‘Sup.  Couple of things.

Sam Amico suggests that the Raptors are still looking to trade Rudy Gay:

Reader: If you had to predict a player who could be this year’s James Harden (i.e. big name player traded prior to start of the season), who would it be?

Amico: I’ll go with Rudy Gay. Raptors still open to moving him if they can get something decent in return.

The Raptors have let go of Marc Eversley, Steve Fruitman and Graeme McIntosh.  Eversley was VP of College Scouting. Fruitman was a Senior Director of Basketball Administration, and McIntosh was Manager, Basketball Administration.  This information is courtesy of Eric Koreen.

That’s your afternoon round-up.

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  • Nilanka15

    Geez, Ujiri’s doing a great job of keeping his cards close to his chest. We still have no idea what his goals, expectations, or game plan is.

    Does he keep the current core in tact and see how they mesh, or does he strip away the ugly contracts, and aim for a clean slate?

    I’m sure HE knows exactly what he’s doing….but as fans, it’s strange analyzing this from multiple angles and still not having a clue as to what to expect.

  • Casey Sherman

    If my read on Ujiri is accurate, he won’t take a deal unless it’s really really good. And to be honest with the way Gay played last season who’s going to offer big for him? I think Rudy’s trade value is low right now but his potential isn’t, and I really hope a crap deal doesn’t go through

  • corleonee

    Ujiri has made the game plan for the raptors clear with his recent signings of psycho t, augustin etc. low risk, cheap contracts not guaranteed past the 1st year. he wants to see what he has in the first couple months…and then blow shit up. derozan, gay, lowry are all going to be gone by this time next year. he is going to rebuild through the draft, there’s no
    “superstar” on this roster like a carmelo that’s going to bring in a haul of players like he was able to orchestrate in denver. grunwald is a fool for trading those picks for andrea anyway…the same guy who sent all those players for melo’ even though the entire basketball world knew that melo wasn’t going to sign with anyone but the knicks at seasons end come july 1st. face it, the raptors are doomed to start from scratch again….this time they have the “summer league mvp” to build around for the future.

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