The Raptors have decided to bring back Dwane Casey as head coach, which is just fine by me since coaching is nowhere near the main problem with the Raptors. Could it be better? Yes, but is it holding this franchise back? No, and there are other priority areas of this organization to fix than integrating a new coach and the associated coaching staff.

It’s interesting, though, that he does not get a contract extension and will simply serve out the rest of his deal. It’s not exactly a sign of great confidence in him, but Masai’s way of ensuring that Casey gets a fair shot under him. He overachieved in the first year by correcting the effort issues on the team. In his second year the in-game decision making was up for questioning, mostly due to oddly structured lineups and playing time distribution that seemed odds at trying to win the game and develop players. If we chalk that last bit off to GM-level interference (speculation alert!) such as protecting Valanciunas during crunch time, etc., then maybe there’s an explanation for it.

Either way he’s here to stay so let’s welcome him back. Now, onto the bigger problem here which is the roster and that is firmly Ujiri’s problem, not Casey’s.

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