Clean Cut Huskies (1) vs Canadian Raptors (4)

Clean Cut Huskies

Toronto Huskies – Back to the original name and uniting our major pro sports teams with blue.

Canadian Raptors

A “Canadian” look.

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Purple and Red Fauxback (2) vs Est. 1946 (6)

Note that you can click on any of the images in these two designs to view a higher resolution version.

Purple and Red Fauxback

Returning to the purple and red fauxback style.

Est. 1946

I had selected both team names to work with because I appreciate and value the historical significance that the Huskies name has not only for Toronto, but for professional basketball as a whole. The Raptors selection was simply because I was born and raised in toronto and have been a die hard fan since the first time I saw a game. I’m a full time student and graphic designer with my own clothing line.

Huskies 5
Huskies 6
Huskies court 1

Purple and Red Faxuback vs Est. 1946

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  • Matt

    I think it should have been emphasized to pick winners based on concept more so than execution. Obviously the most professional looking ones have moved on, but some had really good concepts without the PS/Illustrator skill. Not to say the ones here don’t have good concepts at all.

  • johng_3

    Props to Simon Chen on his designs of the jerseys

  • Devon

    If the team actually abandons the Raptors name it’d be a sad, sad day for Toronto sports

    • Kombat99

      Agreed. Why send the message that it’s okay to give up and quit? Huskies to me sounds so much like HuSSies too. But in the end, the message should be about how we understand the task before us isn’t an easy one, that we know we have to work harder than other team’s, and that we’re willing to put in the time to reap the rewards in Raptor land one day.

    • Nilanka15

      To me, Huskies screams “college sports” (U of Saskatchewan, U of Washington, UConn, etc.)

  • FAQ

    DeMar and Amir are now the team “veterans”… go figure!!!

  • yousuckbuddy

    Writer, you are by far the weakest at Raps Rep. This sucks! I want x’s & o’s not writers that suck.

  • Ian

    I like the fauxback, but that jersey is so obviously a rip from the old Sacremento Kings jerseys. For example :

  • bobloblaw

    I don’t think red+purple is a good idea in general.

    purple + black + grey, maybe.

  • jon

    I’m pretty sure EST 1946 (the last one on the page)
    is an exact copy of the brooklyn nets logo.
    ummm. idk if youre allowed to do that.