West First Round: Purple and Red Fauxback (2) vs JT III (7), Red Huskies (3) vs Est. 1946 (6)

Tough calls all around as Purple and Red Fauxback (2) takes on JT III , and Red Huskies (3) goes up against. Est. 1946 (6).

The way it works:

For the first round we’ll have two matchups a day, voting for those matchups will remain open for 24 hours – 9AM to 9AM the following day, at which point the voting will be closed and the new matchup will appear on the site. So the schedule for the week is like this:

  • Tuesday (West): Clean Cut Huskies vs Paw Ball, Canadian Raptors vs Graphic Novel – Voting
  • Wednesday (East): Sleek vs Glow, Operation Skeleton vs JT II – Voting
  • Thursday (West): Purple and Red Fauxback vs JT III, Red Huskies vs Est. 1946
  • Friday (East): Fierce vs JT I, Old Renewed vs Boost

All voting will re-open on Saturday 9AM to Sunday 9AM. The first round results will be officially announced on Sunday afternoon, and that’s when the second round schedule will be released.

Purple and Red Fauxback (2) vs JT III (7)

Note that you can click on any of the images in these two designs to view a higher resolution version.

Purple and Red Fauxback

Returning to the purple and red fauxback style.



Vote: Purple and Red Fauxback vs JT III

Red Huskies (3) vs vs Est. 1946 (6)

Red Huskies

Huskies Logo: I feel we’re in a new era with the Raptors, and a complete change would symbolize we’re not bottom of the barrel team anymore, and we’re not extinct (pun intended). I didn’t want to copy the T-Wolves logo seeing as they’re in the same species, I think a simple yet bold logo will catch the eyes of casual and hardcore fans every where.

Jerseys: A lot of teams (if not all) have a really SIMPLE jersey design, being Canada’s only team I think we NEED to stand out! The claw marks along with the different coloured back (like the ’00 jersey) adds sort of a retro look to the jersey. I think the giant maple leaf speaks for itself.

Side note: The paw print (with the maple leaf) in the middle of both pictures of the jerseys, I think would be awesome as a centerpiece of the Huskies court. These designs can be tweaked if needed later on

Toronto Huskies Logo
Toronto Huskies Jerseys home
Toronto Huskies Jerseys away

Est. 1946

I had selected both team names to work with because I appreciate and value the historical significance that the Huskies name has not only for Toronto, but for professional basketball as a whole. The Raptors selection was simply because I was born and raised in toronto and have been a die hard fan since the first time I saw a game. I’m a full time student and graphic designer with my own clothing line.

Huskies 5
Huskies 6
Huskies court 1

Vote: Red Huskies vs Est. 1946

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