8 Responses to “Colangelo extended as Raptors President; Leiweke still looking for a new GM.”

    • LinuxFTW

      I am confused as to what his role is gong to be. According to SNET twitter, they said the new GM will report directly to Leiweke which makes BC not really in charge of the Raptors. So the question is what is he going to be doing as the GM? Just marketing?

      • Arsenalist

        As long as he doesn’t have a say in transactions, I’m good with this. I’ve been wanting him out since 2008, and I’ll take what I can get.

        Why they kept him? Maybe he’s really good at business negotiations, marketing, sponsorship etc., which is fine as long he stays the fuck away from anything to do with signings/trades/player contracts etc.

      • Nilanka15

        I think they offered him a role as to not burn the bridge.

        From Colangelo’s POV, it’s basically just a paycheck until he finds a new gig.

      • Sam Holako

        It sounded like it was an executive, non-basketball, related roll where he would be used as a resource if the GM wanted to do so. Otherwise Nilanka probably is right with the dynamic of the role.

  1. C-Lowe

    Arsenalist hit it on the head..He’s good at the business side.. we were losing team the whole time he was there, yet we remained profitable.

  2. Blake

    Why the BLEEP is this just a photo and not the actual conference call is the question.


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