Let the playoffs begin. This is how it’s going to work:

For the first round we’ll have two matchups a day, voting for those matchups will remain open for 24 hours – 9AM to 9AM the following day, at which point the voting will be closed and the new matchup will appear on the site. So the schedule for the week is like this:

  • Tuesday (West): Clean Cut Huskies vs Paw Ball, Canadian Raptors vs Graphic Novel
  • Wednesday (East): Sleek vs Glow, Operation Skeleton vs JT II
  • Thursday (West): Purple and Red Fauxback vs JT III, Red Huskies vs Est. 1946
  • Friday (East): Fierce vs JT I, Old Renewed vs Boost

Here’s the kicker: All voting will re-open on Saturday 9AM to Sunday 9AM. The first round results will be officially announced on Sunday afternoon, and that’s when the second round schedule will be released.

On to the voting, where we’re focused on the 1/8 and 4/5 matchups in the West.

West: Clean Cut Huskies (1) vs Paw Ball (8)

Clean Cut Huskies

Toronto Huskies – Back to the original name and uniting our major pro sports teams with blue.


Paw Ball

The Paw ball was made with a unique colour-scheme of light and dark blue in attempt to bring something new to the league and yet still be stylish. I also added a black and white version that I thought would also be cool at least as an alternative jersey. It has an NBA-ready look (not like Terrence Ross though) and yet is totally different from the designs of any other team. This jersey is a bit plain but that’s what I find it’s beauty in.
Hidden feature: the teeth on the sides of the shorts. Check out more here – PDF.

Vote: Clean Cut Huskies vs Paw Ball

Canadian Raptors (4) vs Graphic Novel (5)

Canadian Raptors

A “Canadian” look.


Graphic Novel

We’ve redrawn the Raptors vintage text from the ground up and made subtle changes to the shapes of the lettering.

I know Tim Leiweke wanted to have a Canadian element to the brand so we’ve also included a maple leaf between the text and head.

The head inspiration was drawn from graphic novels to give it a very gritty look with the white eyes and under-bite. We also wanted to have the head more like a real Raptor head which is longer than the current design (more T-Rex shaped).


Vote: Canadian Raptors vs Graphic Novel

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  • raptorspoo

    This off-season is tooooo long. Filling the void by voting for a uniform contest :/

    Paw ball +1 please~

    • raptorspoo

      Gesh… the way you people are voting, we should just name ourselves the Toronto Boring, or the Toronto Mediocre, or something to that effect.

  • guest

    Wow Paw ball is so under-rated its depressing …

  • tross_31

    Paw Ball is a pretty solid concept but it’s graphics are done poorly by the designer, and it’s hurting it in this poll.

    • mike, prague

      Professional against me (art anti-talent), if anyone would sharpen it for me it’d be very appreciated but I only have crappy tools …

    • People should be basing their vote on the design, not which one looks more professional. I’m surprised Paw Ball isn’t getting more votes. It’s easily my favourite.

      • Van Grungy

        people don’t understand what a draft really is

      • KuH

        I was thinking exactly the same thing.

      • Thornbury

        Agreed. PawBall


      Paw Ball looks like something TeenWolf would wear.

      • Why? Which one do you like?

        • FLUXLAND

          Why? It’s too high school -ish. And that paw (for non paw print experts) could be anything – to wit, a huskie’s paw print doesn’t have claws. That’s just poor research. Again, it could anything bearcat, bobcat, cougar, whathaveyou or some other typical high school team name.

          All of them have something about them that takes away from the overall design.

          I think a couple designs could be put together to make one good one,maybe. And it would have been cool if someone kept the purple – why make it Leaf like with the blue or “Canada’s team” with the red?

          • I don’t see the high school connection, at all. As for the claws, well, Raptors look absolutely NOTHING like any of the designs, so it’s really all relative.

            I’m not a fan of the purple. Reminds me too much of the old Barney uniforms. I’ve no idea why anyone would want those back.

            • FLUXLAND

              That’s fallacy. I mean, I don’t see a Barney connection, at all, if we’re talking colour only. To begin with, I think Barney is far more lighter/fusia like purple than the Raptors colour, which is darker. If anything I’m thinking Crown Royal or Royal Purple Oil.

              It’s not about bringing them back, it’s staying true to the original colours, at least to some extent.

              • I’m not sure how it can be a fallacy. Are you suggesting it doesn’t remind me of the old Barney uniforms? I’m pretty sure it does.

