• morgan c

    These are cool videos. Thanks. I just honestly am so sick and tired of the same old talk. Playoffs were talked about last year and we weren’t even close. With the exact same team, I really don’t know how people expect them to make them. I’m not saying it’s impossible. I just don’t know. You can’t just expect every player to improve. JV, sure. Other than that, I mean really… I just can’t move on from the no cap-room, no draft pick situation. It will hurt this team for the next two years, until we can get rid of Gay. I wish we had Demar, Jonas, Amir, and Tross and could just add mid-level guys through FA and not be stuck with the albatross of Gay’s contract. It’s killer. Also, Lowry just isn’t that good. Sorry, but he’s had 7 fucking years and can’t sniff an all-star game.