Based on some great work from Dan of Pistons Powered (with an assist from Kevin Pelton of ESPN), the Raptors have just a 5.1% chance of keeping their pick. You can go there and play around with different teams. This number is based on projections for remaining games and then applying lottery odds to the odds of finishing in each spot.

A reminder that with the win last night, the Raptors are 30-48, the 10th worst record in the NBA. Based on who is around them and the number of games left, that seems like their most likely landing spot, which would provide for a 4.0% chance of getting a top-three pick.

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  • wigginsfan


    • Why would you tank AND trade for Wiggins? Wouldn’t you just tank and draft him? You also know that it would be impossible for the Raptors to trade for Wiggins in next year’s draft, right? No team is going to trade a potential superstar, like Wiggins, for ANYTHING the Raptors have,.

      • wigginsfan

        excellent point – let me state my argument!
        1) This raptors team is nothing more then a 7th-8th seed next season (Im being incredibly generous)
        2) Rudy and Andrea make far to much money for what they are worth
        3) Andrew Wiggins (I think we can all agree) is a Franchise Cornerstone talent and Canadian/Torontonian!
        Fair point no one is going to trade the Wiggins pick and we need to tank to ATTEMPT to get it – but if we are going to get Wiggins in my opinion we need to start anew. Everyone apart from JV,TRoss and MAYBE DeMar need to go IMO (this also includes clueless Casey and BC)

        • You’re preaching to the choir, here. Id suggest reading the 3 part series I wrote on the subject.

        • kameko

          so you’re going to base the whole roster on pretty much all rookies and a potential draft? so dumb. remember when telfair was projected to be the next huge star when he entered the draft?

        • NyAlesund

          You have a lot of faith in him as francise player…….