One Response to “Masai Ujiri sits down for a 1-on-1 with Matt Devlin”

  1. WhiteVegas

    Sounds like blowing it up might be an option. At least that’s what he mentions at the end of the video about 10 minutes in. Also starts with a nice subtle dig at BC.

    “For me it’s not the playoffs, it’s not to get in. For me it’s easy to figure out a playoff team if that’s your goal, but the ultimate goal is to build a championship. You want to be able to compete for the Larry O’brien trophy. I feel sometimes it might take time, you know, like we might take some punches in the nose, and that’s what we’ll do. When we set up our plan, and gather all our information, we’ll figure out the best way to get there, and we’ll attack it. It’s the only prize in basketball that should be a focus for us as a team.”‘


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