Since it’s August and there’s really absolute nothing to talk about in the NBA, we’ve seen articles about everything from the top 100 players in 2017LeBron’s lack of hair and the worst team nicknames in the NBA, which does not look kindly on the Raptors’s name, I thought I’d join the fun and take a look exactly where the Raptors could be one year from now.

To me, there are three likely scenarios, and I will briefly look at all of them.



The Raptors start the season better than expected, and begin January in sixth place in the East and above .500, prompting Ujiri to stick with the current roster. Unwilling, or unable, to find a trade that will improve the roster, the team is able to gel throughout the season and continue to play above .500 ball in January and February. Rudy Gay is mentioned as a possible All Star, but fails to get voted onto the team by the coaches. After the snub, he goes on a tear for the month of February, averaging 25 ppg.

After a tough April, the Raptors nab the seventh seed and make the playoffs for the first time in six years, finishing with their best record since 2007. Long-suffering Raptor fans bask in the glory of the playoffs, as small children learn, for the first time, what the playoffs are actually like.

Unfortunately, success is short-lived and the Raptors are bounced in the first round by the healthy Derrick Rose-lead Chicago Bulls team. Jonas Valanciunas and DeMar DeRozan, in their first NBA playoff appearance, struggle against the tough Chicago defense. Valanciunas shows toughness and grit, despite turning the ball over repeatedly against the swarming front line for the Bulls. Kyle Lowry tries to do too much and has a disappointing playoffs after a career best regular season.

After the season ends, Gay decides to opt out of his contract, after a career best season, and become a free agent during an offseason when a record number of teams have cap room. After being courted by the Lakers, Dallas and Cleveland, Gay decides to re-sign with Toronto for close to the max.

Lowry finds the market for point guards fairly soft, despite a career year from him and plenty of teams with cap room, and re-signs for $9 million a season.

With the team capped out, and not a whole lot of tradable assets, the Raptors sign a couple of veterans, but fail to improve the team in the offseason. The oft repeated mantra becomes “internal development” and all eyes turn to Valanciunas, with questions being asked about whether he has the potential to become the elite player the Raptors need to make the next step.



The Raptors have a better November and December than expected, finishing close to .500. Ujiri takes the wait and see approach, but isn’t offered a trade he feels will improve the team before the trade deadline, although several Raptor names come up in rumours. The trade rumours seem to hurt the team, and they struggle in the month before the deadline.

Once the deadline passes, the team seems to get back on track and it appears as thought they will have a good chance at making the playoffs. Unfortunately, Lowry comes up lame at the beginning of March and misses two weeks. That coincides with DeRozan suddenly regressing from the three point line after finally seeing improvement in that area.

The team goes 2-6 in the month of April and end up 10th in the East with a 40-42 record, which takes them out of the playoffs. Ujiri faces a lot of tough questions about why he didn’t make a trade that would either improve the team, or help them get a top pick in the draft.

The Raptors fail to jump up in the lottery and select 13th, grabbing James McAdoo, a solid, but unspectacular forward. Ujiri tries but fails to move up in the draft, with teams asking for the Raptors draft pick AND Valanciunas for a top five pick.

Andrew Wiggins is selected by the Charlotte Bobcats who finally win the lottery. Charlotte Hornet jerseys with the number 22 start appearing on the streets of Toronto and in rap videos. Michael Jordan says it’s fitting Wiggins wears 22 because he’ll never be as good as 23.

Dwane Casey’s contract isn’t renewed and the Raptors search for a new coach.

Rudy Gay opts out and, after they strike out trying to sign LeBron James, signs with the Lakers for less than what the Raptors were offering him. Disgruntled Raptor fans start making Rudy is Gay signs and start planing to attend the only home game against the Lakers so they can boo him. Kobe starts following Gay on Twitter. DeRozan stops.

Lowry re-signs with the Raptors for $9 million.

The Raptors, armed with about $8 million in cap room, but in competition with numerous teams with far more cap room and more success, fail to sign a noteworthy free agent and fans start to call for Ujiri’s resignation. Raptor fans start looking at the 2015 draft, wondering if Jahlil Okafor would be able to play with Valanciunas.



After struggling out of the gate and going 7-13 in their first 20 games, Ujiri decides to blow the team up and starts getting busy on December 15th (when free agents signed during the offseason may be traded), trading Gay, DeRozan, Lowry, and Steve Novak before Christmas for draft picks, prospects and players no one wants.

Valanciunas, now the number one option, sees his scoring numbers rocket up and by the All Star break he’s averaging 18 ppg and 9 rpg, but the extra offensive responsibility has an effect on the defensive end, where he struggles.

