This week on The Dr. is In with PhdSteve, we debut the new intro courtesy of Christopher Bond of Evil Dead the Musical and Night of the Living Dead Live. Then we talk Raptors ball with Zarar who is well known for his love of Arsenal Football club. I ask Zarar to explain the Arsenal model from the Barclays Premier League of English Soccer and if Ujiri’s time with the Kroenke family (who own the Denver Nuggets, the NFL St. Louis Rams, and Arsenal) has influenced his thinking and if the Toronto Raptors may be poised to go in a similar direction.

If the Arsenal model is based on buying low and developing talent in-house to compete with the big names and big spenders, can the Raptors do this? What about draft picks? What about the talent already in house? And what about the coach? Can Dwayne Casey be the NBA equivalent of Arsene Wenger?

Switching to related topics:

  • Is the Andrea Bargnani case open and shut?
  • Will the supposed front-office influence on the coach continue?
  • Is front-office stability important or overrated? Validity of Alvin Williams’ exit comments?
  • What is the difficulty in reconstructing a team in the NBA versus in football?
  • The importance of dealing with Bargnani and Kleiza, and how it could influence our free-agent signings (Umm..Tony Allen).
  • Does Ujiri see players more for what they are, and not for what they might be?
  • The DeMar DeRozan Dilemma – is being a “gym rat” his hallmark and is he worth retaining?
  • Is Jonas Valanciunas a “Casey type of guy”? Big disagreement here
  • Do big men take longer to develop? Can you ever “become” a defensive center?
  • Addressing the bench
  • Bring back the purple +

Plus, Zarar makes an announcement for the Raptors Republic team for fall 2013 and we ponder what will the sites name be if the Raptors actually re-brand successfully?

A big thank you to the team who made the new intro for The Doctor Is In possible: Franco Cipolla produced it. It was mixed by Jamie Lamb. The Voice Talent was Trevor Martin, Debbie Bond & Erin Schipper. Written and poorly rapped by Christopher Bond.

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (48:29, 44 MB). Or just listen below:

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  • mikie

    been a raptor fan forever and they keep selling us dreams like and our starting line up isn’t even good half of them would come off the bench for a real championship team

    • elkabong

      until you have a #1 at all 5 positions you can always upgrade your roster eh! the champs did it with 3 max contracts and a bunch of role players (still reached 84 mill) that the coach was able to assess and maximize their production (punted rebounds even) and our new GM was able to assemble a 57 win team spending 64 mill and the coach didn’t play the #2 salary all that much. our best starting 5 was pretty darned productive so there is some hope as i see it provided the coach will actually let them play together, the bench needs an overhaul but if we can somehow get someone at any of the 5 starting positions better than we already have then we are definitely moving up the ladder

  • GameBreaker

    Some people jus become so negative towards the Raps, that they become blind to the positives we achieve. Ah, well.

  • Doug

    Why don’t people take into account that players like Hibbert and Horford had more seasoning prior to coming into the NBA. Hibbert had 4 years at Georgetown and started his NBA season as a 22 year old and if I look at his second season in the league when he got more consistent minutes he averaged 25.1mpg, 11.7pts, 5.7rbs, 1.6blks, 3.5pf with a fg% .495. Al Horford who I think is a beast started as a 21 year old averaged 31.4mpg, 10.1pts, 9.7rbs, 0.9blks, 3.3pf with a fg% .499. In comparison Jonas started as a 20 year old averaged 23.9mpg, 8.9pts, 6rbs, 1.3blks, 3pf with a fg% .557 so I think he stacked up well with the two names mentioned and because he is younger you have to consider the upside even possibly greater than either of those two.

    • FromDeep

      Amen… Chandler, Camby, Ben Wallace, Noah (who didn’t even get mention with best East bigs on D?)… Yes, Shaq, Mutumbo, Zo, and Duncan could hang from the first tip, but you can’t just ignore the others that needed time to develop. Jonas showed progress this season – he’s not done.

  • mikie

    dose anyone think that the raptors can be number one in there division
    because of how open it is knicks aren’t the best team out there and Boston is rebuilding

  • Sprechen

    Enjoyed the Rapcast. I think Valanciunas is already a defensive presence.but his NBA IQ needs to improve; it has and will continue to.

  • Duncan

    stop being so negative. DeRozan has improved and continues to. Jonas is going to be a star, and has showed some good defensive abilities last year

  • Jordan

    Very interesting discussion with some good points made, but as both a Raptors fan and a sports psychologist from London who has followed Football all my life I fail to see why we should model our future around Arsenal? Since the departure of rare talents like Henry and Bergkamp they have not been serious contenders for years. I personally much prefer the Barcelona system focusing on developing homegrown talent who take pride in wearing the badge and leave everything on the field. With the emerging talent coming out of Canada I think it would be great to build a team around players who the fans can really get behind and can play in Casey’s system. Getting the players on board with the vision of the management is really the key to improvement, as the roster itself will unlikely be significantly different come October but the attitude and goal of the team can be adjusted.
    I agree that stability is important and I believe that is what Uriji is looking for by starting over, there is no point in stability if you have no faith in the pieces. If Uriji knows who is and who isn’t going to be involved in our long term future then he should look to shift those pieces as soon as possible.
    With regards to JV, I agree. He is a talent, but if we are sticking with Casey long term then I don’t see where he fits? But i guess that’s why I haven’t got any executive of the year awards.

  • Timo in Waterloo

    Whatever it takes, get a pick tomorrow and make it Peyton Siva…..

  • Bruce Corbett

    First I like the idea of building an organization. The Jays by bring AAA to Buffalo has helped create that. But with Basketball currently if you are not on the bench you are not really the team. As per the blog, okay amnesty Bargnani trade Kleiza and you sign Tony Allen. Your starting 5 is Jonas, Amir, Rudy, DeMar & Lowery. Is Rudy the new sixth man?