Coverage starts at 10:30PM EST

The timeline will update automatically, no need to refresh page.
Free Live Stream: Link
NBA HQ Stream (Costs $): Link
Box Score: Link

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  • Ericcoach8

    Pretty sure the game is at 1030 est

    • arsenalist

      You are correct.

  • Patrick Jacob

    Is the game on NBA TV Canada? I see the Denvers vs Milwaukee game right now…

  • redyjohn

    I don’t see it on nba tv cana.

  • jkwasia

    Nba tv CANADA and we cant even watch canada’s only team smh

  • drew

    no links on the free stream 🙁

  • Jack Hodgins

    No way of watching it 🙁

  • Patrick Jacob

    NBA TV Canada must have forgotten that the Raptors are Canadian…Really unfortunate

  • WhiteVegas

    This sites streams are working for me.

    Real sloppy so far

  • Minks77

    all I get is denver/Milwaukee even from other sites

  • Adeyan

    You can also get it on NBA League Pass. All Games of Summer League for $14.99

  • Minks77

    vala looks a little fat

    • Minks77

      …but still outclassing everyone else

  • jkwasia

    can someone tweet nba tv canada and tell dem there clowns for not showing the raps game

  • John

    This is such a waste for Val.

    • face_block

      Nobody’s passing him the ball…Miami’s doubling him too now.

  • Slip

    Where’s Stone? I don’t even see him on the box score. Did they decide not to sign him?

    • Andrey

      He didn’t pass his physical so Raptors won’t sign him.

      • dcon

        sign him yet… the door’s suppose to be open for him to sign, once he recovers from an injury.