Amir Johnson misses an extended period due to injury for the first time as a Raptor. While he practices with the team, he is kept out for “medical reasons, Casey says. When asked whether the team is throwing the season, Ujiri smiles and claims that tough decisions have to be made and the emphasis is on developing the young players.He denies the team is tanking.

After watching two months of D.J. Augustin running the offense, Raptor fans start flooding the forums with trade proposals for Jose Calderon, now in a starting battle with Shane Larkin, in Dallas.

After Quincy Acy starts a career best 34 games, the Raptors finish 25-57, tied for the fourth worst record in the league. The entire Raptor fanbase holds it’s collective breath on lottery night. Although they fail to move up to the number one slot, they do end up getting the third one and select Dante Exum with the third pick, after failing to secure a deal for the number one draft pick and the chance to select Andrew Wiggins.

The Raptors are able to acquire another lottery pick, using the assets acquired for Gay, DeRozan and Lowry, and grab Glenn Robinson Jr.

Raptor fans start arguing that Exum actually has more potential than Wiggins, and will end up being the best player from the draft in five years.


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  • Kate C

    These all sound terrifyingly possible.

  • AllmyfavRapsplayforDallas

    I think the worst and most annoying thing about the raptors is the constant dreary pessimism from people who write about the raptors. Being realistic is one thing, but for me the joy of watching sports is in its unpredictability, and it would be great to see one goddamn person writing about the raptors who didn’t make every article portray the mood of an obituary. I have loved the raptors since the first season when I was 8 years old and every season I at least try to be an optimist because I think being a fan is more fun if you entertain the possibility of great success no matter what team you cheer for. It just seems like so many raptors writers have nothing better to do than come up with depressing doomsday scenarios. Id rather have high hopes and be disapointed than to have no hope from the start.

    • Andrey

      Shit that every pessimist says: “I’m a realist”. Some fans are funny though. “I hate the name Raptors, I hate VC, I hate Demar, Rudy Gay, Terrence Ross, Bargnani, I hate the front office, I hate the coach, I hate the jerseys, I hate the court but I’m die hard Raptors till I die” How does that even work?

      • 2damkule

        it ‘works’ because no fan actually ‘hates’* all of the things you mention; those who you’d classify as a ‘pessimist’ merely ‘hate’* one or two or three of them. that doesn’t make them a non-fan, it makes them a fan who’s able to see the team’s flaws.

        *fans don’t – or shouldn’t – actually ‘hate’ any of of the players; we may not like the skills (or lack of) certain players have, and would perhaps prefer to see those players toiling elsewhere, but that doesn’t mean they are ‘hated.’

        as for the article itself…sorry, but one of those three options (or an amalgam) is almost certainly to play out, perhaps not the specifics, but in general. anyone who looks at this roster & sees anything other than a low-seed (6-8) & 1st round ouster this year as the high-water mark is pretty oblivious to how an actual contending (i.e. one with a legit shot at advancing at least beyond the 1st/2nd round) team is built. that’s not to say there is no possibility they can build on whatever success they have this year, or that things can’t turn out better (or worse), but that it isn’t going to happen this year. that’s not necessarily a bad thing…if they perform above expectations, then that’s a sign that the core may be developing ahead of schedule, and that the core itself may (MAY) be of good enough quality to build on. or at least fool other GMs into thinking that certain players are worth giving up something of value for in trade.

        • Andrey

          Yeah…I guess you’re right.

        • c_bcm

          A better word for “hate” would be “skeptical”. The word skeptical implies that you have a healthy sense of perspective on where your expectations lay relative to the expectations of others (meaning the fans of other teams). It also means that you remain to be convinced, implying that if something were to happen that convinced you that your skepticism was misplaced, that you can admit that you were wrong.

          I probably don’t have enough skepticism when thinking and cheering for the Raptors.

        • onemanweave

          Writing off a seventh-place finish and first-round exit as bad things, may be a tad pessimistic. To ‘fail’ like that, the team will have to play decent basketball and it will give most of the players their first touch of playoff basketball. Some may develop a taste for it.
          As for the tank version — will Exum, Robinson and JV lead us to a title in 14? 15? 16? Ever?
          Guess we’ll have to stay tuned for a few years. Would rather spend them watching pretty good basketball than pretty bad basketball. I’ve seen a bit of the latter and can’t say I like it.

      • You might have a point if all the criticism of the organization over the years hasn’t been warranted and ended up being pretty right.

