I lied, this isn’t much of a preview. The Raptors lost yesterday to the Heat despite a strong first-half showing from Jonas Valanciunas. Quincy Acy was effective, but Terrence Ross was not. The guards were poor and Chris Wright stood out despite missing about 43 free throws.

I did see the Spurs beat the Bobcats a couple days ago in summer league, with Canadian Cory Joseph hitting the game winner. The second game in a row where there’s some Canadian content on the opposition (Myck Kabongo played for Miami).

As I don’t have much of a life, I’ll be live tweeting this baby at @RRGameTime.

Coverage starts at 10:30PM EST

The timeline will update automatically, no need to refresh page.
Free Live Stream: Link
NBA HQ Stream (Costs $): Link

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7 Responses to “Raptors vs Spurs Preview, Live Blog, Streams – @RRGameTime”

  1. Bruce Waynphy

    Is the “best HD TV Player” safe to install on the streaming link? Or will I be signing my computer away to Europe?

    • John

      not safe. looks likes its loaded with spyware. Use the firstrow1 link above.


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