On preparing for a draft where you don’t own any picks:

“Same as any other draft night…You never know what’s going to come your way,” Ujiri said. “I think obviously you’ve studied the draft all year and you have the guys you like, the guys you don’t like, and how you rank them.

“And you go into it preparing like you never know what might happen on draft day.”

On executing a trade due to salary cap situation:

“You can say that, but I think in the NBA you never know what comes your way,” Ujiri said. “You could get into the draft, there’s trades. You never know. I couldn’t really comment on that right now until we get to that point where you have to make decisions and figure out the best way to go.


RR predicts that the Raptors will be acquiring a pick right after the lottery is over, and selecting a point guard. If you put a gun to our head, we’ll say Myck Kabongo due to the whole Toronto connection, and since he can’t be any worse than Sebastian Telfair.

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5 Responses to “Masai Ujiri Talks Draft”

  1. c_bcm

    Myck is a very well-spoken kid. Seems to have a great attitude. I would have no problem getting into the draft and taking him. I dont really care what pick we get (outside of the lottery), i’d take him even if they accuse us of reaching.

  2. Raps Addict

    Myck Kobongo would be ideal and very realistic considering we would probably only be able to trade into the late 1st rd or early 2nd


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