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  • WhiteVegas

    Looks good scoring with both hands. Big improvement over just rolling to the basket. Jonas is going to put up big numbers this year.

  • DDD

    lookin good

  • Ion66

    Caught it here….Not in English, but still, he looks like a beast. Not the gangly kid of last year.

  • Tonious35

    Thank you Lithuanians and/or YouTube for keeping this whole video online….

  • Tonious35

    FYI: all refs were Lithuanian, LOL

  • mike, prague

    Booooo!!!! Lithuania Booooo!!!
    just in that 1 game though.
    Lol, Vesely is a total bum on the court …
    Valanciunas played well but one thing that should fix in time but concerns me is the fact that he keeps jumping away on his hook shots (even against those puny Czech scrubs (sorry guys) ) he needs to man them up a tiny bit more

  • GoingBig