
    You’ll hear me on TV when he’s at the free throw line, yelling “YOU MY BOY JOSE!”

  2. Milesboyer

    “Rumor has it he may be back next year” ? Just because he said he would be open to the possibility doesn’t indicate that there is a chance he would be back. Personally I would love to see it at the right price but I think that ship has sailed with current management. Now if we get a new GM who happens to be really high on him and dislikes Lowry as much as I do, then maybe it could happen.

    • Bookie

      I wasn’t the biggest JC fan over the years but the Raps were winning with him. We need to move Lowry and either get back Jose or a Jose clone. Lowry cannot run a team in the NBA.

      • mountio

        when was it that we were winning with Jose? The last bunch of years when we missed the playoffs?

          • Copywryter

            We aren’t winning anything without him. So since we’re going to suck either way I’ll take Jose, prettier basketball and the pick we gave up for Lowry.

            • Jose sucks

              I’m not advocating that we go with Lowry. I loved him in Houston, but I don’t think he’s gonna work with DC as the head coach. That doesn’t mean I want to go back the mediocrity that is Jose. I prefer we give Lowry another yr to prove he’s worth it, but have no problems with replacing him if there’s a better option out there. I don’t think Jose is that option tho, been there done that. In today’s NBA I want an athletic PG. not a chucker like Westbrook but an athletic one all the same

              • Copywryter

                I’m not advocating Jose at all. I’m saying don’t give up picks for a guy with an emotional rap sheet who wasn’t your first option anyway. Lowry hasn’t worked with any head coach because he is who he is. I don’t think DC is to blame for him not being able to run an offense that he’s had time to learn.

            • WhiteVegas

              No jose trade, no Gay. So you were happy with Pietrus being our starting SF? We’d be even worse. I swear you guys have no fucking memory.

              • Copywryter

                We’d be awful and have a better pick instead of mostly awful with no pick and a big Gay contract. Not everyone here wanted Rudy Gay or Lowry. And since we’re talking about memory, lets all remember that Colangelo did not want Lowry, he was a consolation ‘prize’.

  3. Jose sucks

    I don’t understand how Jose always gets a free pass on here. What proof is there that he is a winner? The last time the raps were a good team TJ Ford was starting. Sure we made the playoffs the next year but we weren’t as good. The only game we won in the magic series TJ took over. And don’t cite this year, Jose started during the softest stretch of a schedule I have ever seen

    • WhiteVegas

      Everyone here must have fucking amnesia. For years before we got Lowry all anyone could do was bitch about Jose and how we needed a new PG, literally for years.

  4. wes mantooth

    oh man !! i hate allen anderson! he shoots everytime he touches the ball! wtf!!?? jv is 7for9 and posting up jarebko and AA looks him off to shoot a contested 3! why is that ok?? if hes not part of the future he shouldnt be out there. if he is then he needs to get with the program and get this kid the ball. if in fact that is the program!!? i hate the wishy washy direction we’re in.

    also please bc or whoever is in charge please get rid of lowry. he cant be our pg next year


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