    • ItsAboutFun

      In my humble opinion, the constant critics/complainers fit into two basic categories, though some seem to fit both.

      There’s the self-proclaimed “former optimists” who say their hearts have been broken too often, so they aren’t happy until they see proof of championship material. Why they feel the need to share this over and over and over again, I have no idea. These are like the bratty kids we all see in the malls who scream and stamp their feet for what they feel they’re self-entitled to. When they don’t get it, they then sulk and cry the rest of their day away. To these, I’d like to quote Frank Zappa in “Broken Hearts Are For ……..”.

      Then there the self-proclaimed “Realists” who fit the concept of “those that can’t do, criticize”. It’s one thing to be a constant critic when that’s what your livelihood is, a la the departed Siskel & Ebert for movies. But then we have “realistic fans” of a sports team who incessantly criticize in blogs or blog/forum comments. The question I ask is “why?”. Is life so drab for them that they have a distorted view of what sport is supposed to provide them, and they seek something that will never really be there? Or is it about building up their egos to feel wise and learned? In either case, they need to learn than the true “realists” are the one’s who have a healthy view of where sport fits into the importance to their lives. There are much bigger fish to fry.

      I’m mean I can understand, and relate to, criticizing players that obviously are not giving their best effort, but when players are doing so, is it the same sort of self-entitlement as mentioned earlier, that demands more/better? I mean the criticism seems to always extend to not only players, coaches, management, broadcasters, but even to optimistic fans who don’t share the same need to constantly criticize. Why? Does it make them feel bigger, and better about themselves? I don’t know, because I can’t relate to criticizing people for choosing to see the bright side of life. If following a team only brings you agony, or if you find yourself spending more time complaining/criticizing about the team, you’ve lost sight of what sport is about and should really be looking for some other pastime.

      On an occasional basis, there’s certainly nothing wrong with analyzing players/coaches and being “real”. As long as others’ opinions are respected that can lead to good discussion, even learning experiences. BUT, life’s too short to be always looking at, or even living in, the dark side all the time, much less over something that’s supposed to be entertainment.

      End of rant. I hope everyone finds a way to enjoy the upcoming NBA season. Remember, it’s about fun.

      • DDayLewis

        Hey! For once we totally agree on something!

        You’re right. We should just enjoy the games. However, some people also derive enjoyment from things off the court (ie: the transactions, the strategies, etc). They’re not wrong to do so. Let and let live.

      • Andrey


    • The Raptors have made the playoffs just 5 times in 18 years, the third fewest playoff appearances of any team existing during that entire time. They have only gotten past the first round once, getting as far as the second round, both of which puts them right at the bottom, in those categories for teams in existence for the last 18 years. Their five year playoff drought is currently the second longest.

      They have the fourth lowest winning percentage of ANY NBA franchise, over the last 18 years, including the Bobcats, having won an average of just 33 wins over that time.

      Their two best players didn’t last past 7 years after losing faith in a management that couldn’t build a winning team. And they received very little in return for each of them.

      There are more former Raptors that the fans boo than applaud for, when they play in town against the team.

      Of the four GMs that have run the organization, only one wasn’t looked at as a complete failure and he was still fired.

      They have one of the worst drafting records of any team, during the last 18 years, and they have acquired, but failed to keep Marcus Camby (4 time All Defensive team, Defensive Player of the Year), Chauncey Billups (5 time All Star, 3 time All NBA, 2 time All Defensive team, Finals MVP), Doug Christie (4 time All Defensive team), Tracy McGrady (7 time All Star, 7 time All NBA team).

      The team has only managed to even live UP to the expectations of most Raptor fans in the last decade, 2007, when they won the 47 games and got beaten in the first round by former Raptor, Vince Carter, and the New Jersey Nets.

      All this and you blame the pessimism on the people who write about the Raptors? That’s like blaming the political correspondents for all the bad news coming out of Washington.

      • thegloveinrapsuniform

        This begs the question, Why are you still here? Why do you still follow the Raptors? I’m not being sarcastic here, i was just wondering with all the negatives that you’ve just outlined, what makes you still follow the Raptors and what prevents you from following or being a loyal fan to successful teams like the Spurs and OKC which you’ve pointed out before, teams that the Raptors should consider in building this franchise? Why not save yourself the trouble, stress and misery and just follow a successful team which built their franchise the way you wanted, than waiting on the Raptors to become a successful team?

        I’m not berating you, but i am honestly wondering what still makes you, and other fans who constantly see the negatives in this organization still hang around and wait for this team to succeed when it is always being brought out in the forefront that this team is historically doomed to fail anyways?

