It took a few days but finally me and my brother Mike were able to sit down and unpack the NCAA tournament. The two Gennaro brothers talk about Louisville’s run to the title, Pitino’s full-court press, the NBA ready roster of Michigan that couldn’t get it done, and a whole host of other fun facts and tidbits!

We even speculate which player would be the best fit as a top ten pick for the Thunder with the Raptors draft pick this spring. Its chalked full of opinion, enthusiasm, and disagreement- but what else would you expect from the brothers G!

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (38:06, 35 MB). Or just listen below:

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  • Fair89

    Really wished we stuck with the rebuild.

    Imagine this:

    TR, JV, + 2013 lottery pick and 2014 lottery pick.

    That is some solid youth!


    KL, RG, DD, AB, Casey 2013 and BC 2013 (assuming option picked up).

    That is some cold hard truth.

    • kameko

      bunch of rookies (ross nowhere near ready) and untested picks (including super weak 2013 picks)? yah that sounds like a great idea…*facepalm*

      • Leftovercrack

        Yes, OKC were so stupid for choosing that route, better to overpay mediocre talents like the Raptors have done. 2013 is a weak draft at the top but there are still some nice pieces available.

        • Guest

          Nice analogy there, comparing JV, Ross and unknown picks to Durant, Green, Westbrook and Harden.

      • Fair89

        The picks give us a chance at ELITE talent.

        The roster as it stands does not present that chance, because we won’t be trading anyone on the roster for 2014 picks, that’s for sure.

        • Fair89

          *lottery picks – presumably in the top 5