PhD Steve tagged out for this edition of the Rapcast, so sexy nurse Blake Murphy did some late-night office hours. Zarar Sidiqi (Arsenalist) took a spot on that weird table with the protective paper, and together they examined a handful of Raptors topics.

Terribly awkward pre-amble aside, here’s what the guys broke down:

  • How you can watch a game with the RR crew and PLAY on the ACC practice court with us.
  • A farewell to Andrea Bargnani and best of luck to him.
  • Was the return for Il Mago enough? How do Knicks fans feel?
  • Was the Stuckey-Charlie for Gay rumor based in reality?
  • Should Gay be on the move?
  • Does Ujiri plan to tank? Reasons for and against, and our preference.
  • Which Raptors have the most and least trade value?
  • Who’s a target at PG2 and PF2?
  • Should Kyle Lowry extension discussions take place?

Make sure to get in on the pre-sale, below-cost tickets, and the ACC scrimmage – you simply can’t get a better ticket, at a better location, for a better game.

Grab the iTunes feed or the plain old feed. You can also download the file (39:08, 36 MB). Or just listen below:

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8 Responses to “Rapcast #163: Goodbye to Bargnani, No Thanks to Tanking”

  1. raptorspoo

    You guys want to have your cake and eat it too.

    If your goal is not tanking then what is it? Winning a championship? Building our youngsters to be something that they’re not? Stop it with the “let’s hope we win lots and somehow be lucky in the lottery”. You’re being silly.

    If we got rid of Gay and DD, how hard would they be to replace? Just looking at this year i’ll tell you it’ll take about $25 mil in cap space to replace them. EASY! Pick two of Iggy, Tyreke, Smith, Jefferson, etc.

    Tank and then pick up your DDs or Gays, if you want them. You can always replace one-dimensional players with deficiencies, easy. You can’t always get a potential superstar.

    • raptorspoo

      Just to add to the last comment.

      Without DD, Gay and say Lowry, how many games do you think the Raptors will win?

      Yes, there are a lot of teams trying to tank but we’d be pretty crappy I tell ya.

  2. mountio

    Nice pod. First, i have to agree with raptorspoo. Either you are in on tanking and thus you think its worth downgrading now for a chance at better player(s) in the draft or you are out, in which case we will not have a lottery pick. You cant have it both ways. And by the way, if we keep all of our players (ie Gay and DD in particular) and STILL miss the playoffs in this season where teams are tanking galore, isnt that the worst case scenario, because it just speaks to how shitty those players are (and thus how useless they are as part of building a future).
    Also, on your argument that Gay MIGHT be an expiring contract of sorts next year because he MIGHT not pick up his player option .. i think thats a pretty loose argument. While technically possible, I cant see why that would be a rational reason to keep him. Keep him because you think hes a good player .. thats fine, but Im just not buying the expiring argument (especially because as a trade piece he will never act like an expiring because other teams will never know for sure whether or not he will pick up his option)
    Finally .. Im still venting about this .. but its really annoying that TR (and JV) didnt get more playing time last year .. because we dont have a great way to know whether or not he could step in for either RG or DD if they got traded. I THINK he will be a good addition (maybe even better than DD) – but its hard to know given his spotty minutes last year. Thanks Casey for that one …

    • Copywryter

      Agreed. This “keep these players, miss the playoffs” has been our MO for a long time now, yet every off season we get the same fan (and formerly GM) shibboleths about how player x is going to develop into something special and our core group just needs whatever it needs that year (full camp, fewer injuries, camouflage uniforms, water wings, more pasta, etc.)

      It’s like no one remembers the years that went before.

      Nobody really wants to tank. I don’t. Losing sucks. But relentless optimism about this team in the face of the cold hard craptacular truth is just insanity masquerading as fandom.

      • SR

        Yes! The Raptors have been this way quite literally for every year of their existence save for a couple of Vince Carter Seasons. EVERY OTHER OFFSEASON has been so much like this one for exactly the reasons you’ve stated. 3 out of 4 times the team misses the playoffs the following season, and once every few years there’s a quick first round exit. I don’t know about other fans, but I don’t find that exciting.

        The talent disparity between this roster, even considering an optimal forecast, and the top 5-6 teams in the league is huge. Huge.

  3. Jamshid

    Arsenalist, I had the same reaction to the Gay news …

    As I said before, People need to think who we gave up to get a guy like Gay and what he has accomplished during the past season for his value to soar like this ??

    Blake, as far as Gay saying NO to 19 million USD next year … You are simply dreaming. I am willing to bet you anything that he will take that option and will not pass on 19 million …

    • ItsAboutFun

      Did you understand the concept that was presented? Iggy just passed on a $16M contract to do the same,,, as in take less per year, but for more guaranteed years. He’s not the first and won’t be the last.


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