Reports indicate that despite being offered a 500% raise and total control of the organization, Ujiri is stalling, which speaks to just how undesirable the Toronto job may be.

Cathal Kelly reports that despite being offered a 500% raise and total control of the organization, Ujiri is stalling, which speaks to just how undesirable the Toronto job may be.

Ujiri earned $500,000 (U.S.) to run the Denver Nuggets last year. The Raptors have offered him somewhere in the region of $2.5 million to do the same thing here.
Denver has reportedly countered with a bump up to something south of a million bucks. Regardless of the sums involved, that’s a lowball. That’s a get-up-and-walk-out-without-countering number. That didn’t happen.

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  • Sim

    Just like Sam Mitch.. said, who is stupid enough to accept this job knowing that the former owner is right around the corner.

    • jeffdg

      Former owner?

  • Brandon Ellis

    this isn’t a report at all…its speculation by Cathal Kelly.

    Masai very well many come or go…but whether it takes a few days to decide or not doesn’t speak to anything either than someone making a big decision that effects a lot of people…especially if he has a family.

    • ItsAboutFun

      Yeah, I think it’s an incredibly irresponsibly crafted cynical “opinion”, written as though it’s “certainty”, about a guy making a huge decision and exercising some class along with due diligence.

      • smh

        Damian Kelly, Cathal Cox.

  • Statement

    Cathal Kelly is a troll.

  • ckh26

    Yes.. The Toronto Star does a fairly good job of publishing 3rd hand unsubstantiated or documented information as fact. Looks like the sports department follows suit. How would Kelly know this. DId Masai phone him up and tell him what the offer letter from Denver looked like ? Hardly.

    • money

      He is not reporting a news or something, he is writing an opinion column which make sense to me. If somebody offers me the double of what I’m making now, i wouldn’t think too much at least I find the new job is more than a challenge and can kill my career….

  • bigweeze

    Certainly, Masai should be permitted time to consider the implications on he and his family, and his relationships with the Denver team/ownership/fanbase. An instant acceptance of Toronto’s offer would be insulting no matter what situation he left for. Who knows, but by taking more time it may even get MLSE to up their offer.

    But I don’t think Cathal has an inaccurate take at all. Very possible that Masai is intentionally dragging his feet and MLSE is realizing their job is not coveted.

  • Snip

    Looks to me like he’s stalling to play both sides against each other and leverage a better deal for himself. That’s a quality you’d want in a GM.

    • smh

      It’s what any of us would do to drive the price up a bit, or to sweeten the deal.

  • Van Grungy

    Did Doug Smith report? No?
    since it’s the Starzeera, unless it’s a long time useful person like Doug smith, it’s a lie or speculation

  • cdub

    “Tell me you can feel the pride radiating from Rudy Gay every time he hits the court with a cartoon dinosaur slapped across his chest…”

    Kelly doesn’t even know what the raptor uniform looks like….

  • ad

    I usually like kellys work but this article was trash. Is the raps job desirable? Not really, but money isnt the only factor for ujiri. He has built a very good team and a has lot of close relationships in denver. Its not an easy choice at all for him even though the money is good.

  • Hella’s Folly

    Is it possible Ujiri is an idiot?

    • Copywryter

      Being an idiot is probably a requirement for the job and environment the Raptors are offering. So, maybe.

  • Bendit

    Ujiri has a contract with Denver until June 30th. I believe he has to get their permission to accept TO’s offer before then. They might be playing hardball regarding compensation.

  • KuH

    According to a tweet from Woj, Ujiri has said yes. Welcome to our new GM.