ESPN Insider: Raptors Burning Question

From the ESPN Insider article:

The Raptors have enough talent to contest for a playoff spot for much of the season. They also might have a future All-Star center in Valanciunas. Can he be a better rebounding version of Brook Lopez? To find out, they must let him play a lot of minutes, even if that means they’ll lose more games.

He needs to go through the requisite growing pains all NBA bigs must endure. If the Raptors can somehow trade Rudy Gay, this season is all but guaranteed to revolve around Valanciunas. The Raptors were better last season with Gay on the bench, and if they cannot trade Gay and progress toward developing Valanciunas, problems will persist all season.

There you have it, confirmation from David Thorpe that all our hopes are on Jonas Valanciunas. If nothing else, I look forward to pulverizing Boston four times this season. It would make my year. No, my life.

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