Raptors Rumour Recap (Possibly All Lies)

Recapping the nothingness that was the day.

Rumour #1: This is from a couple days ago, but considering there were not great rumorus today, it was reshuffled across the internet and also RT’s by yours truly:

Analysis: Joe Dumars is known to do stuff that’s batshit crazy, so you never know, you can discuss this in the forums.

Rumour #2: Next up, we have this half-speculation, half innocent tweet:

Analysis: Highly unlikely, mostly due to DeRozan not being able to shoot, and also DeRozan making $9.5M dollars. They let Kevin Martin walk for 4yr/$30M, and as sure as the sun rises in the East, they ain’t going to pay more than that for DeRozan.

Rumour #3: This has been floating around since last night, and got enough run to have a forum thread created.

Analysis: He’s from Minnesota, and with Minny splashing money around on Budinger and Martin, they need low-paid role players, so Anderson fits the bill.

Rumour #4: Camby not playing for the Raptors.

Toronto sources say Ujiri does not yet have a landing spot for Camby but the Raptors GM does have more than a week to find a way to flip him for some other asset. Not doing so risks having to buy Camby out of the last guaranteed year of his contract and get nothing in return for the veteran centre.



Rumour #5: Raptors might sign Vassilis Spanoulis

“an NBA team that was interested in Spanoulis several months ago and was leaked then they wanted to sign him this summer. This same team, has just changed their general manager.”

So, I can say this must be Toronto Raptors, as this is only team I can remember in media was reported several months ago interest in getting Spanoulis supposedly in summer. And since Raptors just made a new GM move, well, it must be this team.

Analysis: The poster who reported this is called interbasket, so this must be true.

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