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Quick Reaction: Raptors 98, Pistons 108



In honour of Jose’s return, the Raps decide to gift-wrap him a win.

Well, Somebody HAS to Win, Right?


This just doesn't look right.

In the last 17 games, the Toronto Raptors are 4-13. The only reason they haven’t moved farther down in the standings than they have, in that time, is because nearly everyone below them has played worse.

Raptors Drop Two Spots in NBA.com’s Power Rankings


NBA.com takes a shot at our wing situation.

Amri Johnson and Jonas Valanciunas hilarious double-screen; brothers-in-arms.



Raptors Sign Andrea Bargnani to Extension


Andrea Bargnani

Apparently accepting low trade value as a sign they’ll never move him, the Raptors instead ensured him there will be no such move for a while.

Morning Coffee: April 1st Edition


Toronto Raptors vs Washington Wizards

It’s the 1st of Explainthe month, gotta grind, gotta get mine

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