100 Words: Quincy Acy

Thoughts on Acy from a handful of guests, in 100-word bundles.

Throughout the NBA playoffs, where we Raptor fans are left to wallow, Raptors Republic brings you the 100 Words Series. Calling on RR writers and other Raptor scribes from around the internet and MSM, we’ll provide the Republic with 100-word takes on players, coaches, management and announcers. Look for these two or three times a week, continuing today with Quincy Acy. The mission I charged the contributors with was simple: you have 100 words (prose, poetry, song, whatever) to discuss said player.

Adam Francis, Raptors HQ
You like dunks? You like boundless enthusiasm? You like rebounds and put-backs in traffic? How about all-out hustle? Beards?

If you’ve said yes to all of the above, then Quincy Jyrome Acy is the man for you.

He appeared in only 29 contests for the Raptors last season averaging a mere 11.8 minutes per game, but his per 36 minute averages of 12 points and 8 rebounds were pretty solid, not to mention sporting a PER of 15.9 and looking suddenly like a rotation guy for the Raps going forward.

Not too shabby for the 37th pick in last year’s draft.

Blake Murphy, Raptors Republic
For whatever reason, probably just the “energy” bar, I always think of RZA’s second verse in “Carry It” when I watch Acy play. I’m a big fan of Acy Slater as an end of the bench guy and hope he sticks around as a fifth big, as he showed some potential down the stretch as a rebounder who isn’t a complete zero on offense. There’s not much more to say than that, so I’ll just post the song. Oh also, Q, if you’re reading – beard off, let’s do this.

PhD Steve, Raptors Republic
Quincy Acy – A Haiku
Team thinks hes legit
but I doubt he’ll be around
when new GM comes

Sam Holako, Raptors Republic
Yes he plays hard, yes he hustles, and yes he fills the needed role of garbage man, but come on! The guy couldn’t crack the lineup while the team was stumbling out of the gates, and only saw time when everyone realized that Hollinger knows what he’s talking about. You can’t take away what he did at the end of the season, but you also can’t draw any conclusions from it either. A 9-game sample against 2nd and 3rd line players a career it does not make, but please don’t stop dreaming what-if (he got more minutes) on my account…

Tim W., Raptors Republic
This clip sums up my feelings about Quincy Acy. Imagine Acy as Rudy, Andrea Bargnani as Vince Vaughn and Dwane Casey as the coach.

Zarar Sidiqi, Raptors Republic
P.J Tucker, Nathan Jawai and Quincy Acy. Is third time the charm? Depends on what you call charm. You expect a guy fighting for NBA rights to make most of the minutes, if not in production then in sheer effort, and Acy delivered on that front. An undersized four is a tough business in the league, and he’ll need to convert that athleticism and passion into some semblance of a defensive game if he’s to stick around. With Jason Maxiell a stretch and Reggie Evans a possibility, his game lies somewhere in the middle, provided he adds a mid-range jumper.

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