Some Raptors Firings and a Rudy Gay Trade Rumour

‘Sup.  Couple of things.

Sam Amico suggests that the Raptors are still looking to trade Rudy Gay:

Reader: If you had to predict a player who could be this year’s James Harden (i.e. big name player traded prior to start of the season), who would it be?

Amico: I’ll go with Rudy Gay. Raptors still open to moving him if they can get something decent in return.

The Raptors have let go of Marc Eversley, Steve Fruitman and Graeme McIntosh.  Eversley was VP of College Scouting. Fruitman was a Senior Director of Basketball Administration, and McIntosh was Manager, Basketball Administration.  This information is courtesy of Eric Koreen.

That’s your afternoon round-up.

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