Player 2013-14 2014-15
Rudy Gay $17,888,932 $19,317,326
DeMar DeRozan $9,500,000 $9,500,000
Amir Johnson $6,500,000 $7,000,000
Landry Fields $6,250,000 $6,250,000
Linas Kleiza $4,600,000
Jonas Valanciunas $3,526,440 $3,678,360
Terrence Ross $2,678,640 $2,793,960
Aaro Gray $2,690,875
Quincy Acy $788,872 $915,243
Steve Novak $3,750,001 $3,445,947
Marcus Camby $4,383,773 $1,025,890
Quentin Richardson $1,399,507
Kyle Lowry $1,000,000
$64,957,040 $53,926,726

Note that Ross, Johnson, and Valanciunas all have non-guaranteed contracts, and that only Lowry and Camby’s guaranteed portion is being shown.

Assuming the Raptors amnesty Kleiza, they save $4.6M, taking them to $60,357,040 . The current NBA salary cap is $58.5 million, meaning the Raptors would be $1,857,040 over the cap. Of course, once you consider that they have a mid-level exception available to them (which also counts against the cap), they are essentially well over the cap and would need to use the MLE of approximately $5M to sign a free-agent. The Raptors also have a bi-annual exception available to them, which is valued at $1.967M, and can be split across two players (unlike the MLE).

The Raptors can renounce the MLE, but in this situation it would make no sense to do that. For example, if through some transaction they free-up $7M worth of cap-space, then it would make sense to renounce the MLE and sign a free-agent for up to $5,142,960 (the $7M saved minus whatever they are over-the-cap by now). They also will have to deal with Lowry, which stands to make $6,210,000 unless waived by the 15th. If he does stay on the roster, the salary will balloon to $70,167,040 (just below the tax at $70.307 million), assuming a Kleiza amnesty, they’ll be at $$65,567,040.

Long story short, the MLE is the chief course of action Ujiri can take to sign a free-agent, and of course, trade. Even if he manages to waive Camby and he gets picked up by a team, it’s not going to create enough space to sign anyone beyond the MLE.

Sources: Sham Sports :: NBA Salary Cap FAQ

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  • Ian

    What about Kyle Lowry?

  • RaptorsGm

    His Contract is not Guaranteed. Raptors Have Until the 15th to pick it up.

    • David

      No they have until July 15 to waive him. He has 2013-14 salary, it’s not an option. Also, Fields is wrong. His salary is flatlined. Has the Knicks matched, the balloon payment in the third year would have applied. But for the Raptors, it’s basically 3×6.25m (see

      • arsenalist

        Good call on the Fields salary, thanks. Fixed.

  • Brandon

    also forgot Quentin richardson 3 year deal only 1 year guaranteed at 1.4 million

    • arsenalist

      That’s already in there.

      • Brandon

        Yeah sorry, didn’t refresh before I posted and then saw it in there after I posted. thanks.

      • DanH


        • DanH

          Nevermind – disregard this.

  • John

    Why is lowry’s contract $1million?

    • tross_31

      Technically, that’s the guaranteed part of the deal unless he doesn’t get waived, as Arse stated.

      It’s stupidly complicated.

  • Raptorslogik

    I have a question. Can we try to trade to trade Landry Fields? I mean, nobody thought we would get any value for AB either. Wouldn’t it make sense to try and unload more salary, or do you guys think that teams wouldn’t be interested at all?

    • Dov Shalit

      Fields can be traded and there would probably be some takers, but he no longer has the value he had coming from the Knicks (a syndrome known as “going to the Raptors”).
      The thing is, all this cap-space talk is irrelevant – we’re talking about Toronto, not LA or NY or BOS. The Raptors have never been able to pick up an All-Star level free agent and has the dubious distinction of having players refuse to appear after being traded there. Toronto has to significantly outbid other teams to get players and that rarely works out.

      • ckh26

        Share your frustration on Toronto not being able to attract a major talent via FA. This has everything to do with not being able to build a winning team that has a sustainable ability to continue to win beyond one year. When that is in place then the higher calibre talent will come to Toronto.