        • How are any of in a different boat? The history and state of the franchise isn’t different for different people. Why is ANYONE still a fan of the Raptors? Obviously there are still lots of them, so there are lots of different reasons.

          As for saving myself the “trouble, stress and misery”, I don’t live and die with the Raptors. My overall state of well being isn’t affected by the success or failure of any professional sports team. I’m also not one of those delusional fans that ignore the realities of the team year after year and only want to talk about rainbows and unicorns. Like I do with most things, I look at the Raptors through an analytical eye. I’m also not a passive fan. Part of the enjoyment I get from the NBA is being active. Analyzing players, trades, strategies etc, and making my own judgments on these things.

          I also disagree that that ANY team is historically doomed for failure (well, except the Clippers while Donald Sterling is the owner). I only pointed out the past to show there has been a very good reason to complain about the Raptors. The majority of the complaints over the years have been justified. And history has shown that.

          On a side note, I am also a fan of the Spurs (and have been since before Duncan was drafted), and follow a number of team to various degrees, but the Raptors are my favourite team. I was a fan of the NBA LONG before the Raptors were around.

          • ItsAboutFun

            hahaha, you deleted my post about quoting your “delusional fans that ignore the realities of the team year after year and only want to talk about rainbows and unicorns”. Respectful.

          • thegloveinrapsuniform

            I agree. People do have different reasons on why they support the Raptors, but what im wondering about is despite the negative things about the Raptors that you constantly point out, you still follow the team and even say theyre your favorite team. So does this mean that for the past 18 years, year after year after year, you still hope that somehow they will do good and turn into contenders? As far as i remember, you expect nothing less than being a contender and that getting into the playoffs year after year only means being stuck in mediocrity. But if you look at the Raptors, for the past 18 years, theyve only made it to the post season 5 times, and was never branded a contender. How can the Raptors be your favorite team when year after year they dont live up to your expectations? Why do you support a team, which you think is far less than mediocre? That i simply do not understand.

            I think its fine if you follow the Raptors and analyze their games, but to preach “being a contender”, “drafting a legit franchise player” while saying the Raptors is your favorite team when clearly the Raptors have never been anything that you’ve been preaching about, how do you explain that?

            you always point out fans are “delusional” for ignoring the realities of the team year after year, but here you are, 18 years following a team with nothing to show for. Doesnt that make you delusional as well?

            I definitely agree that your complaints about the Raptors are justified, but if even before the season starts you already “expect” them to not live up to your expectations, then what is the point of following or supporting the team? I think its totally acceptable if you bring out all the negative things that happened during the prior season after the season has ended, but to carry it over prior to the start of the season is something i cannot understand.

            this comes to mind, you come to a restaurant, order food, you nitpick the food, complain about the taste, smell, color, texture, and yet you still eat and finish the whole dish and still manage to call it your favorite dish. despite that, the following day, you still go to the same restaurant, order the same dish thinking that this time it might be different but in the end, you still finish the dish but you remain unsatisfied. so what is the logical thing you should do? isnt it to go to a different restaurant or order a differnt dish? coz you surely cant barg into the kitchen to confront the chef and give him a piece of your mind, right?

            same with the raptors. you have complained year after year after year and still they continue to leave you unsatisfied and you still keep coming back for the same thing, and manage to call them your favorite team at that.

            • Hindsight is 20/20. But, again, how am I different from just about any other Raptor fan? You think most Raptor fans are happy with how the past 18 years have gone? Are you?

              Why are YOU still a fan of the Raptors? Have they not disappointed you over most of the last 18 years?

              Being a fan of a team is not the same as liking a certain food, so that’s not a valid comparison.

              Am I delusional because I still have hope the team can succeed in the future? Possibly, but I’m also more realistic about my expectations than a lot of fans. I don’t like DeRozan more simply because he’s a Raptor.

              I complain about the Raptors because I care about the team. If I didn’t care, then I wouldn’t go to the trouble of complaining. I don’t complain about the Bucks because I don’t care about them.

              What I don’t understand is fans who seem to take criticism of the team personally. Who don’t like to hear or read bad things about them even if they may be warranted. I have little time or patience for people like that. I do find it incredibly ironic that they whine and complain about people like myself whining and complaining, though. Self-realization doesn’t seem to be their strong suit.

              • ItsAboutFun

                “Self-realization doesn’t seem to be their strong suit.”