                Seriously, though, I just don’t like the purple. I thought the purple was a mistake originally. Almost as bad as the name.

                • FLUXLAND

                  Fallacy, because the colours are not the same. Close, but not the same at all, hence it shouldn’t remind you of Barney. Now, throw the dino in there and I can see how you’re going down that path. 😛

                  I’m with you, it was a tragic concept and not thought out at all. But even at the time, purple was not a colour you find with most teams, so I kinda get it. I don’t like too much purple either, like I said above for that design … I would eliminate the full blown purple and leave the white and gray with a hint of purple.

                • If I had said the purple was too much like Barney, then it would be a fallacy. But I just said it REMINDS me too much of Barney, so it can’t be a fallacy.

                  The Suns and Kings have purple, so I’m not sure how original it is.

                • FLUXLAND

                  I still say it’s an invalid argument. 😛 Based on the colour difference, there’s no reason for it to REMIND you of Barney and for you to hold that argument. Then again, everyone has different eyes and we may not even agree on what purple may be. Barney is more of red/maroon, if you ask me. Also, I said fallacy, not formal fallacy, if my philosophy class memories serve me well.

                  Didn’t say anything about being original. Even the Lakers have purple. I just think when you saw purple on the TV during the game, you knew you were watching the Raptors. That could be a fallacy, as well. 😛

                • I’m just not a fan of the colour purple. And if I saw purple, I would think it could be a number of teams, like the old Raptors, the Suns or Kings, all of which have been pretty bad, of late.

        • FLUXLAND

          How about taking that Canadian Raptors and changing the red to purple and replacing the maple leaf to the raptors claw? I’d likely vote for that. The Canada angle is so played out and a poor attempt to appeal to the average fan; I’m sure most people are aware Toronto is not a city in the US.

          • Other than going with the Raptors, changing the red to purple, and replacing the maple leaf with the claw, I agree completely.

            • FLUXLAND

              I knew you would! lol

              I would maybe eliminate the first one, so there’s not too much purple. Keep the white and gray ones with a hint of purple. Why are we trying to look like the Houston Rockets? Does the maple leaf change that perception? I don’t think so.

              • Ya, there were a couple of the uniforms that looked way too much like Houston jerseys and there was another one that looked like Kings jerseys. If they’re going to go to the trouble of rebranding, why make them look like another team?

                • SC

                  When I created the “Canadian” look for my Raptors concept it was because Tim Leiweke had mentioned a rebrand that featured a
                  more “Canadian” look. Thus, I removed black, which made it houston’s
                  current colour scheme. The jersey design itself isn’t inspired by the
                  houston rockets, as their actual design is different.

                  As for people referencing a “kings” rip-off for my fauxback entry, I had named it “fauxback” for a reason. The raps don’t have much of a uniform history, so I had decided to mock-up a design based on late 60s/70s era basketball uniforms. Plenty of teams had that same piping and striping. Just to name a few: New Orleans Buccaneers, Carolina Cougars, Baltimore Bullets, and the Washington Capitals.

                  I was striving to create a professional and realistic look for each of my designs.

  • Wiley

    “Canadian Raptors” is such a rip off of Houston’s jerseys.

  • Wiley

    I voted Paw Ball and Graphics because the other too aren’t very unique.

  • Kombat99

    I agree with others on here; Paw Ball & Graphic Novel should advance as they made a real attempt to create logos (this is the main component to re-branding things like jerseys, etc.)


      Graphic Novel looks like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with sharp teeth. Slap a headband on there and you got Raptorangelo.

  • guest

    Both the Simon Chen clean cut ones look like Orlando and Houston, respectively.
    It’s too bad they’re going to win. The Paw Ball and Graphic Novel were two of my favourite.

  • Darien

    The clean cut jerseys are literally the same jerseys with different colour combinations. No points awarded for originality I guess.

  • guest

    It’s fixed it’s fixed the playoffs are all fixed !!! … okay just kidding … maybe

    • mike, prague

      Well, actually Polldaddy is pretty darn easy to hack … and if I wanted to could I could win this easily … it’d be cheating though

  • GoingBig

    I like the Graphic Novel logo but it needs the full unis to get my vote.
    Ya! Playoffs!! – I’ve got the fever


    The Pawball one has more creativity, it just needs the polish. I don’t mind the Clean Cut Huskies though.