        Its about being on a winner not where the team is located. If you have you ever been to Memphis (armpit comparable Cincinnati or Detroit) to or Houston (take in that 90 plus humidity and the smell of a massive oil and chemical refinery all year long) or to Salt Lake City (nothing brings them in like partying with the mormons) Toronto aint so bad. Build a sustainable winner and the talent will come.

        • Dov Shalit

          You know that and I know that, but most American NBA players will not even consider going north of the border. Many players like visiting the city and have great things to say about it, but won’t move to Canada, whether for real reasons (taxes) or imaginary ones.
          Utah, Detroit, and Philly have a better chance of attracting FAs simply because they’re in the US and have more NBA history.

    • There’s little point to trading Fields. Even healthy he’s overpaid, and role players like Fields simply don’t have the value of guys with that “potential” tag, like Bargnani. Besides, his contract, while bad, isn’t big enough to be debilitating for the franchise. The Bargnani trade broke up a bigger contract into two, easier to deal with pieces. His potential got the picks.

      Besides, Fields is a good guy to have around. He’s a smart role player who plays defense and if he gets his shot back, he could become a valuable contributor. Guys like Fields tend to end up on Championship teams, so the Raptors might as well keep him around and see if they become that Championship team.

      • RaptorFan

        If you can trade AB you can definetly sell Fields “potential” of going back to his rookie shooting form after surgery to repair his elbow/arm…….His contract is debilitating if your talking about the 7-9 guy off the bench (which he currently is) -so YES i think he needs to go (if possible).
        Also, we are not going to become a championship team anytime soon (the way things are looking) and i don’t think Fields is a championship player (he may be the 9-12 player on a championship contender…..receiving very few minutes…

        • What’s the point of trading Fields, though? I also think you’re underestimating what Fields can do when healthy. He’s never going to be a star, but he’s a high IQ player who can defend and has shown he can be a good shooter. Those are the kinds of players Championship teams look for. Meanwhile, teams like Toronto hang onto guys like DeRozan.

  • Dov Shalit

    Camby won’t be staying; he’ll either retire, get waived, or even re-traded for more space

  • CalgaryRapsFan

    According to Hoopsworld, there’s a few discrepancies with your numbers:

    – Camby’s 2013-2014 salary is $4,383,773

    – Gray’s 2013-2014 salary is $2,690,875

    – Lowry might as well be counted as his full $6,210,000, since the Raps will either pickup his option or trade him; doubtful that they let him walk, so may as well use his full contract for salary cap calculations

    • arsenalist

      Thanks, fixed the Camby and Gray numbers – was looking at the wrong year. DIdn’t change the overeall equation much.

  • raptorspoo

    Can we all just quit the “amnesty Kleiza” talk?

    What are you looking to achieve? Some cap space so we can sign a star? or maybe sign a JR smith type to give us some wins so that we can keep going on this path to nowhere?

    • DanH

      A little flexibility for deals – if you want to take on a little salary in any deal, even if it is to get draft picks, you need to avoid the luxury tax, or your ability to make transactions is limited.

  • Deadallus

    Why amnesty Keliza when that Fields contract is staring right in your face.

    • arsenalist

      Fields cannot be amnestied as he was acquired via trade (and he signed his contract after the CBA).

      • DanH

        Fields was not acquired via trade – but it is true he cannot be amnestied because he signed his deal during the new CBA.

        • arsenalist

          Yeah, my bad on the trade part. I forget that we actually went out of our way to sign that dude.

  • DanH

    As an note, Johnson’s “unguaranteed” contract is actually partially (read: mostly) guaranteed – waiving him still has a cap hit of 5 M in 2014-15.

  • changv10

    I think the amnesty clause makes most sense when used on the highest paid player. Any thoughts on amnestying Rudy Gay? That would accomplish real tanking and salary cap relief to start all over. And then Derozan can be flipped for a first rounder in 2014 to a team under the cap.

    We would have 2 quality first rounders, 2 good second rounders in 2014 … while keeping Jonas, Ross & Acy to develop them with small contracts. Kleiza’s deal would be over. Crazy thought?

    • Sam Holako

      Can’t amnesty Gay; he was acquired via trade after the CBA.