                And yourself? Whatever your justification for being a “fan” of a team that apparently has you dwelling on so much disappointment for so long, perhaps the biggest question many have is what need of yours is being satisfied by constantly sharing your grief, so often, with fans that you refer to as “delusional fans that ignore the realities of the team year after year and only want to talk about rainbows and unicorns.”. Do you somehow think you’re better than these fans, and are trying to educate them to participate in your chosen dark side? What is your self-realization of why you share this so often?

              • thegloveinrapsuniform

                i cant speak for every other Raptor fan because i have no idea what they are thinking or what their views are when it comes to the Raptors. Im particularly concerned about you as a “fan” or the Raptors being your “favorite” team. The people i know who are Raptors fans, like my dad, my uncle, my cousin, couple of friends and some of the posters here in RR i can say that although supporting the Raptors year after year can be frustrating because of the results, at least us fans voice out appreciation for performances from previous seasons and make it a point to have a positive outlook on the coming seasons. You on the other hand, mostly focus your efforts on pointing out the negatives, again, i dont disagree they are warranted, but at least show a bit of positivity and appreciation for what the team has done and continue to do.

                im questioning how can you possibly enjoy raptors games when you only delve on the negatives? i think we all know that enjoying games, and actually hoping for the team to succeed is part of being a fan, but how are you able to do that when youre already burying the team when the season has not even started? this baffles me.

                this is another thing. you say the Raptors is your favorite team, youre a raptors fan, yet you dont like derozan, lowry or gay. these three guys make up 60% of the raptors starting five. these guys play the majority of the raptors minutes night in and night out. These guys are the “Raptors”. What is your favorite part about the raptors then? what part of the raptors do you cheer for? like you said, year after year they disappoint, what part of the team do you actually like then?

                you just said no professional team affects your overall state of well being, but you say you care about the raptors. isnt caring a part of effecting your well-being? if no professional team affects you then why do you “care” about what happens to the raptors?

                i do admit i do take things personally when it comes to stuff about the raptors, because i buy tickets for the games, i watch the games on tv, and i appreciate what the team does win or lose. trust me, your complaints i echo as well, but our difference is through all the years watching the raptors, ive appreciated whether they won or they lost. ive criticized them in numerous posts, but i also project a positive outlook before every season starts, and i put faith in the players that theyll improve the following season and hopefully they get better as a team and get better results. you may think its delusional, but im not a tin man who only looks out for stats and analysis.

                i dont even know why youre bringing up self-realization. how is potential relevant to whining and complaining? I think pretentious might be a better term, tailored made for fans who incessantly point out the negative in the efforts of making others think they know more.

                • I’m not sure why you put “fan” and “favourite” in quotes, as if it may not be true. Considering I’ve followed the team for 18 years, watched nearly every game, in the last decade (not every one was televised before that), I write for a Raptors site and have written probably in excess of 100 thousand words on the subject, and I spend far to much brainpower thinking about the future of the Raptors than I really am comfortable admitting, I’m pretty sure I’ve earned my fan badge, thank you very much.

                  What I don’t understand is why some people think there’s only one way to enjoy something. You feel I need to LIKE players in order to be a fan of the team? Why? The players come and go. It’s the team, as a whole, I’m a fan of. Not individual players. And I want what is best for the team, not the players. And what’s best for the team is to win. If I feel certain players get in the way of that goal, either in the short or long term, I have every right to point it out.

                  I’ve been a basketball fan long before the NBA expanded to Toronto. I was a fan when the only way to watch the NBA was on CBS, and they only showed games on Sundays after the Christmas game, and only a handful of the playoff games. But I watched every single one. And I’d rent the NBA videos from the video store just to watch more. And when there were preseason games in Hamilton, my friends and I would go there and watch them. I still have the game shirts somewhere in the back of my closet.

                  My favourite team before the Raptors were the Pistons, and I watched and cheered as they won back-to-back Championships. And I’ve been fascinated by how to build Championship teams ever since. I’ve studied different franchises and players, trying to understand why certain players win and some don’t. And why certain teams win and some don’t. This is part of the enjoyment I get out of basketball (when I’m not playing it).

                  Personally, I feel the goal of every franchise should be to, at least, compete for a Championship. And those that aren’t doing everything it takes to achieve that goal I feel are doing a disservice to the fans.

                  But there are some fans who simply want to cheer and watch their team compete. I don’t question their fandom, yet because I have higher aspirations for the team I have an emotional connection to, some people question MY fandom?

                  Let’s look at it a different way. I am a big movie buff and have been one since I was a kid. I love movies. But due to having watched so many over the years, and understanding the structure and background to making them after having worked in the industry, I have less patience for bad movies. I just don’t have the patience to watch them anymore. I still love movies, but my background has made me more discerning of the quality of them.

