Interesting, although probably not surprising. Not sure an undrafted guy as “PG2” is a safe move, as I wrote this morning, but as a PG3 it just makes sense to grab the Canadian kid.

Update: Stein, Koreen and Wolstat all confirming that Raptors have declined JL3’s option for this season.

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  • Nilanka15

    If Ujiri’s goal is to tank, then an undrafted rookie as PG2 makes perfect sense 😉

    • Rapfan243314892010238474592012

      if anything he will be PG3. we still have Telfair and Lowery.

      • Nilanka15

        Telfair is not under contract.

        • Vega

          Telfair can be resigned for minimum though.

    • raptorspoo

      Get rid of Lowry, bring back JC, sign Kabango and get JC to develop Myck.

      Now that’s a proper tank.

  • Duncan

    hopefully we pick him up and get someone like collinson or harris as backup

  • elkabong

    it’s a team option for 1.5 on Lucas so i would think we can fill that slot quite easily with a veteran minimum or similar deal if need be for the PG2 so scooping up Kabongo would look like a good move regardless of his 2013 value to the team

  • Bendit

    Who is Brett Poirier?

  • CalgaryRapsFan

    Kabongo as 3rd string PG is a great idea, assuming an upgraded backup PG is acquired via trade (and possibly a starter, if Lowry winds up getting moved). Regardless, having a young guy develop as the 3rd string PG makes much more sense than wasting the spot on a shoot-first veteran PG who doesn’t factor into the team’s future plans.

  • Nilanka15

    It was just announced on ProBasketballDraft that Kabongo will join Miami’s summer league team.

  • Andre

    Bad news: Myck Kapongo will play for the Miami Heat’s Summer team (from Chris Boussard) sigh… we CANT win

    • robertparrish00

      Go Figure: I was getting my hopes up.

  • ATKI

    Reports are kabongo playing for hear in summer league. Sorry raps fans.

  • ATKI


  • SEAN

    Doesnt matter. He can play for the Heat in Summer League and the Raps can still get him if he doesnt make the cut…