• calibremc

    Damn son!

  • calibremc

    Damn son! So fine, I had to post it twice…she got a sister?

  • ChemistryFTW

    Hello Raptors republic…. nah… this is fake… better look at this… just ignore what is written in lithuanian… just see the pictures :)

  • c_bcm

    Ermahgerd….sher’s hert!

  • http://www.wearingfilm.com/picketfence/ Tim W.

    Is it me or does she just scream high maintenance? Plus, I just want to smack anyone that does that stupid duck face so much.

  • http://peterd.mp Beagle17

    Goodbye, obsession with Landry Fields’ girlfriend; Hello, obsession with Jonas Valanciunas’ girlfriend.

  • Jack Hodgins

    Him and Landry are doin work man!