    The Canadian Raptors scream Houston Rockets to me as well.

    • mike, prague

      Yeah, polish is being worked on right now and should be up within an hour and a half …

  • Jason

    I don’t get it what do you guys like soooo much about Paw ball? … like really?

    • For me, it’s mainly the logo I like. The one big issue with the Husky name (for me) is the possible similarity to the T-Wolves logo. The paw logo solves that, and I think it’s a nice, simple, clean logo.

      I don’t have a problem with the Clean Cut Huskies Jerseys at all, but they lack a logo. I’d love to combine the logo with those jerseys.

    • KuH

      I’m a Huskies fan. I like the idea of using the paw as a nod to the Raptors claw, and to keep the clean visual link to unify the very old (Huskies – name) and old (Raptors – claw) into the new.

  • Chuck Johnson

    I don’t love the colours on ball paw, but that’s nice logo. Maintains some continuity in branding while transitioning the team to the Huskies name. The clean cut jersey is solid but what would the teams logo be?

    • mike, prague

      what would you imagine the colour scheme to be on the Paw ball jerseys?

      • mike, prague

        I had a light blue version but that one wasn’t accepted…

  • Van Grungy

    Why even vote for ‘clean cut’?

    Boring baseball looking sleepwear

    At least with the Paw Ball look thousands of women will be able to justify their paw tattoo.

    Canadian Raptors looks like the Houston Rockets Baseketball uniforms

    Graphic Novel looks monochrome stuck with those basic colours

    Too bad Red has to be a prerequisite just cause ‘flag’.

    As if ‘Canadian’ means anything anymore.

  • moustached_gentleman

    I’m sorry, but the Paw Ball graphics are just horrible. It’s a different shade of blue I guess but it reminds me too much of the Memphis uniforms and plus that paw looks like it belongs to a grizzly bear. The black/white are basically Brooklyn’s uniform.

    I don’t think Clean Cut Huskies will get to the finals at all, but it’s definitely more presentable than Paw Ball. This vote has gone exactly the way it’s supposed to. I voted for Canadian Raptors because a logo alone isn’t enough for me to vote for Graphic Novel, need to see more.

    • What do you mean presentable? Do you mean polished? Who cares about that? That’s not the point of it. The goal is not to get the most print-ready product. The idea is to vote for the best idea. If someone had scribbled something on a napkin and taken a picture of it, if it was the best idea, I’d vote for it.

    • mike, prague

      Finally some good negative input thanks!
      The paw has claws so it doesn’t look too little-kid-dish (not because I am stupid.)
      I agree on you with Brooklyn (though their jerseys just read nets while mine has a logo and different shorts)
      Don’t see too much Memphis though … as for the graphics I am working on a better version which I hope can be posted today. (Even though chances of getting out of the hole I’m in is next to zero)

      • Edgar

        the blue on blue is a fashion faux pas – just kidding the reason it reminds me of Memphis is that it’s the one of the only sports teams to try using this combo…

        Opposites on the color wheel usually go better together – think royal blue and orange (bobcats jersey is seriously underrated due to their shittyness – same as the original raptors whites)

        • Edgar

          oh and for me personally (being from Sask) the logo just reminds me of University of Sask’s old paw print logo.

          I see the houston reference completely what with the red and white with pinstripes but who said the blue looks like Orlando? I dont see it – Orlando has always been blue and black with big wide pinstripes – I would say if anything it’s close to the Bluejays…

          • mike, prague

            Wait … those aren’t the Blue Jays jerseys, with a changed team name??? aha …
            Yeah I get the fact that opposite colours work well together, just happened to test out the double-blue and liked. If you (and another few hundred people) don’t like it, okay. But thanks for the input

  • Kombat99

    Great efforts! – I wish I had half your computer skills! And while I certainly disagree with Simon & JT both being allowed to have ‘multiple entries’; c’est la vie. As long as ppl provide constructive criticism (not negative or personal attacks), I think we’ll all be able to appreciate the ideas on display. (and let’s face it, it’s just an area to display your intellectual property; if someone has thousands of facebook friends, etc., they’ll win, and not necessarily because their idea is best; so if we can atleast enjoy the process of viewing these awesome creations and make some more talented friends, I think it’s a win-win. Let’s enjoy the process.

    • mike, prague


  • DDD

    huskies is really nice

  • Menelaos

    Wow how is paw ball not getting votes????