                  On the other hand, I know another guy who is a big movie buff. The difference is that he’ll watch anything and like most of it. He’s much younger, so that might be part of it.

                  Now, you can’t say that he’s a bigger fan of movies than I am just because he doesn’t have the same standards I do, and you can’t say I’m a bigger fan because I am more demanding of the movies I watch. We approach watching movies differently, but we’re both fans.

                • thegloveinrapsuniform

                  I put those words in quotes because honestly, i do question your stance when it comes to the Raptors. I dont know you personally so i really dont know if you like or love or to what extent you support the raptors but my judgement stems from the things you write, and I admit i havent read everything that you have written but from those that i have, i see more negativity rather than praise, satisfaction or even compromise. You werent happy when Leiweke tried to make the Colangelo situation work, you question MU’s moves because he is unproven, then there’s Lowry, Gay, Derozan. and i’m not 100% sure on this but i think i read one of the comments that you said you dont believe JV will be an elite center in the league. Of course you have the right to question every nook and cranny when it comes to the Raptors, but doesnt it usually mean that when one questions a situation too much that you have doubts about it? doesnt doubt equal not having faith? and if you dont have faith on something, why bother, right? like i said, i have echoed your sentiments, and i am frustrated as well with what the raptors have done season after season, but shouldnt us fans as least have optimism that every season our favorite team will come out and perform to the best of their abilities and hopefully produce different results? i think thats where we differ.

                  i dont question your being a fan of basketball and the NBA. you analyze trades, players, stats, games, matchups excellently. but when you write about other teams and when you write about the raptors, i dont see any disparity. this is just me.

                  this actually a good analogy. with bad movies, you start to watch but just dont finish, right? otherwise, how would you know if it is really a bad movie or not? you shouldnt take other people’s word because each have their own different taste when it comes to movies. even with bad movies, you dont start off totally writing off the movie otherwise, why bother watching it? as a movie buff, deep inside you still have this “this movie might surprise me” element, correct? i think when it comes to the Raptors, you dont have that element. you right them off even before each season starts.
                  ive seen all the batman movies and the only ones that i really liked were the Keaton and the Bale ones. the ones in between i did not like. But everytime one of them came out, i was still excited to see the movie hoping it wouldnt disappoint eventhough im already anticipating that it would. coz who knows, it might surprise me in some way.

                  but you are right, fans do follow teams their own way. im just not sure ill ever be able to understand your way.

                • Also, I take issue with your comment that I only dwell on the negative. I was a big supporter of Valanciunas from before he was drafted and was one of the few who immediately liked the pick. I was also one of the few who didn’t think Amir’s contract was a bad one right from the beginning, and have been a constant supporter and defender of him.

                  The problem is that there ARE more negatives than positives at the moment. If there weren’t, the Raptors wouldn’t have missed the playoffs for the last five years. What I find incredibly ironic is that I can write an article that talks about ten good things and three bad things and I will get jumped on for mentioning the bad things. I’ve noticed this happen over and over. Yet, I’M the one dwelling on the negative?

        • FLUXLAND

          You’re getting confused between being a. a fan of the concept and idea of a NBA franchise in Toronto (currently named the Raptors) and b. the current ownership/management/regime.

          Just because one is supportive of a.doesn’t mean they have to/do supportive of b.

      • ItsAboutFun

        “All this and you blame the pessimism on the people who write about the
        Raptors? That’s like blaming the political correspondents for all the
        bad news coming out of Washington.”

        Or more accurately, based on the above rant, “blaming the correspondents” for a pessimistic attitude toward the current administration for all the screw-ups of the Bush administration, much like they do about the economy that Bush drove into the ground.

  • What the

    Forget the doomsday stuff and Wiggins, the raptors #1 goal should be to make the playoffs and face NY
    and if this GM and this starting 5 can’t do this then Casey and 4 starters has got to go. The way I see it is, all this GM has to do is give this team a bench that can give us 20,25 points per game.
    with our starters playing major mins.
    Demar -20
    Rudy -25
    Val -20 [with free/t]
    Amir -15
    Kyle -15
    total 95 points starter
    Bench 20
    we should be thanking BC for this
    no dooms day here it all looks good.

    • DDayLewis

      This is the silliest way of predicting team performance I’ve ever seen.

