Rumour #1: This is from a couple days ago, but considering there were not great rumorus today, it was reshuffled across the internet and also RT’s by yours truly:

Analysis: Joe Dumars is known to do stuff that’s batshit crazy, so you never know, you can discuss this in the forums.

Rumour #2: Next up, we have this half-speculation, half innocent tweet:

Analysis: Highly unlikely, mostly due to DeRozan not being able to shoot, and also DeRozan making $9.5M dollars. They let Kevin Martin walk for 4yr/$30M, and as sure as the sun rises in the East, they ain’t going to pay more than that for DeRozan.

Rumour #3: This has been floating around since last night, and got enough run to have a forum thread created.

Analysis: He’s from Minnesota, and with Minny splashing money around on Budinger and Martin, they need low-paid role players, so Anderson fits the bill.

Rumour #4: Camby not playing for the Raptors.

Toronto sources say Ujiri does not yet have a landing spot for Camby but the Raptors GM does have more than a week to find a way to flip him for some other asset. Not doing so risks having to buy Camby out of the last guaranteed year of his contract and get nothing in return for the veteran centre.



Rumour #5: Raptors might sign Vassilis Spanoulis

“an NBA team that was interested in Spanoulis several months ago and was leaked then they wanted to sign him this summer. This same team, has just changed their general manager.”

So, I can say this must be Toronto Raptors, as this is only team I can remember in media was reported several months ago interest in getting Spanoulis supposedly in summer. And since Raptors just made a new GM move, well, it must be this team.

Analysis: The poster who reported this is called interbasket, so this must be true.

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  • Jamshid

    Moving Gay would be a clear indication that we are blowing it up. I would love to see DD traded. I want to see Ross and Big Val getting most of the minutes next year.

    • Duncan

      ross not ready for big minutes. give him anderson’s instead. then see how he goes with it

      • arsenalist

        Unless we’re tanking, then it’s totally cool for Ross to play 48 minutes a night.

        • Jamshid

          Celtics and Philly are both tanking. 2014 is suppose to be one of the best drafts in recent years. why not tank and just go for it ?

          • Duncan

            because boston, philly, orlando, charlotte, washington, milwaukee, suns and hawks will all be looking to win the lotto and keep building/ start to do so. there is no chance we can suck enough to win wiggins or maybe even get top 5. plus the 5th and 6th seed are open for the picking, so why not bring some joy to toronto. and if BK collapses, we could get 3rd seed. that is if their experiment fails à la Lakers

  • raptorspoo

    Only way I can see a Detroit – Gay trade was if it involved something like Stuckey, CharlieV, and 2014 1st rd pick (and maybe Knight)… which is something I would do in a heartbeat.

    Stuckey and CharlieV would be throw ins to make the deal work but main parts would be for next years 1st rounder plus possibly Knight.

  • Rick

    All these stupid talks of blowing it up. Tanking crap! People think that’s actually the best move. Wake up fools. Rudy and demar and the best wings since Vince left. It’s not getting any better through the drafts. We won’t land wiggins. And we definitely aren’t aquiring free agents. Why not let these guys show what they can do. Personally I would package Ross and someone else to see off we could pick up a pf or pg!!! People think Ross is nba ready and ready to fill demars shoes. Why would you trade dd. stupid moves to even consider.

    • Dr Scooby

      why not we’re over the cap and the only other option is status quo (mediocrity)

      maybe if we’re really lucky we’ll get into the 8-6 spot and bow out in the 1st round of the playoffs…yeaaaah..

    • So you think there’s a better chance that Gay and DeRozan will become good enough to make the Raptors a contender than of the team tanking and landing one of the 5 or 6 possible elite players that will be coming out in 2014?

      Since you’re saying you sure the Raptors won’t land Wiggins, let me raise that by stating there is no way in hell a team lead by Gay and DeRozan will get past the first round of the playoffs.

      • ItsAboutFun

        ,,,,,,,,,,,, and if they do,,,,,,,,,,,,, you’ll cease patting yourself on the back and tooting your own horn every day for us? please?

      • george resko

        Gay and derozan are good young talent and i dont get this ross shit hes not tht good hes the same age as demar. Theres no camparison derozan is better the him and we cud get on from the first round if we took lee instead of novak and camby

        • Well, there are a lot of people who see Gay and DeRozan as flawed, inefficient players who simply aren’t good enough to ever lead a team to contention.

          And Ross is two years younger than DeRozan. He’s a much better shooter and defender than DeRozan was at the same age.

          • RaptorFan

            Just so you know….Ross is actually 22 (since February 5th) and Derozan is still 23 (until August 7th). You can spout all the defence and shooting numbers you want BUT Demar belongs in the NBA and IS MUCH Better than Ross at this point.

            We should’ve picked Andre Drummond anyways! Ross was a reach….

            Tanking or no tanking I would rather keep Demar. 9.5 Million is not a lot for an improving 23 year old SG who is arguably top 3 player on the team. Did you see what Tyreke was offered? 11 Million per!

            • The fact is that DeRozan is two years older than Ross, but has already played 4 seasons and nearly 10,000 minutes. DeRozan is better right now because he’s played more and has more experience.

              I do agree the Raptors should have picked Drummond, but not because Ross wasn’t good, but because Colangelo was intent on his ridiculous accelerated rebuild and had little talent on the team so needed a home run. Ross has talent. He needs to develop.

              As for DeRozan being a top 3 player on the team, is that really a case to keep him? The Raptors are a 35 win team. Being the third best player on a 35 win team isn’t a reason to be untouchable. And as I mentioned in my column today, Evans getting a stupid contract does not make DeRozan’s look better.

              • One relaxed guy

                I agree with Tim W. DD is not that good and he sure as hell isn’t the player that team needs to build around or keep him as a starting SG for that matter. Yes, he’s still young. But his defense is really bad, he basically has no 3pt shot, poor ability or little desire to pass the ball to other guys and bad court vision. He’s not that effective as it may see when you look how many points he averages per game. If Raptors would trade him, Ross can easily be the starting SG with FIelds coming of the bench. I’m pretty sure Ross offensively can do at least half of things what DD does. I know that sounds like I’m objecting to myself, but I think that DD’s role offensively and it’s importance is starting to fade away. The way JV is improving it looks like he can be pretty decent scorer to this team and he really needs to get the ball far more often + Ross offensively can look pretty much the same as DD and he also has an actual 3 pt shot + Lowry (the way he played in the 2nd half of the season, trying to be pass first and create PG) should be getting more touches in the offense as well. And if we divide the number of shot attempts that DD averages per game and give all of his shots to these fellas that I’ve mentioned, you won’t even notice the lack of DD’s presence at all. And I don’t even want to talk about his efficiency on the defensive end. Finally, I think that in 2-3 years Ross will eventually be better than DD. I would be looking to trade him for PF or a back up PG + picks, or just trade him in order to tank.

  • One relaxes guy

    Vassilis Spanoulis was the best player this year in Euroleague. A very good PG, but not that good when it comes to NBA level. He’s not athletic or fast enough. It would be really difficult for him to guard strong and fast PG’s here but as a secondary PG he can be ok. Worth looking into but that’s a risky option..

  • Amigo

    Next season is a wash. Period. I m not spending many for Raptors over the next 15 months.

  • Deadallus

    I don’t get tanking. History indicats that the worst team does not win the lottery the majority of the time.

    • You’re increasing your odds. The lower you finish, the better your odds of winning the lottery. Whether or not last place teams have won in the past is not an indication of whether or not it will work in the future.

      And you’ve got zero odds of winning the lottery if you are an eighth seed in the playoffs.