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We’re a little disappointed by the outcome of the Raptors logo contest and feel that there are enough artists out there than can blow that and all the other designs out of the water.   I have faith that readers and casual visitors to this site can come up with a brand redesign that will catch the Raptors’ attention, and who knows, they may even consider it as the official logo.  Here’s your chance to play a part in Raptors history (other than being a long-suffering fan).

As an incentive, the top prize as selected by fan voting, will win a DeMar DeRozan official jersey and two tickets to a Raptors game this season (we’ll give you a bunch of games to pick from and you can make your own selection).  Top three get free publicity on Raptors Republic for a month (hopefully this will help promote your work).

The DeRozan jersey is being given away courtesy of RR-reader, Brian Gerstein (@RaptorsDevotee),  who also happens to be a great real estate agent that you’ll actually like.  Guess which one he is in this picture.  Make sure to check out his website as well:, or email him at

Rules and How To Enter:

  1. Submit your designs to to along with a short (1-2 sentence) description of the theme you’ve chosen and why.
  2. You can submit whatever you like, it can be a logo, a design concept, a color palette, a mocked up jersey, anything goes as long as you get your point across.
  3. You are free to call the team the Raptors or the Huskies – whatever you prefer.

Actually, that’s it, that really is all there is to it.  We’ll compile a poll and vote on it later.  Deadline for entry is August 21st at 6PM EST.

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25 Responses to “Your Chance to Rebrand The Raptors – Winner Gets DeRozan Jersey, Tickets, Fame”

  1. Ian Reynolds

    But… the jersey we have is nice. And that Ball/Claw logo is great. And I like the name. But.. But… but.

  2. Vimsanity

    Do we design both the jersey and logo, like The Star’s contest? If we’re designing the jerseys as well, are there any particular templates we should use?

    • Vimsanity

      Looks like the Raptor has been working down at the nuclear power plant for a few too many years now…

      • smh

        LOL, in the spirit of the “original raptor naming contest”, may we present the “2 headed Radiocative Toronto Kaijus!”

    • tross_31

      My eyes…they don’t work anymore. I guess this is what you get for having the Toronto Star organize a design contest.

  3. Mikey Butz

    not doing it for free, assholes. a player’s fart is worth more than my life; why should this be done for free?

  4. M1GO

    Can’t believe Amir liked that design… And of the designs I submitted, I can’t believe they selected the most hideous one to show in their slideshow….

  5. Paul

    I’m surprised how many fans want to keep the name Raptors. I didn’t realize Jurassic Park was still so popular. Seriously, if this team was created in 2009 we would be called the Avatars.

    • cdub

      The Raptors are an established brand it doesn’t really have any relation to a 20 year old movie anymore…I’m sure it served as inspiration at the time but raptors existed long before Jurassic park was made. the lets go huskies chant doesn’t work for me. that name is right up there with grizzlies in terms of crapiness. I also like the claw logo and don’t get what all the fuss is about, they jsut need to exterminate the barney logo for good and we are all set.

  6. Buschfire

    From these submission I have to say I like 16 – 20 Time Frankiw’s Huskies logo looks good, but he needs to work on the uniforms. Corbin Portillo’s TO symbol on the logo and jersey looks good and the Huskie logo at least looks agressive, again the uniform needs to be worked on. I also like 25 the logo done by Matthew Staysna (winner), but again the uniform needs to be worked on…

    I remember when the original contest took place back in 94? 95? was it, we were almost called the Toronto Thunder. too bad OKC took that name… I wouldn’t of minded that switch.

  7. spursFC

    Change the jersey sure, whatever, but I just hope they never change the team’s name.The logo is what made me a fan when I was a kid. It wasn’t just some bland “ball with a word over it” logo like the Lakers have, it was a god damn dinosaur.

    Whatever design they decide to go with, I hope we at least get those original purple raptor-on-the-front throwbacks eventually.

  8. Shayne

    Toronto needs a new brand. Something that appeals to the city and fans through out canada can be excited about. The Raptor is as played out as the black and red color scheme many other teams use.


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