      • What the

        sometimes things are as easy as 123 Darrel Walker and Barny made it difficult… i want to see over 60 points from Val,Demar and Gay with Kyle and Amir giving us around 25 points. I wish i was GM of the Raptors this season with a starting 5 in place that can give you 90 points every night wow that mamadu’N dye GM guy got a easy job thanks to BC all he needs to add to this team is a coach and a bench that can give us 30 points .
        face NY in the playoffs

    • mike, prague

      Those are PPG’s are for next season???
      Talk about optimism …

      I think that:
      Demar – 20
      Rudy – 21
      Val – 16
      Amir – 14
      Kyle – 15
      total 86 points

      and thats being optimistic
      and that is ignoring any efficiency, MPG’s and shot shares …
      not really dependent just on the bench …
      but yeah if we had a better bench this would be a different team.

      • what the

        so why isn’t Mamadu trying to put a proper bench together we are 5 deep

    • The success or failure of a team has way more to do with than just adding up how points a game each player scores. Otherwise the highest scoring teams would always be the best when that is obviously not true.

      • What the

        oh yeh the part where i said ” the success or failure” anyway, the way i see it is BC has left this team with a starting 5 that can stay with 24 other NBA teams. but he never got the chance to put the supporting cast around them, now we have Mamadu coming in here sitting on the fense [tank/playoffs] Buddy! don’t you know that our starting 5 and a decent supporting cast facing N,Y, can make it out of the 1st round but Mamadu has to give the team the tool they need to be successful a supporting cast or SVG because Darrell Walker and his chapionship ring isn’t gonna get this group anywhere ..SVG with the starting 5 a supporting cast it’s playoffs for 7 years while we wait for Wiggins Z z z ..Tim i’m not a stats guy, I do the eye test {Bargnani/Joey G} and the eye test says that our starting 5 can put up 95 point and having a bench{jamal crawford} to help out with the scoring would make things much easier for Darell Walker Mr 4 and 19 .{{ Wiggins 2017}}

  • c_bcm

    Hahaha. This is just another collection of the same ideas you’ve been pandering around for months now. However, I gound this installment quite funny, especially the nod toward Jose in another pg controversy. Good stuff there.

    • james

      Agreed, and kudos for the Jose mention. He will always be a Raptor-for-life in my books…

      Nummmmerrrrroooooooo OOOOOOOCHHHHOOO!

    • I didn’t realize I was pandering any ideas. Just giving three different scenarios in as fun a way as possible.

      • c_bcm

        pandering is a strong word. Perhaps a better way of putting it would have been to say that I have noticed a common theme recently from your posts. Which I actually agree with totally. These are the clear possbilities for the coming season. It scares me a little bit how up in the air this teams future is at the moment. :s

  • Nilanka15

    In the 1st scenario, no matter how good a season Gay has, I just can’t see Ujiri agreeing to pay him max. I just can’t.

    • c_bcm

      let’s hope not. He certainly hasn’t shown a propensity for trying to live up to his contract. Or maybe he has….yikes!

    • thegloveinrapsuniform

      same here. i think the Raptors will probably be the team to pay him the most, but definitely not the max, probably not even close to the max.

      im hoping he’ll take way less for more years and hopefully give the raptors enough cap space to sign a superstar.

    • DDayLewis

      Honestly, if UM extends Gay, it’ll only be to keep the asset on the roster. I think he might sign him, and flip him just like he did with Nene and Afflalo.

      UM’s smart like that.

  • KuH

    Maybe I misread him, and I don’t see Ujiri hanging onto both Gay and Derozan all season, no matter what happens. And who knows, trading either or both of them might improve the team’s record.

  • james

    I was loving that first assessment… until it reached the end of the season and I realized we are still in the same boat; unless Valanciunas fulfills his potential, we are the perennial epitome of mediocrity. Our only viable hope for playoff success is through building around the one piece where we may actually have an advantage over other squads – JV.

    That being said, the current roster is not the proper complement. We need to take a page from Orlando’s playbook when they had Dwight (and maybe even take the coach they had then as well – SVG). We need shooters. That’s it and that’s all. Surround JV with a PG who can get him the ball in the spots he can attack from and one that will hit the 3 on a consistent basis (a la Jameer Nelson, aka Jose Calderon). Then pick up 3-and-D wings (Danny Green, Kawhi Leonard) and two PFs: one pure rebounder (Reggie Evans-type); and a stretch 4 (a la Rashard Lewis).
    Then and only then will we have a formidable team destined for playoff SUCCESS.

    • What the

      I hear you man this Darrel Walker smoke the rock guy has got to go the dude cost this team over 25 wins last season we need a two way coach come hell or high water …. Stanstheman he won’t make Val cry.
      face NY in the playoffs baby!

