The Raptors went 2-1 in the round robin, securing a bye through this weird bracket style tournament’s first round and into today’s second round. They’ll square off with the Denver Nuggets and look to build on…I don’t know, whatever you build on with a team of four guys you care about and a bunch of also-rans. So far the story has been Jonas Valanciunas – he’s been excellent scoring the ball and rebounding but has been in foul trouble (pretend foul trouble since it takes 417 fouls to foul out of a summer league game) and has had some turnover trouble. Then again, he’s seeing a lot of doubles and way more touches than he’s used to, so the learning curve is an expected one.

This one will be live-tweeted, complete with random trolling, at @RRGameTime.

Coverage starts at 6:00PM EST

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  • slpz90

    Champagne on ice…

  • cdub

    the games on NBATV live for those that didn’t know

  • mike, prague

    Wow Jonas has a Tat … Anyone else notice?

    • mike, prague

      Right shoulder …

  • Sugarbear

    Bad basketball is still basketball. PLAYOFFS!!!!!!

  • pky_rdy

    Although I appreciate the link to the free streaming of this game…everyone should know that in order to watch the game through that link you will have to be comfortable with being completely swamped by pop ups and ads….that site will test your patience to say the least

    • Van Grungy

      You need to get the Firefox addon called ‘NoScript’

  • TorontoHusky

    Val is a BEAST!! Good to see him taking care of business.