It’s Zarar’s birthday! Everyone should wish him a happy birthday and thank him for all the time and work he puts in here at RR.

“Even when I’m old and grey, I won’t be able to play it, but I’ll still love the game.” – Michael Jordan
“I’m getting old and grey, couldn’t play anyway, but this game’s alright when the Raptors aren’t tanking.” – Revised for Arsenalist

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  • Nilanka15

    Happy birthday dude. Really appreciate the work you’ve put in here over the years. Thanks!

  • BlakeMurphy

    Just realized the ultimate troll job would be to go into the editor and change it so this post was posted by Zarar. Megalomaniac.

  • Crank

    Happy Birthday dude – been a long-time reader (from the days when it was FAQ, Fluxland, and a few other guys (or girls – pretty sure guys though) talking hoops.


      Ahh, the good ol day…

  • Brian Gerstein

    Happy Birthday Zarar. I am really looking forward to meeting and playing with you July 25th. As the “Raptors Devotee” I also double as an “Arse Devotee” as well, as you rock.

  • thegloveinrapsuniform

    u old as dirt. hehehe happy bday!

  • d_ulder

    Happy B’day old man – discovered the site in 2010, visit daily since. Unfortunately, can’t make it to the ACC event later this month as I’m in Montreal.

  • ItsAboutFun

    Happy birthday! I don’t often agree with your views, but appreciate all the effort.

  • vino

    happy birthday, thanks for all the work!

  • arsenalist

    Thanks guys. Blake – thanks for the post.

    • Nils L.

      Hey Z. I missed this earlier. Happy birthday brutha and thanks for everything you do here at RR.

    • flats

      hey arse r u not posting on raptors republic as arsenalist anymore>?

  • HogyG

    Happy Birthday! What a present you could get, the Dwightmare just MIGHT come to an end today. Thank you for all the effort you and your cohorts put into our passion for everything Raptors related.

  • Timo in Waterloo

    Have a grand day, I’ll raise a glass in your honour. Go Raps !

  • Jack Hodgins

    Happy Birthday man keep doing what you do!

    • Jerry Garcia

      When next in Lethbridge….Dinner and Drinks on me !! Thanks for your passion !

  • tonious35

    Happy Arse Day!


    Happy Birthday, ZS!