Thank you to all the participants! After more than 2,500 votes the results are in and we’re in a position to seed the entries. We’ll commence the playoff action starting on Tuesday under two conferences – Western and Eastern. The seeds are entirely based on the voting. Each conference winner will face off in the final to win two tickets to a Raptors home game and a DeMar DeRozan jersey.

Good luck to everyone!

Western Conference (View Bracket) Eastern Conference (View Bracket)
  1. Clean Cut Huskies
  2. Purple and Red Fauxback
  3. Red Huskies
  4. Canadian Raptors
  5. Graphic Novel
  6. Est. 1946
  7. JT III
  8. Paw Ball
  1. Sleek
  2. Fierce
  3. Old Renewed
  4. Operation Skeleton
  5. JT II
  6. Boost
  7. JT I
  8. Glow

Western Conference

1 – Clean Cut Huskies vs 8 – Paw Ball
4 – Canadian Raptors vs 5 – Graphic Novel
2 – Purple and Red Fauxback vs 7 – JT III
3 – Red Huskies vs 6 – Est. 1946

Eastern Conference

1 – Sleek vs 8 – Glow
4 – Operation Skeleton vs 5 – JT II
2 – Fierce vs 7 – JT I
3 – Old Renewed vs 6 – Boost

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  • DDD

    Clean cut huskies, canadian raptors and JTII are the best imo

    • Shadow Of Christ

      JT III, Most DEFIANTLY! Stop kidding yourself with the Huskies

  • Wes mantooth

    Faux back est 1946 huskies and paw ball are the sickest fo sho

  • Shadow Of Christ

    If it comes down to fierce and JT II, I don’t know how I’ll vote… it’s the 2 best designs on here

  • pesterm1

    Clean cut raptors and clean cut huskies are the cleanest designs. Id enjoy either one.

  • T.

    Why does JT have 3 entries? Should of clumped the 4 entries together and gave others a chance…… just saying…

  • Ryu

    CLEAN CUT HUSKIES and PAW BALL are my favorites….they should be matched in the Finals not the 1st round!!!!!
    Also really like the idea by RED HUSKIES using the leaf + claws in the “husky footprint”. I like the other two styles better overall, but that should be brought into the design

  • GoingBig

    I’m a keep-the-Raptor fan
    1. Fierce(for over-all uniform. Logo is slightly weak but ok)
    2. Sleek (like slash)

    1. JT III
    2. Canadian Raptors (sleek uniforms but needs more velociraptor/cow-bell)

    • Lucas

      Couldn’t agree with you more.

  • Zach

    i smell an upset in the east 1 vs. 8

    • Andre Julian Ward


  • Jeff

    Man, Paw ball is my favourite, but will have a tough time beating clean cut huskies …
    GO Paw ball go!!!!

  • Jeff

    Wow JT and Simon Chen have three jerseys a piece making up over a third of the playoffs!

  • Edgar

    Someone should have made a feathery flightless bird/dinosaur logo like the real thing lol

  • Mr.Hughes

    I’m more of a Raptors guy and love Fierce. But outta of the 4 husky jerseys in the contest I like Paw ball the most.

  • Sig

    So… where do we vote?

  • Kitchener-er

    How will the voting system work?

  • Andre Julian Ward

    I like JT II a lot.

  • Wiley

    Fauxback! That’s the one I’ll vote for… so now how do we vote?

  • Kombat99

    Paw Ball (for Huskies) & Fierce (for Raptors). They’re the only ones with logos AND branding that we could pitch to mlse.

  • FF

    Red Huskies is the best one

    • Nick

      I like it quite a bit but find the jerseys over-crowded a bit …
      and I think something on the leaf paw needs a change …
      love the logo though (kinda looks like uconn (just a bit, love their logo BTW))

  • Kyle J.

    Man, you need the winner to be NBA ready even if there is just a hope that any manager dude will see it. That’s is why a lot of these entry’s, though very very nice just won’t cut it for me. One’s I find NBA ready are Fierce, Operation Skeleton and Paw Ball. That’s just my some what pessimistic opinion.

  • Minks77

    Fauxback is my fav but it’s obviously without any sense of originality, total hijack of what we’ve all seen before. That being said we’ve all seen it before because it is a successful design. The cleancuts and JT3 arte ok but they scream HOUSTON ROCKETS and don’t play well to me other than being fairly “corporate” and “safe”.

    Tell the truth I feel like most of them are ok reimaginings of currently successful brands or tributes to the past and I don’t feel like any are doing enough to push the envelope in a new direction. Moving from the pin stripes to the purple/black, that was a major rebrand. I feel that these, while a nice effort overall, mostly miss the mark by playing it to close to home.

  • De Mar

    None of the above, just go back with the old purple jersey. Nothing can be better than that! If I had to choose,it’d be the “old renewed” in the eastern conference because of the old logo. I’m just in love with it! Something I don’t understand is making it so Canadian with the maple leafs,red and white colours. Isn’t the name “Toronto” Canadian enough? I mean we got a roster full of Americans and few Europeans, I just find that branding it all Canadian would kind of discourage some International players because they are not representing their own country. TBH don’t think Canadians even care that it’s sooooo Canadian, in the end, if they want to have a bigger fanbase, bring in the wins.Let’s just keep it a league thing, not a marketing scheme, everyone in the world knows Toronto is in Canada, so less focus on making it Canadian and more focus on Wins! That’s all that matter, we just want more W’s.

  • chach

    Would love to see what logo goes on a ballcap – since that’s what I might wear to represent the team. something bold and clean (thinking of the Brookly Nets, New York Yankees).

  • Guest

    Great efforts, everyone! – I wish I had half your computer skills! And while I certainly disagree with Simon & JT both being allowed to have ‘multiple entries’; c’est la vie. As long as ppl provide constructive criticism (not negative or personal attacks), I think we’ll all be able to appreciate the ideas on display. (and let’s face it, it’s just an area to display your intellectual property; if someone has thousands of facebook friends, etc., they’ll win, and not necessarily because their idea is best; so if we can atleast enjoy the process of viewing these awesome creations and make some more talented friends, I think it’s a win-win. Let’s enjoy the process. (And will we ever get to talk with the real designers? Maybe they can make me shirts of some of the ones I like? 😉 )

  • johng_3

    Est. 1946’s design is by far the most impressive design among these ones imo