You mad bro?

Colangelo isn’t “ticked” as Leiweke described, but is “disappointed” that he didn’t get to see the job through. “Ticked off isn’t the right terminology…it’s a mischaracterization”. Says the team is “well on its way to being competitive”. He doesn’t believe that he’s completely being left out of the basketball side (as Leiweke suggested), but that his input may be sought and he’s glad to give it. Basically, he’s finding a way to soften the blow for him. Says he’s in the “process of constructing businesses” now more than the “process of constructing basketball teams”.

Would another GM job interest you, if it opens up?

“I’m committed….but I have an NBA out”. So, Leiweke has said he can leave if he finds a real GM job, but he says his “focus and commitment is to the Toronto Raptors”. Doesn’t see this situation as a bad situation and says that “there was steady growth but maybe that growth wasn’t fast enough”. Says, “I’m certainly not going to get in the way of the new GM”.

Will it be difficult if new GM says “amnesty Fields” or something like that? (Grange asked this question and Colangelo shot back saying you can’t amnesty Fields)

“Whatever the basketball matter is, I hope that my opinion will be asked” but the decision will rest on somebody else. “I’ve been known as a guy who zigs when everyone else is zagging” and that wont’ change. He’s saying that he brings something to the table, and hopefully people will make use of his opinion.

His new role:

Says the deal between the MLSE and the NBA needs to be revamped, and that’s something he will be focusing on now and he “hasn’t had time to focus on that in the past”. He’s going to busy with Board of Canada Basketball, grassroot level initiatives. He’s talking about women’s basketball, growth of the game, etc. All the stuff that’s Canada-specific more than the Raptors, really. He’ll be looking into new practice facilities and that’s also something he “didn’t have time before to look at”, but now does. “I’m pretty good at projects”, says Colangelo, and he’s going to make the “best damn practice facility in the League”

I’m losing interest in this presser…

If you were a guy looking for a GM job, would you want to take a job where former GM is sitting in the next office

“When I’m involved with something, I’m going to put everything into it. If there are parameters within it, I will stick to those parameters…I probably know all the candidates, and some of them I would be able to work with in a glowing fashion…the bottom line is that if I get in the way, I’m not going to be around…I’m not going to run the new guy over…The new guy will appreciate that I’m there and in his corner”

Were you reluctant to focus on the business side exclusively now?

“The role will be more than just focusing on business, and I will guide if asked”. BC’s really trying to frame this in a way where it looks like his basketball opinion still matters.

What do you think of hiring an outside firm to make the hire?

“I have no problem with it….you’ll have to ask Tim what the process was in making that decision…if they need me, I will give my input and opinion there”.

Andrea Bargnani, if he was better would this be different.

“I’m not sure I would [handle it differently]. Maybe I would’ve traded him before he got hurt..but you can’t control the injury aspect”. “A change of scenery is probably the best thing for both sides”, regarding Andrea.

Any good luck charm tonight (lottery)?

There are pros and cons to getting in the top three (basically, saying it’s a weak draft). “Hopefully this is the last time we’re there in a long time…I don’t think Tim needs to be faulted for making that decision (sending him to lottery)”

Says people have called him trying to get a foot in the door for the new GM job.

What if coin flip had gone your way (Terrence Ross)?

“With one less win, we would’ve been in a position to draft at 7, and a coin toss for 6”. Says he was targeting Damian Lillard and Harrison Barnes. Where are those idiots who were getting excited about winning meaningless games. Show yourselves.

You going to be vocal about Casey staying on?

“No, if I’m asked my opinion I’ll give it, but that’s a decision the new guy will have to make.”

Is Stefanski capable of being the GM?

“Is Stefanski capable of being a #1. Yes.”

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11 Responses to “Bryan Colangelo Press Conference Live Blog”

  1. Ryan

    BC is a pimp in executive clothes. His ability with word has allowed him to keep his job 3 years longer than he should have.

  2. Sam Holako

    “Where are those idiots who were getting excited about winning meaningless games. Show yourselves.”

    3 or 4 times now in recent memory that this was the situation. It’s very frustrating.

    • WhiteVegas

      I’m just hoping we aren’t in a situation any time soon where we have to root for losses. It’s much more fun to root for playoff positioning.

      • Tim W.

        I’d take a season or two of that over what we’ve had most of the last 7, er, 17 years, if it leads to something good.

        • onemanweave

          Tim, This habit of barging in on another’s comment borders on polite rudeness. Your positions are well-documented and you have an open forum to express them. Leave others the same latitude. Hopefully, the moderator, who has been trying to curb disrespectful behaviour, will rein you in a bit.
          This would be a much better sight if we were all respectful of other opinions or at least rude in an interesting manner, the way it used to be.

          • Tim W.

            Excuse me? How on earth was what I said rude or disrespectful? In fact, I’d say you were more rude than I was. This is a public forum, where people constantly jump into other conversations. Just as you jumped in. My comment didn’t belittle or disrespect WhiteVegas, but simply disagreed.

            Simply disagreeing with someone isn’t disrespecting them.

            And you’ll notice the “Mod” tag beside my name.

            • onemanweave

              Tim, How could I miss the ‘Mod’ tag beside your name? Everything about your posts screams ‘Mod’. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. Lighten up.

    • BKing

      Raptors tried to lose games at the end and well when a Ben Uzoh gets a triple-double to end the season nothing more can be said. Frustrating is an understatement.

  3. Kid-Canada

    A lot of Colangelo’s answers support what Tim W. expressed in the other post. Colangelo will do his best to have his opinion heard in an attempt to rectify his image and legacy as GM.


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