      • 2damkule

        i can’t tell if you’re being serious or not, but in the off chance you are…25 wins? what magic (no pun intended) do you believe a coach possesses that could possibly account for anywhere near that number? the very best coaches can swing the needle up a few ticks over the course of a season, and the very worst will swing it down about the same amount, but at the end of the day, it’s the quality of the players on the floor that accounts for ~95% of the success/failure of the team. at least in the regular season. once the playoffs start, coaching likely has a more immediate impact, but mainly via roster adjustments & in-game adjustments over x’s & o’s.

        • james

          I can’t say I would put this all on Casey. He came in and did a decent job of changing the culture of the squad; but, unfortunately we did not have the right mix of players to benefit from such a change (as evidenced in his second season as head coach). Great coaches adapt based on the advantages their players possess. With Casey it seems like he is trying to fit the players he has into his defence-first mold (it is a recipe for disaster). This past season highlighted Casey’s inability to understand rotations. He failed to find chemistry between the lineups and was atrocious in his crunchtime lineups (which could have made the difference in those 4-5 games that we lost on bad calls).
          That being said, public enemy No.1 was BC, and he is gone. Now that we have a GM with an actual vision (rather than just limitless sales chops), there is SOME hope. I won’t give Casey the axe just yet, but if we don’t get some personnel to fit his defence first mentality, we may as well get someone new.

          • What the

            SVG please ! you guys are being fooled by Mamadu and his EOY and Darell Walker and his championship ring don’t forget there was a real coach in Dallas and Karl in Denver .. Stansdaman for the raptors poundarock has got to go come hell or high water Val needs a coach like SVG

            • I find it hard to take anyone seriously who doesn’t seem to even know the names of the people, or finds it too difficult to actually spell them.

              • DDayLewis

                I can’t decide if he actually doesn’t know Masai Ujiri’s name, or if he’s just being racist. Actually, he might just be trolling. It’s very possible.

    • DDayLewis

      Lol, so you want the 2006-07 team where Bosh = Valanciunas. Gotcha. That was probably my favourite Raptors team ever.

      • james

        Well, yes, kinda. Minus B****nani and Ford. But I would give my left nut to hear “a 3 from 18 parkerville street!!”… and to see Garbo aka Men’s League show up in his 5-o-clock-full-beard.

  • thegloveinrapsuniform

    Even in a dream scenario, you cant even cut the Raptors some slack. At least make Rudy and JV All-stars! even if it’s just in a dream! hahaha

  • DDON

    How about this
    DEMAR 20
    RUDY 20
    VAL 20
    AMIR 15
    KYLE 15
    STARTERS 90 +/- 5

    • DDON

      And I left out ACEY who will be a rebounding machine and should score 5-10 points himself!

  • SR

    The wild card is that in a scenario like option one, the team could unload a package of assets for a disgruntled franchise player at any given time and completely rearrange this roster. Think of how Carmelo, Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, etc. have been traded lately. How legitimate is it to hold on to productive assets and say “We’ll trade them if an opportunity comes along. Otherwise, we’ll just keep moving forward with this group.’?

    • That COULD happen, but it’s unlikely the Raptors would be able to take advantage of such a scenario. Teams trading away elite players usually want one of two things in return. An elite player, of which the Raptors have none, or cheap and valuable assets and draft picks, and the Raptors have too many mediocre players on bad contracts and too few valuable players on cheap contracts.

      Plus, most of those players chose where they would go, and it’s unlikely any would choose Toronto, at this point.

      • Marc

        Just because you hate Toronto doesn’t mean everyone does

        • Right. Because that’s what this conversation is about.

  • Simon King

    Dig the Raptors predictions, but two things: (A) if Rudy Gay opts out of his last year at $19M it will not be to resign with the Raptors, and (B) the “max” is based on a percentage of cap, OR percentage increase on a contract even if it is over the percentage of the cap. In other words, a Max contract for Rudy Gay (based on his $19M salary) would be $20M-plus and rising every year after that. No one is giving anyone not named Kobe, Lebron, Carmelo, or Durant, that contract. If the Raptors make the playoffs, and Rudy Gay is an all-star, his next contract will still be under $20M.

  • locdogjr locdogjr

    Playoffs. I’m a raptors pessimist because I haven’t seen a Raps playoff game in 6 years. In a shitty east.

    Please, just make the playoffs. Even if we are the Hawks for the next 5 getting lucky to go to the 2nd round, then you can have a little optimism.

  • Dr. Scooby

    “Michael Jordan says it’s fitting Wiggins wears 22 because he’ll never be as good as 23.”

  • mike, prague

    when is the rebrand poll supposed to come around?

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