Clean Cut Huskies (1) vs Canadian Raptors (4)

Clean Cut Huskies

Toronto Huskies – Back to the original name and uniting our major pro sports teams with blue.

Canadian Raptors

A “Canadian” look.

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Purple and Red Fauxback (2) vs Est. 1946 (6)

Note that you can click on any of the images in these two designs to view a higher resolution version.

Purple and Red Fauxback

Returning to the purple and red fauxback style.

Est. 1946

I had selected both team names to work with because I appreciate and value the historical significance that the Huskies name has not only for Toronto, but for professional basketball as a whole. The Raptors selection was simply because I was born and raised in toronto and have been a die hard fan since the first time I saw a game. I’m a full time student and graphic designer with my own clothing line.

Huskies 5
Huskies 6
Huskies court 1

Purple and Red Faxuback vs Est. 1946

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