The NBA released next season’s schedule and there are a few interesting things for Raptor fans.

They open the season at home against the Celtics, lead by Canada’s own Kelly Olynyk.

November and December, as usual, look tough, with the Raptors facing every single Conference semi-finalist at least once, including both Miami, San Antonio and New York twice and Chicago three times.

Those first two months also feature 12 back-to-back games, including 6 in their first 7.

Speaking of the Knicks, Andrea Bargnani makes his return the the Air Canada Centre on December 28th. I expect a full house for that one.

9 of the 14 games in December are on the road.

In April, 7 of the 8 games will be against either playoff teams (Houston, Indiana and New York (twice)) or teams that have made it clear they will be fighting for a playoff spot come hell or high water (Detroit, Milwaukee (twice)). That will make things difficult if the Raptors are fighting for a playoff spot, or possibly easy if the Raptors decide to tank.

Here is the entire Raptors’ schedule.

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  • DDD

    i believe we can do it

    • FAQ

      that’s one small “i”… lol

      • DDD

        I better?

  • Andrey

    there are not gonna make it

    • FAQ

      By the February trade deadline, MU will empty out this roster of all it’s ‘star’ players and blow it up but good … believe it..!!!

  • Salo

    I forecast a repeat of last year’s record coming!!

    • FAQ

      … or three-peat …!!!!

  • arsenalist

    Ladies and gents, we’re starting off 6-9 and I’d like everyone to note my call here:

    v BOS W
    @ ATL L
    @ MIL L
    v MIA L
    @ CHA W
    @ IND L
    v UTA W
    @ HOU L
    @ MEM L
    v CHI L
    v POR W
    @ PHI W
    v WAS W
    v BKN L
    v MIA L

    • johng_3

      I think the first 3 are winnable. The Hawks and MIL are not better than the Raps imo.

      • SR

        Ahhh, the optimism for the hometown team. I don’t like ATL or MIL one bit, but those are two playoff teams and, lest we forget, the Raptors have yet to prove they aren’t going to be a lottery team again. At this point the reasonable thing to do is to predict losses. Sure the Raps may hit the next level and start beating these teams in 2013/14, but at this point they haven’t shown us that yet, and no major roster acquisitions can give you the argument that they’ve leapfrogged some playoff teams.

        Internal development! Everybody’s hoping for some internal development and better synergy, including ATL and MIL.

        • SR

          Last year ATL was 25-16 at home, MIL was 21-20, Raps were 13-28 on the road. Odds are they lose those games (although I agree they’re winnable – that’s just the less likely outcome).

          Of course you may argue that one summer of development for Jonas and Rudy’s new eyes are going to flip 25-16 vs. 13-28 on its head within the first 3 games of the season. Go ahead and make that argument.

      • FAQ

        Avoid ‘thinking’… thinking hurts … particularly about the Raptors. Just watch with an open and empty mind, and above all try not to form premature conclusions or getting frustrated and angry. Drinking beer beats thinking too…..

    • Roarque

      You really need a vacation before the season starts. Go ahead, take the family to the lake, or at least go to Canada’s Wonderland for one day. Loses to Atlanta, Milwaukee, Utah shown as sure things represents an MBA* to me.
      * Major Bad Attitude

      • arsenalist

        I have Utah as a win.

    • Tim W.

      At this point, I’m predicting 11-18 at New Year’s. If that is the record, what would fans want the team to do? Is fighting for a playoff spot really that smart when you’re 7 games under .500 going into January?

      • c_bcm

        If we aren’t .500 after the so called tough start to the season, then they clearly aren’t going to do too much in the playoffs. I’d S-can the rest of the season and see if we can get some draft picks. I really like how Houston acquired so many picks with the Harden deal. They don’t have to get back lottery picks necessarily, mid teens would be fine.

    • FAQ

      What??!!! You think this disparate roster of newbies and oldies will “gel” instantaneously to produce 6 wins.. or 4 wins.. or 2 wins???? Why does it feel like deja vu all over again … for the 5th time..??!!!

  • hyperdouche

    After the Jennings and Ellis trades, I would disagree on the ‘Milwaukee as playoff contender’ statement.

    • Tim W.

      Both Jennings and Ellis are incredibly inefficient chuckers, both of whom play poor defense and make bad decisions. Honestly, I don’t think Milwaukee will miss them all that much.

  • Dov Shalit

    You CANNOT seriously use the words “playoff” and “Detroit” in the same sentence, unless you also use the phrase “no chance in hell”

    • Tim W.

      From top to bottom, are the Raptors any more talented than Detroit?

  • Dr. Scooby

    I love following the Raptors and have done so for many. many challenging years. But I cannot abide with all the homer-ism of some fans. “Rudy’s eyes are better, Big V is stronger, Lowry is in great shape, DD gonna hit his 3pt shot this season…”

    Fine be optimistic, but don’t underestimate other teams in the East. Most writers and bloggers have the Raps ranked 22-20 overall. For all y’all cheering for that magic Raptor season – that means the Raps are ranked in the bottom third of the league. You know, I’m okay with that, because they finally have the opportunity to make changes to the roster this season and next that will likely have a positive effect on the compete of this team in the future.

    Leiweke and Masai have promised that this franchise will compete for
    championships and not merely for playoff spots – in other words, a change from what
    this team has been and is now (a non-competitive franchise)

    • What the

      more balls please …43 wins or Wiggins?

    • FAQ

      “…homer-ism of some fans.” … aka t.h.f.’s (tribal honking fans), the scourge of RR..!!!

  • FAQ

    Wonder if FLUXLAND is due for an infrequent appearance… or is he waiting for everybody to make absolute azzes of themselves first… hmmmm…. I sense he’s lurking … fluxxy.. you there???