Masai Ujiri in, Ed Stefanski out

Masai Ujiri doesn’t waste any time in making his first move

Adrian Wojnarowski  is Tweeting that Masai Ujiri’s first move as GM of the Raptors is cutting Ed Stefanski lose. While it came as a bit of shock, the move isn’t a surprising one since you can’t have two GM’s (or an assistant GM that you didn’t hire, or whatever the hell Stefanski does) on a team, and the first order of business bringing new leaders is to clean up the front office. The top brass need to be on the same page before you start making rost changes.

I commend Masai getting his house in order well before the draft and free agency; one less thing to juggle while BC is whispering sweet nothings about team building. All that is left now is:

  • Trade Bargnani
  • Trade/amnesty Kleiza
  • Find a backup point guard
  • Find a real low-post offensive presence
  • Get a couple people who can shoot the ball
  • Coaching (have to re-up Casey or cut him; can’t go into the season with a lame-duck coach)

This is on top of other things I’m not thinking about because it’s Sunday morning and I struggled through a night of trying to get my kid to sleep.

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