So that’s what happens when your shooting guard can shoot. DeMar DeRozan, with perhaps the most dead-eye performance of his career, racked up 36 points to lead the Raptors to a fairly comfortable 93 – 87 victory.

To borrow an now over-used term, DD was en fuego on Sunday afternoon as he notched what must be a career high in three-balls. Not one, not two, but three, folks. The third one was so surprising that the officials reviewed it, when it was clear his foot was not close to the 3-point line.

Now the real question is whether this is the beginning of sustained improvement from behind the arc or not. If in fact it is, then not only does DeMar improve his own efficiency and help space the floor (which is what a shooting guard should do, not a big by the way), it opens up his own game that much more. Despite his handles being non-elite, it’s easier to do it from further out then it is long two range.

As has been pointed out recently on this site and elsewhere, the shooting guard position is going through some sort of famine. Never has the talent pool been so diluted, especially with the rules tilted so much in the favor of perimeter players. With that in mind, a DeRozan with a somewhat proficient shot would become a net-positive player going forward. It is a development everyone should keep an eye on.

If you really want to analyze this game, it was really Brooklyn’s anemic offense in the first half that cost them the game. They settled for too many jumpers, thinking the Raptors would be another notch on their winning streak belt. By the time they made their run, it was just enough to make it a close game, rather than to pull ahead.

Quincy Acy was a second round steal. Finally Bryan Colangelo pulled one off. He’s a good fit for today’s game of mobile bigs, although the term “big” is quite generous when applied to him. His basketball instincts, like his pass out of a double team to a streaking DeRozan, are above average.

A word here to temper any kind of optimism you want to draw from this stretch of decent games. The Raptors are in the enviable position of playing relaxed stress-free basketball with nothing to lose AND without “tanking” being a factor. That’s why a banged up Amir Johnson is getting big minutes in these inconsequential games. Generally management and coaching start to give more playing time to the lesser lights under the veil of “development” but really are hoping to not win as many games.

Now Brooklyn is playing for playoff positioning, but come on, it’s not really that important. But what we can applaud is the way the team withstood the 4th quarter run and were able to still preserve a victory when the Nets flipped the switch.

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15 Responses to “DeRozan, nothin’ but Net”

  1. RaptorFan

    Is anyone else thinking that its about time we change the “Rap of the Day”?? How dumb does theswirsky look now?? 12 for 22 with 36 points is not bad for someone who can’t shoot huh? LMAO I think a lot of people are going to be eating their words in the next couple years ….

    • RaptorFan

      DD also went 3 for 4 from behind the 3 point line….but he can’t shoot?? Is this a Raptor Fan site or a hate fest? Like Jack Armstrong would say “Get that Garbage Outta here!!”

      • guest

        Look, I’m as happy as anyone that he had a strong shooting game and the Raps won. Hopefully he continues to improve. The fact is he’s shooting %25 from deep on the season. That’s terrible for a 2-guard, so Swirsky’s comment is far from “dumb” or “garbage”. Derozan needs to get back in the gym this summer and substantially improve this aspect of the game.

        • theswirsky

          no no. Don’t stop him. Let him speak. I embrace the embarassment.

          Lets just see where this all ends up shall we……..

          “Its just amazing how the more things changes the more they stay the same”


          • RaptorFan

            As a RaptorFan i hope you walk around ALL SEASON next year with egg on your stupid face…….Desmond Mason??? Hahaha Good One! I can’t stand posters who think they know it all… forgot all about hard work? Ask Jason Kidd about working on his 3 point shot…..Ask Amir Johnson how hard work helped him improve his shot…..then ask Demar if he’s willing to work on his shot. Don’t you ever forget what makes a player better! (hint) Hard work….Demar has improved year after year. That’s why you will continue to wear egg on your face homie.

        • RaptorFan

          Is that you read above? I was questioning why you would have that outdated “rap of the day” still on this site!? Especially after an A+ performance like yesterdays……BTW


          Stay out of this. You may’ve been right about Bargs, but I think you should end it there. theswirsky is trying to compare DD and Bargs (comparing a PF/C to a SG) lol…….That’s how far some have come!! Their positions have different roles AND DD averages more rebounds per game than bargs THIS YEAR. How about we give DD and the rest of the roster an ACTUAL PF (Not bargs) and see what they do with it!? I guess some people just need something to talk about…I mean Rant about.

          • Tim W.

            Stay out of this? You know this is a public forum, right?

            As for DeRozan, he’s a poor three point shooter and one game doesn’t change that. That was my point.

    • theswirsky

      yep… oh man do I ever have egg on my face!! I’m almost too ashamed to post. But then again I have no pride so I will anyways.

      Point blank, one entire game just shot my statement to shit. The combined results of his 301 previous games can be thrown right out the window. It doesn’t even make sense to consider them anymore. Demar will now average 36 pts a game on 55% ft shooting, while never missing a free thrown and shooting 75% from behind the arc for the rest of his career.

      That Demar had hit a total of 2 three pointers between feb 8th and last night really shows his patience. Waiting for the right time to nail those shots…. thats just smart basketball right there. Can’t shoot!?! What was I thinking!

      And Bargnani total made me look like a fool to. Did you see those 13 games? Thats like what, an entire career worth of games right there! Many I feel so stupid thinking that Bargnani was a soft inefficient jump shooter who couldn’t rebound or defend and a liability on the roster. He totally blew all my notions of what a basketball player could be away.
      I bow before small sample size. I beg forgivenss for viewing a career beyond one game.

      • DumbassKicker

        One game certainly doesn’t make a career, but anyone other than brilliant naysayers that only come here to enlighten the masses to their genius forecasting, and pound their chest when they’re right, can see the steady progress in DeMar’s game. I think the lad is going to make a lot of people eat their words next year and beyond.

  2. Truth

    Great performance by both Gay and DeRozan. Gave us glimpses of what we should expect from having 2 above average wing players. Really surprised how well these two have been able to play off each other and hopefully is will prove promising next season.

    Having said that, can`t take too much away from this game. Nothing was on the line and the Nets couldn`t get up for a Sunday afternoon game.

  3. hyperdouche

    DeRozan is getting better and the kid is working on it. You can’t hate on that. Some NBA players are gifted and some have to work at it. I think he’s a good influence in that he’s working on it, not being a d-bag who got paid and thinks he’s retired. Keep it up DD!


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